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Shrinking Violet

Cloudy and cool but dry.  It feels more like March than May .


Agree more like March, only said that to OH when out today.

Manchester started off wet but has dried & brightened up. Only got to about 12C here though. J.

Fairly warm this afternoon in Marlow - greenhouse was very hot! No rain today either - is Summer on its way?

We had dark clouds most of the day but it hasn't rained and I managed to get most of my washing dry. The temps are alot higher overnight here in this part of the NW than in previous weeks. I have a sun flower in flower in the GH,  it's a giant yellow but has only grown to about 2ft

Planted out runner/french beans today but kept some in reserve just in case there's a frost. 

Teesside, weather rotten yesterday all day, no gardening.
Today is better in that it is not wet and warmer.
All under control in the kitchen so five minutes with a cuppa.
Daughter and Grandchildren back from ten days in Mauritius brown as berries, swam with Dolphins, walked on the sea bed and had a wonderful time, another month of this and I will be moving there.




Slowly getting better in E Dorset - pleasant enough outside yesterday pm, today the sun a little late getting up but he's managed it now! Garden here I come


Central Belgium and 21C and sunny but clouding over.  Thunder expected later on so better make the most of this weather for weeding and sowing.  More of the same expected tomorrow and Tuesday but I'm off to Chelsea so won't see it.


Still cold here but it did manage to get to 11,1c in the garden and I did manage a glimpse of the sun through the thick clouds but no heat in it at all supposed to be nice on Tuesday for a few hours yeah right where on earth is the summer.

NO sun here today (E Anglia)  Just very grey and overcast.  Was chilly at times too.  Spent the day trying to get a few plants pricked out and back into the greenhouse.  Dahlias are in the conservatory so the slugs can't get near em!  Bit warmer in there too

We didn't get any sun but it stayed fine and it's been a good day to garden. My dahlias aren't doing very well, only three grew from the tubers I'd saved and they don't look at all healthy, those grown from seed seemed to be doing better until they were potted up into some new compost and slowly I've lost most of them .... there's always next year!. On a positive note, lillies are romping away. Some have bubs so hopefully they'll put on a longer show this year instead of flowering all in the same week.

Shrinking Violet

I hardly dare say this out loud, so I'll whisper it instead:  it was very sunny here and quite warm.  It is supposed to get even better this week.

(Now that's put the mockers on it no doubt  )


The predicted storms arrived with a vengeance and the paddock across the road is flloed.  Misty start today cos of all that moisture in and on the ground.   Hope it clears before I drive to Dunkirk cos I'm off to Chelsea.

Sunny and warm here...and they say it'll stay like that all day! Runners and climbing French beans being planted out today.
Alina W

Overcast but warmer today - and supposed to be splitting the flags tomorrow


Overcast but warm here today.. feels like there is drizzle in the air thou..



Cold wind in Kent, the sun is trying to shine but there is so much cold cover keeping down temps.

Teesside is getting North Sea weather today as is most of the East Coast.
Cold breeze cloudy and dull.
My elder Daughter took off to the Lakes for a week, I think they are getting sunshine,
I need some soon.



The sun took its time but has finally arrived to warm up E Dorset. S'pose I'd better get on with lugging those paving stones about.


cold with grey skies as ever this morning, but now it's late afternoon, it is warmer with some sunshine - not as it should be, but the plants already look happier for it.  Lack of light the biggest problem for everything this year methinks?