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Teesside is hot hot hot, been in the garden all morning chasing creeping buttercup that got everywhere when I could not get out to snare it, last bit gone in the bag "err" i hope. My washing dried in one hour flat.
Posh I hate Barbecue's apart from the smell, the badly cooked food and the limpid salad, I see no point when I can cook inside properly and they can take plates outside to eat it without the smoke and the smell. We reserve the outside table for the booze.
I did eat good Barbecue food in California, my SIL would light the fire outside a long time before he wanted to cook then on would go the best tasting steaks ever with the salad straight out of the cold box and what salad, they like fruit in it.
Not too fond of the huge fluffy very sweet cakes though, usually stuck with more sun ripened fruit.


Hear hear re barbecues! My brother in law loves doing 'em, my heart sinks if I'm down there!
Hot here again, but we have a good breeze so not as sultry as yesterday.

35 degrees in the greenhouse - poor plants.  Two out of three dogs have been sick. Chickens having little success free-ranging as the beasties have all disappeared. Me keeping in the shade as I turn into a lobster at the drop of a hat.


25.8c in the garden so I've spent most of out there,  my friend from the flat upstairs  made a lovely salad for tea so we had that and 3 bottles of wine in the garden,  it was still very warm 22.3c at 7.45 getting cooler now,  last night there was a real old fashioned "pea souper" of a fog could go the same way tonight,  oh I did tidy the shed out before the sun came round into the garden so did not spend all day in the sun.


Totally hot even with a  good breeze in Kent today, I heard the radio say it was 29. Stupid me forgot to put sun cream on yesterday as I went out to inspect a job and ended up doing hours of work in a bikini, so I had to cover up my back today because its a tad raw. I tan easily but I can burn without cream. Silly me

My plants are absolutely loving the sunshine, everything is going mental. and I finally got the last of my big landscaping done. Now I just need the foliage.



Was scraping the crud from around walls and paving of the patio today and feeling rather warm (sweat dripping into eyes) so on a whim put a thermometer on the kitchen windowsill - 38 deg. No wonder I was feeling a bit wobbly


Wall to wall  sunshine in Rochdale

Sunny again here in S Devon but a very strong and drying Easterly breeze. Good for drying the washing, my plants aren't so sure. I always find the combination of high winds and sunshine very unsettling.

Teesside has sunshine although the temperature is vastly different on the east side of the house, an easterly straight off the sea is nicely cooling, The west side south facing garden is stifling so I keep popping round the other side to cool off.
Dug out some misplaced Japanese Anemone and it is hard work, leave one small bit of root and up it comes again.



 Sunshine and wind here in Kent, neither coming from my backside


Quite a bit cooler today at 18.1c but still enjoyable to sit in,  when I took the dog out this morning Frank I could see the haze and crud acroos The Styx it just lingers am soooo pleased I live on the to of a hill,  I may get the best of the bad weather but I also get the best of the best weather si I think I'll stick to my side of The Styx.



Shrinking Violet

Clear, lovely sunshine all day, although with a bit of a strong easterly breeze at times.  I still have lots to plant - but decided to enjoy the garden and sat out with a good library book (I know whodunnit but am now reading to find out how quickly the good guys can nab him!) and a refreshing glass or two.


today has been stinking hot..even with the stiff breeze it was blooming hot..

all my water butts are empty bar one can full in one.. and everything is wilting.. trouble with my sandy soil it is too free draining.. even thou i have added loads of compost to bulk it up..

It was bakng hot here and not a breeze insight, the temp touched 40 in the GH. I've been beavering away this evening planting stuff out. Found blackfly on my cherry blossom too, the ants must be wearing wellington boots this year as they've some how managed to get past the vaselin round the trunk of the tree, drastic measures are called for, it's out with the powder tomorrow.    

"Rain" the reason I can see you is because I am on a hill too, the crud was in the valley, we had sunshine from six this morning until the sun fell from the sky, a very long hot day. I did manage to top up the compost but most went into the green bags, I must get a shredder.



Teesside had a sea mist early this morning although it was warm as i sat in the garden drinking tea. It is burning off now at 09:30 ack emma and a good job as the bed sheets are in the washer I want them out there drying.
Lamb for lunch with everything then a long sit looking at my weeks work, the lawns are pristine after their feed and weed plus a cut on Thursday.
My tomato's are at least two weeks behind from where they were last year though some of the cherries toms have plenty of blossom on them. Never give up is the gardeners motto, we do get there in the end.



Same my side Frank only now at 11.05 has the sun managed to burn through,  quite a bit cooler at 16.1c and the breeze is colling it a lot but it's enough to get the washing dry,  didn't like to put it out yesterday as it would dry rock hard by the sun I like it blown dry then it feels a lot softer

Here in Yorkshire the sun is shining with the promise of another warm day - 22C. Its been like this for a week and all the veg and plants that had a slow miserable start in early May are now picking up speed. The water butts are also emptying quick for use on the young veg thats growing now and its forcast to be like this for the coming week.  Although flowers are now blooming there has been very little sight of bees and butterflys in the garden, hope the cold wet spell hasnt, done to much damage.