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Wow what a scorcher of a weekend!!!! Spent the day at the allotment weeding yesterday and forgot to put suntan lotion on the back of my legs. (That's what happens on the rare occasion of me putting shorts on!?) Red hot legs!!!

Got all the weeding done and planted a few bits in etc.  Had a very purposeful day.  Tomatoes, courgettes and pumpkins all in.  Planted a few bedding plants too.  Very tired, blistered and sore. 

Today had a day off and went shopping instead for a few summer essentials.  What's the betting that the weather changes!!


Glorious sunshine again in Kent, brisk breeze but that's a good thing. Slightly worried about lack of bumble bees in my garden, I hope they are still around, just busy catching up after the terrible spring.

Baking hot again with no breeze, it was so hot the bird bath nearly dried up. I get the sun from dawn to dusk, never thought I'd say this but was glad of the 8ft high fence, not nice neighbour built several years ago, it gave some shade to  a new flower bed, at least till mid morning.

Don't usually notice bumble bee's, probably because I don't normally get any but there were a couple this evening, they arrived with the birds just as the sun was going down.    

Teesside, the sun was lighting everything up through the east windows at 06:00 ack emma this morning, now it is belting through the south windows and is hot hot hot.
The washing is dry on the line just letting it blow a bit, not too much breeze but enough.
House work done so into the garden after a sandwich.


Alina W

Hot again, but I'm working


I Had to give up and go inside, it was just too hot with not a single breath of breeze. I put the table umbrella up and it was still too hot to sit.
Looking around I have a Jubilee garden, blue bells, White Deutzia, and red Pelargoniums plus an old deep red Peony among the golds yellows and orange that abound, I love old fashioned Marigolds so plenty around.


Shrinking Violet

Very warm and sunny - but not too hot, thank goodness.  Am getting a lot of my plants in the soil at last - just hope that they are all ok, since they've been held back a bit in cells and pots.

Last year I planted out Cobea Scandens in mid-May.  If you remember, it was a very cool summer and the plants turned purple and sulked.  Come the later warmth, they grew like Jack's beanstalk, and carried on flowering till the end of October.  They would have continued till Christmas, but I had to take them out and clear the garden.  I'm now wondering how they'll perform this year!


I was in the garden this morning at 9.30 putting some Weed n Feed on the grass seemed as if it was going to be a lot cooler but by lunch time it was 25.9c the hottest yet so needless to say I've spent most of the day sitting in the sun topping up my tan,  now it's 13.8c and dropping like a stone,  the sky looks full of hell and the mist/fog is rolling in what a difference,  it was still lovely at 5.30 when I was out with the dog then by the time the new and local news had been on it all changed,  think I've just had Summer

More of the same here, roasting hot, with no breeze. I was woken at 5am by birds singing outside the bedroom window what a noise - waves a fist couldn't get back to sleep so was up at 6am with the alarm and by 7am was sat in the garden having a cuppa, admiring the estate and reading GW mag before work 


Shrinking Violet

And that morning cup of tea in the warm sunshine in the open air tastes like ambrosia, Zoomer.  I can remember the treat of having my breakfast in the garden when I was a kid - it always seemed to taste so much better that eating it boringly indoors!


Teesside has a sea mist this morning, the sun is trying to burn it off as it is getting brighter.
It was a warm night and we could have had that first cup of tea in the garden but did not, I did not open the greenhouse as I normally would, the Tom's want some warmth, so breakfast in the conservatory with the doors open.
Looking across the valley to the Cleveland Hills it is a dark haze, you cannot see any features, "Rain" may be getting some of her namesake.


South coast beautiful sunshine with a few clouds. Girlie on the local radio reckons we will get rain this afternoon. If it does it will save me going to allotment to water.I shall end up with muscles like Popeye keep heaving wateing cans of water to and fro. Better than fat arms i guess.


Another beautiful day in the Basque Country (that's 6 in a row!) Not too hot, about 26ºC with a light breeze.

Shrinking Violet

Warm and sunny, but with a bit more cloud than yesterday.  We have an outside chance of a shower - but we'll probably miss it.  Out with the hose again!  Some of the plants are gasping - and the ground is very, very dry.


Kent has been glorious sunshine all morning but its clouding over this afternoon and might even rain, or not.

I don't mind the rain, just so long as we actually have days of sunshine to go with it.



E Dorset same as Kent, then.

I would like rainy nights and sunny days, if that can be arranged, please.


still scorching here.. even perennials are wilting here now.. must admit i put the long handed shower head on the hose pipe and watered tonight.. blooming hard work carrying water cans up top of garden and back.. poor arm was sooooo complaining last night.


No Frank I didn't get any rain what soever,  it has been very warm and overcast so wasn't expecting any sunshine at all today but 4.30 ish it managed to burn the low clouds away and out it popped got to 20.6c so not to bad even now at 19.22 it's 19.1c with just a hint of a breeze but the garden is bone dry and the water butts are well down,  so,  as much as I love the sunshine I do need some rain

It's been another hot day. 

The plastic GH came down this evening and I potted up some bulb fennel, hope it's happy to live in modules for a while as I've no room left in the veg beds.Picked my first mangetout, not enough on the plants yet to cook but enough to add to a salad along with radish and Mooli.      .