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South-East inland: grey skies, showers with brighter patches, chilly winds.

Shrinking Violet

Yes David K - I remember it only too well.  Having spent the summer commuting to central London on the Tube (and it was beyond horrendous) Denis Howell appeared - and so did the rain.  And guess when I had my holiday?  And then, a bit later, went to the Mediterranean, and guess what happened?  It rained! 

1976 - yup, that was memorable.  (So was 1975 btw - it snowed in June)

At least all this weather (I don't think we have a climate any more, just random acts of weather) gives us Brits something to talk about.


It's much brighter today & fewer showers in Manchester. Have removed the fleece off greenhouse dahlias, no cold nights expected for a few days.

I remember 76- my finals & wedding! It rained the day before, so was fresher 'on the day'. J.

Shrinking Violet wrote (see)

At least all this weather (I don't think we have a climate any more, just random acts of weather) gives us Brits something to talk about.

Of course I'm no expert, but I do read an awful lot of history and you'd be surprised how often freak weather conditions have occurred (and complained about). It makes me wonder that whilst the human instinct to find patterns in nature evolved into meteorology, it's more a question of averages.

Shrinking Violet

You're right, of course, Wintersong.  But climate classification, which itself is based on averages etc. has  us pegged to a temperate climate (as opposed to things like continental and Mediterranean climates) which in turn defines the general climate expectations, growing conditions etc.

But it does seem sometimes (all right - according to the journalists who like to make a crisis out of a drama ) that we have lots of random events! 



Yes I remember that David K. There does not seem to be the same kind of panic yet! I'm here on the edge of Colchester Essex where we have had heavy rain showers every day since the hosepipe ban began! We've a reservoir near here and I must agree it is frightenly low. I'm doing my bit with 3 butts and as many recepticles as I can find full of lovely rain. Just wish I could save more at the moment while it's pouring, but space is at a premium.


It rained on Monday,  it rained on Tuesday,  it rained on Wednesday and guess what it did today,  yes it rained the wind has given it's all the bottom of the garden is a pond and the lawn is a bog,  can we turn the country round 180 degrees so that I can have some dry weather for a change.


Alina W

Absolutely tipping it down in North Yorks today. Back roads are more like causeways, the river is about to break its banks and part of my front garden is under water.

This is one wet drought!


I've had last week and this off work as 'holiday' purely to work in my garden in Wiltshire ( a bit of re-design).  I got a little done last week and this week was all about making raised beds, shaping the lawn, adding a water feature (ha ha) pea shingle and adding hooks and things to fences and sheds to store wheelbarrows and ladders etc.  Well....this week I have treated the wood for the raised beds....then looked at it for the last three days while it has done nothing but rain.  Oh there was a change this afternoon ....hailstones!  It's getting boring now, I'd be happy for just one day between now and Sunday to get something done pleeeease.  

Bit late with my Thursday report...and it was wall to wall sunshine in my part of N.ireland. Beautiful day and coming home at 5pm it was 14c according to the car reading. Must have been more earlier in the day.


More of the same - grey, cold and wet. When will it be spring????

Teesside at 09:15 is sunny after a drab start, the sun is warming my back as I write. Looking across towards the Cleveland hills it is quite dour so poor "Rain" is probably getting it in the neck yet again, it amazes me how weather can be so different two sides of the river. Looking out of the bedroom window I was greeted by my Rodo in full bloom, a full border edging of Primroses in full bloom and have been for some time. I was given one plant years ago and by dividing it year on year now have a mass of them, now that is what I call a bargain.



East Midlands has been sunny since sunrise. I ventured out into the garden to check for flood damage at 7.30, after yesterday's downpours, but things seem okay. Just wish the garden wasn't too wet to get onto and do some weeding!

Patience is a virtue



South-East inland: Blue Skies! Sunny and warm!

And just when I was begining to get used to constant downpours


Alina W

North Yorks is grey and overcast, but dry so far. I'm pleased to report that much of yesterday's flooding has subsided, although the lawn is still a morass, so no gardening for a couple of days yet.


Beautiful at 7 this morning on my way back from work. Put on a load of washing, then down came the rain. Which has now stopped ...but I don't trust these blue skies. Looks like another day in the greenhouse...


Same here-more downpours yesterday more showers forecast-no change at least for the next few days