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Shrinking Violet

Re weather - cloudy and murky here today.  Mist on the hills keeps drifting down into the Vale, so it is rather damp and unpleasant.  Musn't grumble - at least plants aren't under stress from too much heat when they're planted out!

Re Frank's inability to see own posts:  I think figrat is right, and there's a glitch in the "ignore" part of personal settings.  I found I couldn't read any posts from Alina for no reason at all.  I hadn't even thought about ignoring anyone, but there it was!  So I "unignored" it - and now can see all posts. 

(I wonder if there's a gremlin in the system???)

Alina W

I think there is - the "edit" function, which used to work fine, fell over a few days ago, too.

Frank it sounds like you've mistakenly clicked on something which means you are ignoring yourself, I did the same thing, don't despare.

Click on public profile (top right). Click to edit and scroll down to forum settings. There's a section which says ' members I'm ignoring' . Follow the instructions and you should hopefully resolve things. If not get back to us, we can see everything you write.

I was so pleased figrat responded when I had problems.. Frank, you of all people,  have not been sent to the naughty corner, the weather thread would not be the same without you  




Thay sort of blanket cloud that blocks the sun but doesn't threaten rain.  Warm and windless in Kent today.


It's been sunny and hot here again.

Everything is romping away in the garden but pests seem to be ahead of the natural controls on the raised veg garden and GH.  I've had green/blackfly and cabbage white butterfly (squashed some eggs yesterday). Tried organic spays and finally opted for a pesticide in the GH to stop greenfly

Thanks to Figrat and Zoomer I think I have managed to get back on line
I will try this.



I got greenfly on a rescue plant whilst it was being cosseted on my windowsill and after many days worth of endlessly rubbing off the offenders I've come to the conclusion that they must have over wintered in the soil?

Anyways, tonight I found a ladybird larvae on my bathroom floor and promptly dispatched it onto my suffering plant with the greatest satisfaction.  

Old fingers on the keyboard can often cause a crash
It seems I hit a wrong button disappearing in a flash
Into a strange and barren world where I had never been
Now with the help of friendly folk I am now back on the scene.

Thanks all. Frank.

And Teesside has had a rotten cold day, my daughters car broke down so she borrowed mine and Granddaughter gave me a school Sun Flower for some TLC, "I know you will make it well granddad" Hmm such confidence.

Shrinking Violet

Well - if any one can make granddaughter's flower better, then it's you, Frank. 

Very cloudy and threatening here, like it's been the past couple of days.  But, so far, it been more of a threat of rain then actual wet stuff;  things may change - we're predicted to have a bit of a soaking later today/tomorrow.  Jolly Jubilee weather?

Overcast here in S Devon. Rain forecast for later, which the garden will appreciate. Lots of silly Jubilee stuff going on in town, so off for a wander.

Glad you're back Frank!
Alina W

Cool and overcast here, too, with rain predicted tomorrow - typical bank holiday weather!

Good to see you back, Frank

Teesside is cold today, it was raining although now drying up.
It is a two roast Sunday lunch tomorrow, Granddaughter likes Beef and Grandson likes Pork us adults get what is left, they said make plenty of Yorkshires so a double mix then.
I noticed this morning the flag Irises in full bloom, they do cheer things up on a gloomy day. Better get that Sun flower into a nice pot with a bit more than the inch of compost it came in.


cloudy, sunny, cloudy, sunny, cloudy,  hope it rains tonight when I am asleep


Cloudy day here on the west coast of Canada--rain for the last few days on and off, and all the weeds are burgeoning. Today will be a composting day. Here we are plagued by an explosion of tent caterpillars, so I do a patrol morning and evening. They go in cycles, and this year is really bad. They love fruit trees and roses particularly.


Clare Ford

Too hot for much gardening this afternoon - here in Normandy.  Beginning to cloud over a bit so we're hoping we get some rain this time.

Beautiful sunshine again but the wind is chilly. Living on the south coast keeps us a bit cooler. No gardening today have had treatment for my arthritic back and neck so feelin ga bit crap. Wil be at the alotment tomorrow the weeds wait for no-one.

Quite mild in the Sussex with a lot of cloud cover, i went on BBC Weather and they say rain at about 11pm tonight

Shrinking Violet

It's trying to rain as I type - and the clouds have been rumbling for the past hour, so it looks like we will get a bit of useful rain! 

Village had its annual duck race (postponed from the early May BH because of the rain!) and rushed things on a bit to get it done before the weather set in.  Good call, methinks.  (OH is complaining of cold feet and aching legs because he was a "thrasher" in the stream to help the ducks along )

I managed to get my beans and peas in this morning.  Just have to hope they don't get washed away .

Proper rain just started here.hopefully butts will get topped up. Managed to prick out some teensy nictiana seedlings this afternoon, the rest of the potting on will wait till tomorrow.