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it was nice first thin gupto about 11am.. hasnt stopped raining since. and rather cold with it..


Ridiculous, I've put the heating on as my OH is studying, thus sitting still - and is freezing!!  Still, the alliums are attracting some hardy bees, but please, please may we have some warm sunshine soon - for longer than a week this time? Please............

Shrinking Violet

Well, I was right, and we sent our rain across the country.  But it is now dry, the sun is shining, although it is rather windy.  So hopefully the weather in central and eastern parts will gradually improve, too.

Janet 4 - thanks for the info.  We are making no headway in the moving lark, since the housing market seems to have stalled, and there is very little interest being shown atm.  It hasn't helped that Porlock has had some building work and a new relief road built, so it has looked like a building site!  Oh, well, perhaps it'll settle down and if we get some better weather, people will think more readily about moving.  Until then - we're rather stuck waiting for things to happen this end before we can seriously put in an offer on anything in Tiverton


Its been warm here today 17.1c but not a ray of sunshine,  wall to wall cloud nice washing dry breeze so can't complain,  few spots of rain but the sky looks full of trouble now,  sort of heavy so could do with a thunder storm to clear the air


Raining. Again.

Rain again today. My birthday tomorrow so hoping the sun will shine for a while at least.

Alina W

Overcast, and predicted to rain.

Alina W

Happy Birthday for tomorrow, Maud!


so cold 9.8c its meant to be nice tomorrow. I hope to be helping a friend with her garden tomorrow. I feel we all should give a hand I hope one day when I cant manage a neighbour will help me

Happy birthday Maud.
That brought back memories of long ago when on a Sunday night with a lot of family there I played "come into the garden Maud" and Uncle Peter sang it, no TV back then.
We had some sunshine yesterday "Rain" but your side looked definitely murky, today it is brightish and warm 17C at the moment.
Looking out of my bedroom window this morning I noticed I had some blooming Foxgloves! "err" I will rephrase that, I had some of my Foxgloves in bloom. They have spread along the border from one plant given to me a few years back. I do love them and so do the bees although when I had young grandchildren playing in the garden I took them all out as well as the Rowan and anything else too tempting.
Must off to the shops as the larder is bare after a long weekend of staying in with a swollen knee, my own fault throwing bags of green waste over a low wall rather than carry them round, idiot.



Hope the knee feels better soon, it's so often that the short cut makes things longer.

It looks very pretty out there from in here, sunny but very breezym and the breeze is decidedly chilly.  hey reckon on 18C here in the East Midlands today, but I think it will struggle to reach that in my garden today -the wind is coming up the side of the house like a steam train. 


Sunny, showers and windy in Kent. Typical summer's day really


Morning,all-cat woke me at 4:30 am complaining that the dog had drunk all the water,and I was treated to the sight of the moon shining on the ocean and what appears to be a cloudless dawn , for once. Must make the most of it, as the rain is back tomorrow. Nice dawn chorus, though.

Shrinking Violet

Warmish (19C) and bright sunshine.  Lots of clouds, though, and we had a very sharp shower this morning - just as I was unloading shopping from the car.  But at least it isn't as cold as it was the other day.  And the garden is looking at its very best - full of colour from foxgloves (love them, too, Frank) and lupins which I grew from seed - and the colours are a bit of a surprise.  Not too sure about the pink one next to the oriental poppies!  Everything else in full fig, too, and it looks great.  The rain has done the plants a power of good. 



I've had torrential showers most of the morning,  it was bouncing,  now it's sunny and 18.2c in the garden still a cooling breeze but the ground is to wet to do anything in the garden,  I was going to cut the grass but that will have to wait now.   The lupins that I grew from seed are now starting to flower but the Poppies have been all but flattened so I think they will end up in the green sack.


It didnt actually start to rain until about2.30pm! Typical forecast had said heavy showers all morning so didnt expect to get anything done out there.

Did remove all the saucers from beneath pots, tied in a couple of clematis,  the runner beans & sweetpeas.

Put an obelisk over a clematis I'd dumped into a large pot after it'd failed to start in what was last yrs veg bit. Needless to say it just kept being chewed off beneath the soil, so the pot was a last resort. Totally happy & may yet see some flowers from it- it's not a large plant & had previously been fine in another large pot which I needed for something else last autumn!

Found a cover for the wormery-oops, it's a bit wet after all the rain we've had.

Even had my lunch sat outside in the sun & managed to get loads of washing almost dry with the breeze. J.

Teesside, yesterday I said on the phone to my daughter "at least the weather is nice" "What" came the reply it is pouring down here, she lives in Norton Village three miles away and we never got a drop. We got a very nice long sunset.
This morning the sun was shining at 05:30 ack emma and is still quite bright, it is still and warm out there, in fact it has just started sending beams into the room, talk about micro climates, I can see over the valley and "Rains" side is not looking happy. Its not unusual though, she seems to get the worst of our micro climate. "Hmm" its not unusual! do you think they could write a song about that??