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Shrinking Violet

Raining Relentlessly.  Cats, dogs, monsoon - got the lot here!


Am currently designing water wings for chickens and canoes for hedgehogs.

seaside oldie

Very wet and windy in South Devon, glorious patch of canterbury bells are now laying flat despite supports!


Shrinking Violet

Yes - the forecasters said that it would be particularly windy along the Bristol Channel - and they weren't wrong.  The wind is picking up and it looks like the amber warning was about right.  The only good thing is that, for the moment, it is not raining as heavily, so I'm off out to batten down the hatches as suggested and tie up some of my lovely plants that are likely to get flattened!  (And to think, it's only a couple of weeks to the longest day.  Summer????)



Pouring here too, as predicted. Repaired water collection system working swimmingly.


Just bought another water butt, but will I ever need to water again? I now have so many recepticles filled with rainwater that I doubt I'll get to use it all even if we had a heatwave till Xmas! My claysoil borders are full of water AGAIN! I despair, as plants are getting flattened, nothing is growing in the veg patch or GH as it's too cold. One of my cucumber plants has keeled over with frostbite I reckon! Now gale force winds and heavy showers predicted for tomorrow, which puts the kibosh on my planned trip to Kew Gardens!

Diggingdoris is depressed!!!



You can't resist those moving icons, can you Geoff?


Geoff,  where are you getting the wonderful icons from,  I luv them.


Rain -do a search on photobucket


Not quite as windy here just yet but the hatches are batoned down in readyness and it's been raining heavily.

The torch come's through town at the top of our road on 22nd, I wonder if the flame will go out in the rain! 


Extremely windy in Kent, oh yeah and wet too.

Alina W

Throwing it down here. As many things as possible are tied up, and I hope that my iris survive - they're just coming into flower. Doubt that the columbines will

Good luck with everyone else's gardens, too.


Teesside early was calm now we have rain and a slight breeze.
I cannot see across the valley as I cannot see the valley, probably about a furlong across the fields.
Not much good for Blaydon Races tomorrow then.


Shrinking Violet

What a night!  Hard to sleep with gales blowing and rain being hurled against the window.  It's calmed down somewhat (!) and is just blowing quite strongly now and raining just a bit.

One of my beutiful lupins succombed to the weather and had bowed to the inevitable,  I've staked it - but of course it's never going to look as magnificent as it did.  Own fault - I did tie up and stake lots of things, but mistakenly thought it would be ok.

The last blooms of the aquilegias have been blown away, and a couple of roses have been beheaded by the gales.  But overall, we survived!


just started raining here in liverpool, but it never stopped all day yesterday, put my toms out about 4 day ago, hope they will be alright, i have moved them against the wall to give them a bit of protection, luckily we have not had the wind as bad as some other parts of the country


Very very windy. I hate the wind :- (