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I seem to have escaped the worst of the weather today but have had some horrendous showers but not the strong winds this time the sun at the moment is trying to burn through the clouds but won't hold my breath,  I shall wait and see what tomorrow brings.

We had a sunset last night "Rain" on our side of the Tees, a bit watery but still better than nothing.
This morning at 06:00 it was black as night although it improved by the time I went out just after nine, the sun is trying to shine on me as I write though it is cloudy, I can see across the valley today and it looks fairly clear.
Blaydon Races today, hope it keeps fine for all those girls in their finery.
Must attack those side shoots on the Toms again, they are growing faster than the main stalk.


Alina W

Dry for the last hour - and thundering persistently.

OH is out there, planting out bedding....


It is cold, grey, windy and intermittently very wet.  Not conducive to gardening.

Shrinking Violet

Bright sunshine and very breezy.  Everything is drying out nicely (including all my laundry!).  Cool, but not unpleasant.

(Glad I'm not in West Wales - the news reports show it as being terrible;  in the circumstances, I think we got off pretty lightly with the recent gales).


Alina W

That dry thunder has turned into a very wet downpour...

Still very windy here on the south coast but we do have sunshine in the bits where there are no clouds, does that make sense? Hate working in the wind find it very tiring so catching up with greenhouse and indoor chores. Hope tomorrow is better.


finally stopped raining in liverpool, but dull and quite cold, i feel so sorry for them poor people in aberystwyth

Outside in a warm rain staking foxgloves and flag irises, too much water for them.
Tomato's now tied in and side shoots gone most from the bottom, nothing there one day and a forest the next. Granddaughters sun flower gained six inches from last week, she will be pleased.
Sun, rain, sun, rain, no point in running in and out just worked in it, but nice and warm.



Lovely bright sunshine here--weeds and tent caterpillars flourishing.


Grey skies in Kent, not so much wind, not so much showers, no so much gardening. If it survives the wind, its got my vote.


After 2 days of heavy, persistant rain & strong winds- M6/M5 down to Nworcs not much fun yesterday- the rain has finally stopped here in Manchester as well.

Am fed up of being cold & damp & no plans to garden today!

Think tomorrow shall get outside, into greenhouse first & then, plus waterproof trousers, finally plant out the remaining fuschias etc, providing the slugs leave me some! J.

Didn't get the predicted high winds but it's rained most of today. We've had 4 'full Smith' days on the run, making 5 in June, conditions looking good for old blighty Here's to hoping the weather changes tomorrow, I've five bags of spuds and a row in the veg garden

Shrinking Violet

Frank: please keep us updated about the sunflower - I feel quite protective about it!

Posh, will do, my aim in life is keeping my little granddaughter happy.
I put the growth down to my playing Al Bowlly and Chick Henderson's latest hits on the wind up gramophone more than my green fingers, saying that they were very green after sorting out the tomato's.
Never stopped raining after tea, the lights were on early adding to the global warming,"err" when are we going to get some of that warming? we are paying plenty for it.


Jacque   David

Nice dry day here today in Devon, rain forcast during night, managed to do a lot of tidying up today and the weeds are coming out so easy.......forcast not that good for the rest of the week...... Happy gardening folks.......

Shrinking Violet

Frank - I'm sure granddaughter will be more than delighted for grandpa to sort out her little plant!  I look forward to regular up-dates!  And if plants do respond to music (mine respond to my voice - if I give them a good talking to, they don't dare to do anything but grow ) then it's in for a good spurt of growth!

And Hallo to Jacque & David.  I see you're in Devon.  Another Sou'wester here (Somerset).  Hope you enjoy retirement and gardening.  I retired a couple of years ago - and still don't have enough hours in the day . . . . . . .

Posh, remember mine is a well trained WO1 voice, I did have quite a reasonable Tenor voice before bawling it hoarse at recruits.
Al Bowlly has to stand in for me now with "begin the Beguine" beats all this "ere" skiffle stuff around these days?
Hello Jacque and David do not think you are on the wrong thread, Saturday nights get a bit mad, it is all that football which I watch with the sound off, cannot stand pundits who comment on a different game than I am watching, or so it seems?


Shrinking Violet

Oh, Frank - that's not a vague refence to the war, is it?  Now, now - you know that it makes some people a bit twitchy!  You'll be extolling the virtues of Glen Miller or Vera Lynn soon (please!)


O frabjus day!!! Calloo! Callay!