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Shrinking Violet wrote (see)

Oh, Frank - that's not a vague refence to the war, is it?  Now, now - you know that it makes some people a bit twitchy!  You'll be extolling the virtues of Glen Miller or Vera Lynn soon (please!)

POSH, "Moi" "nimmer-mehr" as a matter of fact because of the rotten TV coverage last night I did get an hour's practice on the old "Joanna" and you guessed right a lot of Glen Miller got an airing.
Back on track, Teesside today is bathed in sunshine although there is some heavy cloud up there, the greenhouse is open and the Toms got a trowel full of my gold compost and a watering, I love the smell when you do that.
No cooking today we are down in the Vale of York for a family party, my Granddaughter the Engineer is on leave from Canada to go to a wedding, she goes back early in the week so a chance for me to catch up.
They have upgraded the M1 motorway so I will need to find my way into the village, it had been blocked off.
What would we do without life's little problems to solve.


Alina W

Well, it's dry here in N. Yorks so far, and predicted to remain so - so good news for that wedding, Frank!


Lovely day here so far, with sun and passing clouds.  After all of the rain lately, I'm sure I can actually hear things growing!  Unfortunately, serious amounts of the wet stuff forecast for tomorrow though, so planting out the last of the sprouts today - at least they'll get a good watering in tomorrow!

Shrinking Violet

Wet.  Very.  But windless (hoorah!)

Went for carvery lunch the other side of Exmoor (well worth the drive - I reckon they could name the beast the beautiful beef comes from!)  Now, replete, I'm not sorry that I simply cannot do any gardening today.  Will sit back and revel in my 35th Wedding Anniversary (unfortunately, it's not associated with a precious metal or jewel - gotta wait another five years for that )

Frank:  music on the old Joanna, eh?  And I thought you were the very devil on the spoons! 


Following a few terrible days of wind, but no rain, today was just gorgeous.  Not too hot, but enough to slightly colour my fair shoulders.

It was lovely and warm here, no wind or rain. I tied in plants in the GH and discovered a cue hiding behind a leaf, courgettes are flowering, along with first earlies and a tom plant has lots of tiny green fruit on. Picked my first purple podded peas today, they didn't make it to the kitchen but tasted divine. Biggest pea plants I've ever grown at nearly 5ft and still growing.

Planted out some fennel, second time lucky, I'm hoping for some bulbs this year.  


2nd lovely day on the trot! Is this our summer? Just heard we are to expect a whole month's rain in the next 48 hours! My garden floods after heavy rain as it's clay, but I feel so sorry for those poor folks in Wales. They must have head not only their gardens ruined , but their homes as well. My heart goes out to them.


It is raining and it is not going to stop today and might even get thunder




10.55, the rain has just made it to East Dorset.

Indoor jobs today. Afternoon dog walk in doubt.


Sorry Geoff & all down south, another decent day here in Manchester.

Got the front bed planted out yesterday & the last 2 toms set up in greenhouse.

Off to remove excess self-seeders from the patio cracks now. Was going to cull the unwanted aquilegias from lawn bed, but they are still buzzing with bees, so that can wait. J.

Posh, although driven to practice I did learn at an early age being able to play was good for pulling the girls especially "In the mood" "sentimental journey" "American patrol" and some of the weepies like "Soldiers dream of home and Suda Bay.
Fell asleep many a good night in the mess under the piano stool, music can lift the spirit at the most unlikely times.

Weather dull and cloudy although no rain as yet, cannot see across the Tees to Rain's neck of the woods, we had no rain in the vale of York when parts of it were flooding yesterday, I sat in a lovely conservatory watching the clouds sweep over the fields full of animals.



Well, that was something and nothing - barely enough to dampen a chicken. Maybe the clouds exhausted themselves over Sussex and Hants.


It has now been raining consistently heavy for 8 hours and is expected to go on for another 8-I am seriously peed off now



oh and just to cheer me up the weather chaps are forecasting more windy and wet stuff to end the week

Shrinking Violet

Sotongeoff - I feel so sorry for you.  It was predicted that we, too, would be rained on all day.  As it happened, this morning was dry but cloudy, so I got the front garden weeded and dug over.  Rain this afternoon - more of the nuisance variety than anything else.  The News on TV says there have been floods etc in your neck of the woods.  Hope your feet, at least, are dry!


Dogs got afternoon walk but proper raining here now - have just put soggy chickens away. It's bloomin' nippy out there.


Got 1/2 hr sunshine this afternoon  in Kent. The rest of the day is anyone's guess.