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Got blown inside out at Dog Show FunDay yesterday - several gazebos took off. Today had lovely walk by river, did 3 lots of washing and got it all dry. Sun and breeze - just perfect.

Hope you had a nice day Frank. We have the torch going by on Friday. Someone has moved the yellow signs marking the route though, I really don't think they are running past my back gate and along the alley way .

Today was nice and sunny so I went off to the local nursery for some provisions this morning and spent the afternoon in the garden. On days like today I often get unexpected visitors. Brother and OH arrived mid afternoon so we sat taking in the sun on the patio.    


Not much going on my side of The Styx today apart from a cooling wind quite nice if you could get out of it,  sunshine came late in the day,  the weather men are saying that we are going to have heat and sun Wednesday and Thursday,  do we belive them hmmmmmm,  will wait and see 

Alina W

We can live in hope

Zoomer, I did have a nice day, a big bottle of single malt whisky to add to my collection with instructions "not to drink it in one go".
The family all saw the Olympic flame, the police on the bikes were giving spectators high fives and joining in the fun. Thousands have turned out and when they all got back for lunch we watched on the red button as it happened. The weather was good all day and we got a sunset again tonight.
So a good meal saw the grandchildren got some prezzies and now ready to shut down and bed, early rise tomorrow.



Shrinking Violet

Sunny and breezy here all day - perfect for getting the washing dry.  (My mother must be turning in her grave - what!  Washing out on a Sunday!!)  Some rain this evening and expected overnight, but the next few days should be (fingers crossed) pretty good.

We had the Olympic Torch on the third day (May 21st) in our village.  It was a lovely event - I was a street marshall helping to keep the crowds under control .  But it was exciting to see it, and I've followed a lot of the progress round the country since then.  All the Jubilee bunting - in our case, put up in advance - added to the street decorations.  Brilliant. 

Raining here in Bristol and more to come overnight so we have been told. Not a bad day overall at least the wind has dropped quite a bit. Had family here all day so done nothing in the garden again. Washing dried nice tho'. Have to go and put some plants in for mother-in-law tomorrow so here's hoping for a dry day.

Morning everyone,  I have sunshine,  not a lot but it's there and blue sky as well 15.1c in the garden so it could get out a nice day,  we need the sun as it cheers you up no end and I think we all deserve it after the past week


Lunchtime in Manchester is sunny with lots of fluffy clouds around. Washing out, another lot on the go & am stuck inside waiting on a large parcel delivery! Hmm, note on door perhaps? J.

Shrinking Violet

Temperature about 15 C here, at the diametrically opposite part of the country, Rain!  Lots of sunshine and clouds scudding across the sky.  We may get a shower or two - but the sun truly lifts the spirits, especially after recent weather!  I'd like to think this was the start of summer - but then I looked at the week's weather on Countryfile last night, and I'm not too sure.

A glorious day my side of the Tees "Rain" was out in the garden with Phoebe enjoying it when one of the neighbours started to spray a car with dope. It drove us indoors had to shut the windows and Conservatory to keep the stink of pear drops out so not a happy bunny. We never see them then as soon as the sun shines it is Barby or spraying, why?



Rained overnight -have been bashing a ball about since 8am-the ground was very soggy but the weather is dry with a bit of sun and a bit of cloud

The sun is shining (in between the clouds ) and have managed to get out and do some weeding. Mother in law not feeling too good today so wants her planting done another day. I am trying to dig over a new border but it has got so many shoots of quince in it 'tis a nightmare to dig. I only keep the quince as the birds love it but am getting mighty fed up of all the new shoots. I think its days are numbered. Will have to have a think about it and see what I can replace it with.
The orange blossom is flowering and smells delightful. It was a cutting my late mum took of hers so am always pleased when it comes out. Rest over better get back out while the sun is still shining.

My Sweet Peppers are seriously retarded this year..Last year at this time they were being transferred to 9inch pots and support canes were in   this year they are still in their 3inch pots without supports....Im hoping they will speed up a little when the weather settles more....IF the weather settles lol   On the plus side  my Chillies are doing very well  they are in their big pots now and flowering  HURRAH

It was nice and sunny when I got home this evening. I saw my first ever baby ladybird, if I hadn't been following the wildlife thread I'd have sqashed it thinking it was a nastie, need more than one to eat the greenfly though or it is going to be one fat baby ladybird.

I dug a new border last year  - LORELLI- and introduced climbers and flowers into the new bed, it was so hard work, had to shift a ton and half of slate, the ground was so impacted after 10 years, thought I would die before it was completed, what a difference, didn't expect the plants planted to take as they have, I've bumble bee's, butterflies, a red admiral was spotted at the weekend and the number of different birds which now visit is unbelievable.


Had a fab day pottering in the garden today. Dug a bit more of the border and planted the last two plants I bought last week, a white scabious and a red day lily. Im glad your new border took so well Zoomer44. I still have a bit of a way to go with mine but I will get there. I am already planning what I will plant there.

Been glorious here today got to a tropical 20.4c and supposed to be nice again tomorrow then by Friday the rain is coming back,  I need to do some repair work to the grass out the front is it OK at this time of the year to be putting grass seed down, this border is used as a cat toilet so I intend to leave the Box and daffs and just level it and sow some grass seed I'm just so sick of shifting the cat poo.


Shrinking Violet

Oh Rain - what a shame.  The pic is lovely.  A couple of thoughts:  first - have you tried the product "Get off my garden":  it's readily available in GCs and there are green jelly-like crystals that you sprinkle around to deter cats.  I've found it's worked in the past.  Secondly - if you still want to sow grass seed, then, as I understand it, this is not a good time of the year to do it, unless you are prepared to ensure regular watering (though we may get enough of that naturally!)  Late summer/early autumn is often given as being a good time, since the heavy dews help with moisture, and the ground is warm to promote rapid germination.  And since we've had a cool spring, the ground has a way to go to warm up properly.  Hope this helps. 

Sunny and warm today on Teesside and that was at 07:00 am, some cloud although nothing serious. I am out in the garden, not at the moment of course just a quick cuppa and kit kat. Hoping the car sprayer has gone back to work, I could still smell it late last night.
You should try that on those cats Rain, it kept me out of the garden.
We were inundated by cats before I got Benji who saw them off, now I tend to damp the garden with a hose last thing at night, cats prefer dry soil for their toilets. try it for a few nights before doing anything drastic, even after putting down seed the cats will try to use it unless you net the area.

Sunny yesterday morning followed by cloud, seems to be the same here in the Midlands again today.  French Beans are not enjoying this weather. Luckily(?) I tried lots of old seed packets and am awash with brassicas so planting them everywhere as they enjoy the rain.  What I will do with a glut of kale and cabbage has yet to be thought about, but Hugh Fearnley Whittenstal does have a recipe for kale pizza!  The greenhouse is doing OK though, glad I bought a large one as I am growing not only the usual suspects but fennel. lettuce and beetroot inside too.