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Shrinking Violet

Bright and sunny though a fair bit of cloud and still a cool 'nip' in the air.  Should be warmer tomorrow.  But Thursday onwards - we have a yellow alert for - guess what?  Rain! Again!


Sunny but very windy quite warm at 20.5 which is more or less what it was yesterday.

I have tried the crystal's Shrinking Violet they do work but only if it stays dry as they are washed away when it rains,  I was going to net it when I put the seed down Frank as I wasn't going to take the chance of them scratching about in it and the ground is quite wet as I seem to have rain  every night and belive me the cats are not frightend of the dog  one of them has even sneeked up behind us and nipped at Phoebe's heels

Lovely day here in Bristol. Hubby had a day off today so he cut the grass. Still waiting for the strimmer to be repaired so either got to cut the edges by hand or wait and keep looking at untidy long grass. Strawberries looking good, just need a bit more consistant sunshine to ripen them. Did'nt manage to get anything else done as we went to our favourite garden centre for a little wander and a cup of tea and cake.

Lunchtime in Manchester. Our sun is coming & going, Still am going to sit out with a good book, have put on suncream, hat & insect repellent.

Spent this morning filling the wheely bin with finished Aquilegias, Tellima & unwanted A. Mollis. Made a note to split/move a hardy geranium as just too big for its' position close to a path. Did cut it back too, almost gone over- literally. J.


Shrinking Violet

Lovely sunny morning - and quite warm.  Clouding over now - wet stuff on the way!

Its overcast near yeovil in somerset, but its still muggy! rain expected this evening...

Another lovely day but rain forecast for tomorrow. Cut back a few rogue brambles that dared to show their faces in my border, but that was it for today. H ave to do some housework sometimes !!

Wonderful day sunshine all day and at least the wind has dropped off,  decided not to grass over the borders so what I've done is tidy it all up and my upstairs neighbour has given me some citronella oil so I've put some on my rocket sticks and placed them a foot apart,  so watch this space,  I shall not be beaten by a b*****y cat.

Two warm sunny days on the trot, the GH needed watering and in the end I watered outside pots.,

Go on my jollies towards the end of next week and typically loads of stuff is looking like it will be ready to pick whilst away. The strawberries and currants were netted this evening in the hope there might be some left when I get back and after the birds have had their fill.  


Gorgeous sunshine in Kent today and yesterday. Felt like summer, rain is forecast for tomorrow 

Shrinking Violet

It started to rain a couple of hours ago, as predicted.  It is now absolutely chucking it down.  Goodness knows what havoc I'll find in the garden tomorrow.


Rain not here yet but should be here by the time I get up in the morning,  Daughter lives in Ely and they have thunder storms forecast for tomorrow she loves storms,  not that keen on them myself after I was struck by lightning when I was 15,  well it was a secondary strike as it hit a street light shot down to earth and I just happened to be walking past it so got me on the way past,  not nice at all !


 Much the same here Geoff and its Midsummers Day today hmmmmmmm



There has been a bit of discussion about this- the Summer Solstice was celebrated at Stonehenge today but traditionally Midsummer's day is celebrated 3 days later- so this year it is on 24th June

Oh goody it's...raining.
Shrinking Violet

We had a couple of hour' respite - but it's now raining again.    Oriental poppies took a bit of a battering last night, but less harm than I had expected given the downpour.  Goodness knows when I'll able to get out in the garden again, looking at the weather forecast. <sigh>

@ Rain - re the problem you have with cats, I've just been reading Amateur Gardening mag. and a reader has said that she drove any number of cats away with a black plastic Cat Repeller bought from Homebase.  It runs on 2 x 9v batteries and works using a high pitched whine.  I've no personal experience of the product, but when I read about it, I thought of you.  I wonder if you would find it worth a look?

"Cor blimy its orrible" the bin floated to the kerb today.
Crossed the Tees to Rains side all dour and nasty but not raining then back to my side lighter but hissing it down "what"! that was the noise it was making as it bombed my ears, forgot my flat cap.
Still at it so today comfort food, the potato's are baking in the oven as I write.



the only good thing about the weather inTenby at the moment is our new wildlife pond is filling up fast com-on-you-frogs a home and slugs for dinner what more could u want