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It's actually a lot brighter here in Manchester now. Yes we've had rain, but it was much worse Warrington way, where friend & me went for lunch. Bad driving back on motorway, until nearly home when realised there hadnt been any rain this end! That didnt last, but not as bad as expected.

Ironically I may have to water some large patio pots as they are underneath a very large tree, on adjacent land. That sometimes acts as an umbrella depending on which direction the rain is coming from. J.

Shrinking Violet, I too read that article today about the cat repeller. We bought a similar thing several years ago, B&Q I think. It cost almost ??50 !!! and done nothing ! Hopefully they have come on a bit since then (certainly cheaper ) and now work. I would certainly buy another one if I hear that more people have bought them and they do work.
It has been wet and windy most of the day. Im sure I can hear those pesky slugs and snails munching on my plants !
Shrinking Violet

Lorelei - the one that the writer in AG mag bought cost £29 - which is pretty steep imo.  But it would be worth the investment if it did the job.  Shame you can't buy such stuff on a sale or return basis! 


It's been horrible since March really,I've only had to water spuds in containers once since planting, even after the last three good days they are still wet in the bottom,usually at his time of the year I would be watering daily.

Started out rainy today in the Midlands so took the kids to school so they didn't get wet on their 3 mile cycle.  Brightened up about midday and we have a lovely sunny evening.  I think my chickens are fed up of having muddy feet though.  Three hens gone broody.



After 2 days of sunshine we are back to the rain again here in Essex. I have been baling water out of my border AGAIN. Never in the 41 years I've lived here have we had it this wet so many times.I expect to have water standing at the end of the winter as we are on clay, but never at this time of year. Long term forecast doesn't look great either.

Having been out in it since early this morning I can tell you Teesside is very wet although slowly clearing and fairing up a bit.
It is warm and brightening by the minute so we could have a clear evening.
The dark blue Cranes-bill under the dark red Peonia make a wonderful show although I need a clear period to photograph that. For those wishing to know, Granddaughters sunflower is well on its way to the clouds, I will need to take a photo of her standing under it.



Kent is whoooooooooooosh bang!


Getting a bit despondent here. Not raining, but still a hostile wind. One courgette has a flower!! Was harvesting them this time last year. Roses are looking good though, and the honeysuckle...plans are for an early bath, light the woodburning stove (in June!!!) and curl up on the settee and watch Dr Who till Gardener's World comes on. Humph. Oh well, at least I haven't gone to the IOW festival....

@ Wintersong - what is the Kent whooooosh bang? 

Alina W

One word for the weather here - disgusting. And nothing better forecast for the weekend


I have a few more words to describe the weather....S**t, h****d, p***s...


Have just caught glimpse of the latest forecast as am planning a day at Wimbledon next week-they are saying fine and dry for the first two days-perhaps, maybe, will firm up.........................


Rain hasnt stopped all day here in Manchester.

Just watching the Olympic flame being lit inside at Blackpool- everything had to be moved to inside.

Not holding my breath for any dry days in the near future to get things done outside, Oh well just hope my visiting hedgehog is hungry/has a family, otherwise more things will get eaten! J.


I had to drive to Leyland today and it was horrendous on the M6! The rain has been relentless all day & not much better over the weekend...great! Just had to go out and rescue my pots of lilies which had blown over. Caught one just as it was threatening to roll into the pond (I'd never be forgiven if I caused any more mayhem around the pond). Looks like we're going to get a battering from the wind as well as the rain for the next couple of hours. Forgive my ignorance but isn't it supposed to be summer??????

Alina W

You're hallucinating, Anna. It's not midsummer's day until Sunday



still raining and damn cold. I had to cut my very wet grass this week I just couldnt bear to see it so long. I so need to get weeding. Has anyone heard the long range forecast is it to get better...


I've had rain all day in fact woke up to it,  the wind picked up about 1ish and is now blowing a right old gale so the garden is getting a right old battering.


@figrat, the whooooooosh bang is the sound the wind makes, at least where I live. Very gusty! Whooooooosh bang.

The torch went by today and it has been heavy torrential rain all day. I was on the phone as the office emptied mins before it was due to go by and couldn't get out,so three of us had an excellent view from a top floor window ,  after spending weeks saying we should put personal views aside and be supporting this, felt a tab bit guilty when everyone else came back in looking misrable and wet through 


You know I think you could be right Alina. Perhaps I am hallucinating...  when I got up this morning the paving on the patio was dry and I could actually hear the birds when I went into the conservatory. Alas my excitment was short lived when I heard the familiar deafening sound of the rain drowning out the sound of the birds