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Gary Hobson
David K wrote (see)

Just experiencing one of the worst thunderstorms I've ever known, it's as black as midnight and the rain is something akin to the tropics.

I'm in Warwickshire and it's been thundering almost continously for about half-an-hour. There's a big storm somewhere to the West, though no rain has fallen where I am.

Gary Hobson

I spoke too soon about not having any rain. There was a second wave of storms about 10 minutes ago. It was chucking it down, with hail-stones. I managed to take this video from my living room window...

Did the weather man get it right. . . "A few light showers"



Gary Hobson

This is what the Met Office said, and are still saying...


We had just over 2cm of rain, within about 10 minutes. It has now passed, and is getting brighter.... for the moment.

Alina W

Sunny intervals and showers here, too.


I crossed the Tees into much better weather apart from the humidity hitting you like a wall. Did shopping in S&M well that is what I really think of having to shop, came out and it was even hotter just got the boot lid lifted and down it came. All you could hear was the screams of women in summer clothes belting across the car park, too late of course. Took the trolley back well I was wet and drove home along small rivers. Our country lanes rely on ditches which could not take the amount of water falling. It is now fair once more, glad the lawns got finished in time.
yours was worse though Gary.



And I was grumbling about the April shower type senario up here!

Friend in NWorcs has had an overflowing pond this morning- luckily they do live on a hill, so all the excess draining away from the house.

Muggy, breezy, some sun trying & about 24C in my bit Manchester at the mo. J.


It is too hot for me today - phew !!!

Pam x


Wall to wall cloud but the heat is stupid at 25.0c in the garden I could melt,  the wind is getting very naughty coming from the South West really is blowing,  oh the sun has just got through,  had some terrible torrential  showers this morning boy was it bouncing. 


Torrential rain,  thunder and lighting - for about an hour now.


It has been really hot and sunny here in Bournemouth today. It is now very cloudy and the wind has picked up quite a lot, it really looks like it is going rain. Still very warm though. 


Have just had the biggest clap of thunder and the most vivid flash of lightening I have ever seen,, I've escaped this all day and now it comes,  torrential rain and some coming straight down OMG never ever seen rain like this before,  just lost sky as well Ho Hum.

the tidy gardener

took my sister who is over from miami-to a garden centre-on the way back the sky turned black,forked lightning,thunder,had to pull over,hailstones the size of golfballs hit thecar;it sounded like bricks!got back to mums,her conservatory's flooded,my dad had just put out his bedding plants after leaving it late because of the weather..all have been stripped.ive never seen hail like it.and my sister hasnt,and she went thru hurricane andrew!!!gin and tonic for me hic!!


This has just happened.

 this is my front door

 and so is this


Shrinking Violet

Dramatic video and dramatic pictures!  I saw on the news that there have been many flash floods.

We have had lots of cloud with good sunny intervals - but it's been so humid that it's been almost unbearable.  But in view of others' experiences, I reckon we got off lightly!

Hope you all manage to mop up and dry out!



Bit cloudy this morning and very humid, then the sun came out and it has been a lovely afternoon. Very dark clouds skirting us but still dry.
Sorry to hear some of you have had some awful weather.

"Oh dear" Rain, ten miles south that is you got it, ten miles north and up to Newcastle got it, we got a short sharp shower.
It was horrendous up there with flash floods and landslides causing chaos. I never even heard your thunder, a bit of a day all round.



torrential rain thunder, lightening and 16c tonight.. here in the North of Scotland