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We were dry this morning & so I dashed around doing errands & just as I got home, it began to spit with rain!

Anyway, lawn has been done, some cutting back of a finished large poppy so I could plant out an Agastache, plus copper ring. A Helianthus got popped into the back of another bed- temporary spot- & will get split/moved to its' intended position in the autumn. That's assuming I can actually get the compacted soil sorted out on that bed as planned. At this rate......

Now it's raining again! Is it worth washing jars for jam? Fruit picking not likely at the mo. Usually am listening to Wimbledon on radio whilst sweating over a bubbling jam pan in a West facing kitchen! J.


Rain, rain and more rain...all day.

Guess what? - Its still raining 


Lovely again 20c and dry, got my edges done with my trusty old kitchen sissors, until someone invents a strimmer that lasts more than 5mins and picks up,and got my grass cut the slight breeze kept the midges away


Sun and cloud a sticky 22.2c in the garden at lunch time now dropped of to 17.4c,  managed to get the back grass cut as there's bad forecast tomorrow will the sun ever shine again I wonder ?


Shrinking Violet

Grey clouds. Rain. Grey clouds again. Rain again. Grey . . . . . . . . . . .

Well, you get the picture!  Fed up with this.  Going on holiday to Cornwall next week.  Probably be as much fun as .......... grey clouds and rain!  Again! 

Alina W

Four letters, begins with R....

Shrinking Violet

Ditto David.  Also alliteratively, dank, so feeling downhearted awaiting downpour!

Guess what more rain, think i will have to grow some flippers. Talk about fed up!

Eight letters beginning with "S", Sunshine although plenty of cloud, very dour looking over towards the Hills to the South and not much better towards the east coast, as usual Teesside bucks the trend.
A day in the garden or what is left of the day, after feeding my grandchildren yesterday I needed a clean up.
Maybe a visit to the local nursery they have two for one offers on and they do have very good plants.


Shrinking Violet

That's what we need Frank - a bit of HRT (Horticultural Retail Therapy).  I wouldn't mind a drop or two of your sunshine either.  I can't see the hills the clouds are so low and the rain looks like it's set in for the day.


Rain, rain and more rain. The dogs, being small, are soaked through and covered in mud so confined to kitchen with old towels. No chance of any gardening :- (


Something weird has occurred. The air outside has no wet bits in. And there was a strange yellowish glow - gone now, must've been a UFO.


Posh, whilst I finish my sandwich, home baked ham, A report on the Sunflower.
It now sits in a twelve inch pot and was inspected by granddaughter last night, she has to give an update to her Teacher. I got a hug so she was well pleased "err" granddaughter not Teacher. Afraid Grandson upset Mum, "why can we not have good food like this at home" I ducked out.
Sun still there so back out, the tomato's tied in topped up the pots and side shoots though not many of them. A lot of dead heading to do the Paeony now finished though the Cranes bill under the large bush still going strong. The Deutzia which has flowered for what seem weeks is now needing a trim, you should move North, sun and fresh air.




Hot, sunny and humid here with occasional clouds.  Yesterday too and we had a light shower late evening.  Tomorrow we're to expect thunder storms.

A friend came round this morning to help me weed my disaster as I've had to spend the 4 months since end of Feb incapacitated by a slipped cervical disc that needed surgery and R & R while I sat and just watched the weeds grow.  So frustrating.  OH has tried but is not a discerning weeder.

However now I'm back in the saddle for half days at least and we have several fine pile of nasties waiting for OH to get home and wheel them to the compost bins.  It's going to take him several trips.  I shall be dead heading peonies too.



You know what I'm going to say - Its still raining 

Well a lovely day her e in S Devon. Unfortunately no gardening time, fixing Bloke's computer (again!) but then a spontaneous retro trip to local steam railway, lovely walk by the river, then rescued 2 very confused Japanese tourists. Just been for a wander through the jungle, picked a few peas and broad beans, off for a garden visit jolly with girly mate tomorrow. So possibly time to garden on Friday...when it will be raining again. Oh goody.

Black cloud at back of house & sun !! at the front. Just put wheely bin out for collection & was surprised at how warm it is- lounge is at the dull, dark back of house.

Had rain most of the day in Manchester, then it stopped just as I needed to start preparing the evening meal- typical. J.