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Sunshine blue sky and rain,all at the same time. But it was nice to see some sun.


Very warm, humid 20c. Weed and grass growing weather.Torrential rain shower tonight

Shrinking Violet

Frank - pleased to hear that the sunflower is doing well.  I remember when my son had to grow a daffodil when he was a Beaver Scout.  We put the pot outside with minimal protection - but it did so well, we had to photograph it to prove that it had grown enormous and had flowered weeks before he was due to take it back to show the leaders and other Beavers!  I expect your GD is as proud of her horticulture as he was at the time.

Obs - glad that you are making progress after the surgery and back problems.  It is so frustrating to know that you want to get out and do stuff in the garden, and yet not be able to do so.  Hope you continue to make good progress!

Oh, and I was surprised to find that the wet stuff stopped, despite all expectations.  Went out and was followed around on the patio by a strange thing.  I then realised it was - my shadow!!!


It is dry at the moment and we are supposedly set for a dry day-those in the East and Midlands prepare for some heavy wet stuff over night

Welcome back Obelixx, just take it easy no point in knocking yourself up again, slow and easy.
Teesside nearly a full day in the garden yesterday with time off to sit in the sun and contemplate. I was sitting near a Geum that has flowered continuously for two months or more, it self seeds and puts up new flowers from the last years growth. The Bush Fuchsia are all doing well and in flower the "Jack French" being well covered. The Peony Alba is coming into flower now the Ruba is gone, the garden seems to love the weather. There was a lovely sunset last night after a quick shower of rain.
Woke this morning just gone five it was so bright, on looking out we had blue sky and the sun rising and so it was until eleven this morning when we had a thunder storm and a deluge, the sun is trying to get out now, glad I live on a hill as flood warnings are out.




Thursday afternnoon update



E. Dorset as sunny as So'ton. Washing is out on the line.


Manchester also sun until about an hour ago- then big splodges falling! Just as had sat out plus radio & coffee!

Have almost got the washing dry & managed to cut down/back loads of 'gone-over' stuff. Too warm to wear waterproof trousers & jacket, but almost wish I had as got soo muddy & wet.J.

Alina W

North Yorks also sunny


Bournemouth  sunny all day woohoo!!!!


Ooh David, you had to go and spoil it, and we all starting to feel so much brighter. 


Thunder,lightening and heavy heavy down pours 23c in North of Scotland


Thunderstorms have arrived. Only 8 hours later than predicted.  Much noise and light show, heavy downpours, flash floods in the road outside and all set to continue all night.  Should be less steamy though so we'll sleep better and my veg patch will enjoy it.


It is the months worth or rain stuff again-how you can have a months worth of rain twice in less than a month is a bit perplexing-but it looks though it will be centred on the Leeds area outwards-there is likely to be more flooding

Blimey- I do sound full of gloom

Gary Hobson

It was a lovely day... roses etc were all beginning to dry out.

Some flowers - verbascums and hemerocallis - have decided it's safe to come out and just beginning to bloom.

Now, as David says, the Met Office are forecasting 4 inches of rain within 36 hours.



today has been very hot and blue skies.. go tsun burn out in garden this afternoon.. mad e my day lillies open it did.