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Chilly north wind and heavy showers here in Carrickfergus Northern Ireland when is it going to warm up ?????


Hi David

Here in the Lothians it's been cloudy for days. Rains during the night but also catches us out when shopping later in the day. This is good news for me as I've treated the lawn with some feed so the rain is most welcome. The tempt. inside  my greenie is showing as 12c. Talk about the mist covered mountains of home, we can't see the top of the Pentland Hills!


Zulu...sounds beautifully romantic........swoooon


Lucy.  It's also very beautiful during mid winter when it snows. Raising to a possible 536m, they then look like a complete wall of snow. I've often seen what appears to be a fog up there but it's the snow being whipped up due to the wind and then we get another fall of of snow.  Great stuff.


Southampton-sunny at the moment-washing machine on -what are the chances?

Showers forecast for this weekend and a lot of rain for Monday


Teesside started well with early sunshine, now clouding over and getting darker, no washing out today then. I have the grandchildren all afternoon as dad goes to football and mum shops, Both myself and the kids love being together, they know I have no rules no telling them they cannot do that, the result is no problems although I will lose my laptop whilst they are here so no posts either.



Wirral mostly cloudy.  Washing out and fingers crossed.


Hail stopped play .


Message for David K - thanks for liking my picture but I can't take credit for growing that partricular flower.  My son picked it from a patch of wildflowers growing near our house.  He's 14 and I think myself lucky that I have teenage kids that still bring me flowers - long may it last!  You marigold is very pretty, too!


Just in case you didn't know Auld Alliance -there is an edit button on here-so if you spot a mistake you can correct it-point to the bottom right of your message and 3 boxes appear-quote,send or edit-magic-but I think you have to edit before the next message is posted.

Shrinking Violet

Lovely bright & sunny atm, but clouds are gathering . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


East Midlands forecast for today wasn't quite right!

It stopped raining a few hours ago and we now have sunny intervals.


Alina W

Started bright in North Yorks, but now raining, and expected to continue for the day - sigh.

I'm taking the time to tidy my house plants...


East Dorset sunshiney in places, a bit blowy, thinking about raining. I found hailstones a mile and a half up the road when I took the dogs out!!



I think it's absolutely marvelous that you good folk mention where you are living.  I like reading where you're all from. 


Same sort of weather as Franks (we live on opposite sides of The River Tees) it was lovely when I took Phoebe out (my dog) then by the time I got back in down came the rain and has rained on and off for most of the day.  There is a spell check button in the bar at the top when you are typing the message that's the one with the little ABC on it.



Lincolnshire - thunder and lightning, road and fields white, covered in hailstones. Lights in the house have just flickered - expecting a power cut any minute. 


Thanks sotongeoff and rainjustlearning - I promise I'll do better next time!

It was a beautiful sunny day here and I spent all day pottering in the garden.  Looks like it might rain later, though.