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Lovely warm and suny day here in Bristol. Cut the grass and done some dead heading. Had the last of our very tall conifers taken down yesterday so a bit of clearing up to permitting !

Teesside. Had to go out after the storm the sun was back and very warm, a quick shower on the way out and on the way back then sunshine until late when I looked out and could not see across the road for thick mist off the sea.
We have orange warnings for tomorrow, oh dear.


Shrinking Violet

Grey damp and dank again for most of the day.  It did brighten up briefly this afternoon - but the forecast isn't very clever. 

On the plus side, driving across Exmoor this evening, the moon was huge, yellow and was an amazing sight.  May have been weather related or just some sort of atmospheric phenomenon - but pretty spectacular nevertheless!


Sounds gorgeous Shrinking Violet - I love Exmoor.

It was a glorious day in East Anglia yesterday, but in the afternoon the breeze dropped and it became very close and muggy here in Norfolk - heralding the torrential downpour we have at the moment.


Torrential rain has arrived in Manchester as expected. Am very glad that dont live at the bottom of a hill!

No chance to get outside- ha, even putting a wheely bin out tonight could result in a soaking. J.


Alina W

Torrential rain here, too - not looking forward to venturing out later!

Moonlit Hare

In Lancs..... personally, I'm considering building an Ark!

Guess what its raining again.Yesterday was lovely got the washing dry and i mowed the lawn and today its back to the wet stuff. Forecast is looking good tomorrow and hoping to go St Marys House and Gardens in Bramber West Sussex, they are having an open day for the NGS. So fingers crossed.

Shrinking Violet

For once we have the (slightly) better weather.  Although there's no blue sky, the clouds are white and high, there's a bit of a breeze and it's dry enough for me to chance putting the washing out!  We may get some wet stuff later in the day, but given what dire weather is being experienced elsewhere, I'm counting my blessings!


It's been raining here (essex) since I got up at 4.30am (son on school trip to the trenches in Belgium today!) I've done washing in the hope that I can hang it out later but no sign of it easing! Lookout is miserable...really depressing. Strawberries rotting on plants before they ripen but raspberries good. Hoping that the wet weather will help my Cornus keep its strawberry type fruits this year - it usually drops most in the summer...every cloud and all that!

What a difference a day makes, it must have rained all night here on Teesside as I have a pond in the garden I did not have before and I do live on top of a hill?
Woke at six and it was so black I thought it the middle of the night as against yesterday lovely and bright at five in the morning. It is still very wet although the sun is now struggling to make itself felt.
Posh I did many schemes on Exmoor some at night with compass and map so saw some nice nights and some awful ones, once getting snow in July and having to search for cold wet and very dejected recruits, it was a long night.
Daintiness, did your son take his bathing costume?



I'm with you Frank,  the garden is a pond,  but there was a terrible sea fret through the night in fact at 5am I couldn't see across the road with it so really thick,  raining now and the wind is getting naughty so I guess it's about to land hey ho here we go again.

Shrinking Violet

OMG - I've seen the news, and great swathes of the country seem to be inundated or will be imminently!  I just hope that all of you in vulnerable areas are able to take care, and take preventative action against flash flooding if necessary.

It's raining here, and the local weather has put part of our region (fortunately well to the south of us) on Red Alert. 

We're off on a week's s break to Cornwall tomorrow.  I'm looking out me flippers and scuba gear, sou' wester and wellies.  Ought to take care of it.  After all, "they" say there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes and preparation. (Try telling that to some poor people in the painful throes of clearing up the mess).

Oh, and we're near the thousand posting mark.  David - over to you for the honour? 

Our local Beeb weatherman tells us we can expect the equivalent of a normal July's rainfall in the next 24 hours. As I type, all tarted up for night out, but going in 4x4.
Wet hear in east lothian Plenty of slugs and snails hoping to get some dry whether to try and pick my raspberrys before they rot


Shrinking Violet

Thanks for the good wishes David.  Fingers etc etc crossed re weather!

We're not setting out until the afternoon, so we'll take a raincheck (geddit???) on whether or not to delay the journey by a day if necessary.

And thank you weed for reminding me about the raspberries - they're  beginning to ripen, so I'll pick and freeze what I can tomorrow morning, and instruct son in the complicated arts of doing the same in my absence.  I would show him how to water things, but in the circumstances .  .  .  .