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Shrinking Violet

David!    Or - to be Wimbledon relevant, "You cannot be serious!"

rain with scattered showers

Alina W

Torrential rain for much of the day which has finally cleared.


It was lovely on Thursday-the sun shone at Wimbledon yesterday but not here-and this morning it is that relentless drizzle again-but there are no floods- not like some parts-there is no end in sight-we might just emigrate

No rain yet but we still have the rest of the day to go. Wont be going to St Marys garden nothing worse than dragging around in the rain so going to the pib for lunch instead. Only at the end of the road. Husband and daughter are at music festival and as of yesterday they were knee deep in mud, he'd gone without his wellies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant help but think i had the better idea of staying at home.


P.S. the husband and daughter have given up on festival and come home. When they arrived on thurs they had to be towed in to the carpark!!!!  and towed out again this morning. Camp site was on a flood plain. How daft.I've never seen so much mud so its down to the laundrette to get everything dry.

Lovely here today. (North Essex)  Hot and sunny.

Off to catch up on some weeding!




What a difference today- we have sun! & a slight breeze in Manchester The rain finally stopped mid evening yesterday- was sooo envious of the sun at Wimbledon.

Washing load on & may even go for walk this afternoon- but we're awaiting an engineer to arrive. Only 24hrs late- not a sausage yesterday, no call nor mail, zilch. OH sent a polite, but cross e-mail last night & this morning the phones havent stopped ringing! Todays' engineer has already phoned, so at least that's good, I hope. J.


Whoopee, decent net access! The last post literally was stopped as I hit the send buitton! Shriek from upstairs as daughter also lost net too.

Anyway, despite the odd rather black cloud around some washing is out.

Have also stamped on 15 slugs going after the wholemeal bread crusts- magic! J.

Miss Becks

I could literally cry for my poor plants and seedlings outside! After all this constant rain, I walked round the garden 10 minutes ago, in glorious sunshine, hoping it would last, cleared a few slugs, checked my very soggy Elan strawberry plant, and came back in content that it was brighter today. Sat down to pop on here and then the heavens have just opened!!! On my poor babies!! Again!! LOL Sunny Staffordshire is NOT so sunny.

As a new gardener this year, it hasn't been the best weather to cope with.

Oh well. All still a learning experience for my first 'proper' year next year, right? LOL


Steady heavyish rain all day. Local carnival cancelled. Small flood in my front garden. Taking dogs and OH for a walk up to GC where we will all sit outside under the sheltered bit and have tea and cake.


Rain, rain and more rain in Bournemouth. It has poured down all day yesterday and today is the same. My poor plants have really taken a battering, we have had just one day of sunshine this week. 


No rain yet but looking very ominous and the wind is quite chilly,  did have a bright spell early this morning like the sun trying to burn through the clouds but to no avail,  very cool last night at 12.3c and it's only 15.5c now.

We had glorious sunshine this morning, however I knew it wouldn't last...  Overcast and short bouts of rain all afternoon.  Local Village Fetes saw the forecast & have postponed until September! 

I missed the comment on wholemeal bread for slugs?!  I need all the help I can get, I've even managed to convince my OH to do slug patrols when I'm working away.



Alina W

Don't mention slugs to me - some have actually mountaineered into a hanging basket!

Still, it's been dry today, and we even had a glimpse of the sun. It won't last, though - rain forecast for tomorrow.

Jean Genie

Lovely day here in Lancs but just had raindrops the size of 10p 's ! Gone very dark - something coming me-thinks . Alina I've also had abseiling slugs in the hanging baskets .

slugs in hanging baskets? It'll never catch on....


Come on Jo whats the trick with the slugs and wholemeal bread please