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Rained all day here in Bristol and its a tad chilly too. Feel for those poor people with all the floods.

In a word, weather is RUBBISH!! Fed up with it now, feeling quite depressed and have cabin fever.  Did not get out once today.  Lots needs doing, but can't get out much with heavy showers!

Shrinking Violet

 Still here.  Weather rotten.  Main roads flooded.  Summer Holiday?  Where's Cliff Richard when you need him ?

Hope to get away tomorrow.  Oh, well - it will be a different scene through another rain-bespattered window.  Got my library books and cross-stitch to keep me amused.  (And OH )

I used to say (still do I suppose) that between Tax's and Weather we have no control and therefore no impact no "moany". Here in Burton we are extremely warm and wet. Veg is just not getting on. Beans should be shoulder height but are no more than a foot tall. Courgettes no better and Squash really need sun. The prediction is no change till end of August by then aren't we moving in to Autumn. 

Teesside yesterday was relatively dry although dull, the family arrived so it was mass bacon sandwiches at noon, the grandson said "better than big mac's any time" I should hope so.
Today the leg of lamb is in the oven for a long slow cook "oh" and the weather? "well yes we do have some" high white cloud with what could well be a struggling sun although the Hills to the south are covered in very dark and dour cloud, poor "Rain" I keep telling her to move.




9c and lots of rain. Aw its so depressing we bought 2 garden chairs a month ago we havent used them yet one of them hasnt been taken out of the box!


Just to make us feel better-they have a heat wave on the USA  East Coast and complaining about record temperatures


At last I can see the sunshine, it is lovely here today quite warm. I've potted on my Lavenders that came on Friday and they are now in the greenhouse enjoying the warm sunshine. I wonder if any of that heatwave in the USA will blow this way.  

Shrinking Violet

What a difference a day makes!  Because of the dreadful weather we left setting out for our holiday until this morning;  good call - there were several parts of the road that had evidence of yesterday's floods.  The sun shone and the sky was blue until we approached Cornwall - then low cloud and drizzle!  On the plus side, it did at least mean we were spared sight of the iconic landscape feature of Cornwall - the dreaded wind farms!  But now safely esconced in Bude, the sky is cloudy but it's dry.  Not a brilliant forecast - but not a wash-out, for which, given the "summer" so far, we have to be grateful!

Rain rain and more rain here in south Yorkshire, had a nice sunny morning today, then it rained again. In fact I'm wondering if the rain has taken all the leaves off my Coreopsis is this possible? I keep hearing people at work say that we are in for a heat wave September, I find it hard to believe.
Lovely warm sunny afternoon in South Bucks - planted a row of January Kings this evening at the allotment, but with weather this warm and damp I will be eating them by the end of summer!

Not stopped raining since Saturday. Lupins flattened

Miserable today. Overcast and humid. I know this is proibably the wrong thing to say, but we could do with a thunderstorm. The air presure is giving me a savage headache.

Yesterday it rained so hard that we had a river flowing down the back path. An hour later the sun was out and it was so hot you couldn't tell it had rained (apart form the overflowing water butts). This is just madness!


Not actually raining today, but no sunshine either - just grey flat skies that will not encourage anything to grow, nor get anything to ripen.  Ugggh, fed up!


Am cross!

It was supposed to be dry with the odd shower here in Manchester today. I awoke at 5am, with OH getting up early, to hear the rain!!  After about 2hrs it finally stopped & the sun has just arrived! Too late to even think about doing the lawn, but might, just migh,t put the washing out to save on total tumbling time later.

Oh well waterproof trousers & wellies needed to carry on cutting back in the borders. J.



Rain, & anybody else interested-

I've discovered that slugs adore bits of wholemeal/seeded type bread crusts. Allows me to do a lot of stamping/chucking (I cant stamp on the very big ones)!  The very best is the soya & linseed bread - almost instant attractant. Poor birds dont get a look in. J.

Alina W

Well, it was supposed to rain yesterday, but turned out dry.

Today, it was supposed to dry, and guess what? It's raining...

Teesside dry although getting quite cool. Granddaughter came this morning back from Sunny Spain yesterday and brown as a berry, she spent the time in the pool.
We definitely need some of that sun.



I've risked a line-ful of washing and now dark grey clouds are overhead.