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Shrinking Violet

OMG David - I'd forgotten about the date!  Good job I don't suffer from triskaidekaphobia  

Alina W

Actually dry here, if overcast, for the second day.

It can't last into the weekend...


Good  day yesterday, some garden jobs done, some flowers to enjoy, the beans are thinking about flowering - pink flowers which is rather a surprise as `i was expecting red one - but any flower is welcome - maybe the rain washed the colour out? Back to wet now, and remarkably cool, hope that wasn't it for the year.   Special wedding and anniversaries in September, maybe it will be glorious then - huh?

Sweet peas have begun to flower at last, not  overly enthuiastically but there are some out. Berries need picking but it is too wet to do it just now - soon I hope before they turn to mush. 

Alina W

My sweet peas have finally produced a good flush of flowers - amazing what just two dry days can do.


Today is is overcast and breezy only had one heavy shower earlier in morning.. but still dry at the moment.  Seems chillier here to and almost autuminal.



Wet again, but just steady drizzle really here in my bit of Manchester. Only about 14-15C out there.

First lot of raspberry jam cooling in its' jars. Wonderful smell in house. Next picking session planned for next Thursday, unless torrential rain! J.


Can I amend that to steady RAIN! J.

Teesside. Up early to take Daughter to Darlington for the London train. Glorious sunshine on the way to Darlington with a lovely view across the Dale and over to the Cleveland Hills bathed in sunshine.
Coming back thunder clouds and some dark boiling clouds over the hills to the North and then more sun and still shining. Been down to the Village Green, warm calm and relaxing, is this summer I ask???


Shrinking Violet

Grey cloud cover today, and a couple of light showers - which seems to pass for "good" in this current summer! 

Oh, well - we've had a bit of a break, so theoretically will go back home tomorrow refreshed.  Or rusty

Frank-sounds like the palm may well turn out to be a weed, it was a nice thought though, before the bubble burst

Spent the day in the garden yesterday basking in sunshine, mowing and cutting back vegitation. It was warm and sunny all day. Picked two huge bowls of pea's, pulled a couple of onions, cucumber, radish and a few cherry toms. Tonights tea was salad followed by blueberries, strawberries and cream.

Back to work today, so wasn't to upset when it rained for most of it.


this morning is blue skies and sunny with still breeze and dark clouds coming and and carrying on over.

Teesside today a third day of sunshine although plenty of cloud around. Looking over the valley there seems to be low cloud or mist over the Hills.
It is warm and the washing is on the line with the second wash running, am I tempting fate I ask?
Zoomer do not be too quick to dump your Palm-Weed as they all start off wee. saying that they get plenty of Camel "err" water to make them grow, do not know how you would manage that though, Chester Zoo???


Torrential rain last night here in Bristol. Showers on and off all day but warm. Not a bad day tomorrow so the man on the telly says, but next week the same as usual. Rain, rain and more rain
Shrinking Violet

Home again - and would you believe it - the sun is shining!  And it's predicted to do so tomorrow as well. 

Driving back across Exmoor, the temperature was showing as 11 C - and this for July!  tomorrow is St Swithin's Day - so fingers crossed, everyone, for sunshine all round


Shrinking Violet

In the life of Pick 'n' Mix, David, I seem to get all the hard inedible ones

Oh, well, I'm getting a bit philosophical about it all now - go on hols = rain (we always have some rain no matter where or when we go - the Med or US or stay-at-home.  We've got used to it now - lots of practice ).  Come home = sun. 

The garden is overflowing - lots that has flopped with the wet and lots that needs dead-heading, cutting back etc etc.  So that's the next week taken care of . . .

Might struggle to get camel do dar through customs Frank  and, having 'search me' stamped on my forehead, I'd find it a tad bit difficult to explain the contents of my suitcase.

We had rolling black clouds until mid afternoon, then the sun shone through so when I got home planted out more vegs where the garlic and pea's had been. I've a tray of what looks like winter veg but the label is missing so it's anybody's guess what will grow.  


Well,  it's gone and spoilt itself now as it's raining and the spots are huge not to heavy but enough to damage the plants and roses in the garden,  a shame really as I managed to hoe over the borders where it was dry enough,  guess that's it for a while