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Pottie Pam

We've had about an hour of sunshine this afternoon in Cornwall. Looking forward to Summer starting at the weekend. Still not many butterflies about. Did anyone one see the painted lady butterfly invasion a year or two ago. There were hundreds going past here.

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Thats good to hear Palaisglde Im from outside Inverness, a beautiful area very untouched by modern life just the way I like it apart from broadband of course. and still raining!!!

I loved Inverness, we were in an Hotel near the river about centre of town. The people could not do enough for us and I was amazed at the Restaurants, you could eat a different place each evening on so many cuisines. At the Hotel at Loch Lomond I ate "Bonney Prince Charley" a local delicacy mainly Aberdeen Angus but so sweet and tender, costly mind but how many can say they ate him?


well matured then!!  Still pouring rain

Alina W

I hardly dare say this, but...... WE'VE HAD A SUNNY AFTERNOON! 

Shrinking Violet

Good Grief, Alina.  D'you mean to say that you've been able to see those whatd'you call'ems - black things on the patio that follow you around?  So long since I've seen them I've forgotten - no, wait a minute, I remember now - Shadows! (Not Cliff's backing group btw


Rainy here, had a dryish spell this afternoon though.

Hurry up jet stream and bugger off.


Shrinking Violet

David - I'll remind you of that when you complain that you can't move for the white stuff!  And Leggi - couldn't have put it better meself!

It's been sunny, wet at times and windy here. Most of the flowers on the lilles have been blown off, came home to a lawn full of petals.


Just had a great day at Tatton show & NO RAIN!! Even saw the sun & lots of blue sky with fluffy white clouds.

Forecast totally the opposite to what we actually had! J.

Been raining most of today here in Bristol. Just checked the 10 annual asters I planted on Sunday........ 2 left !!! How many will be left by this Sunday? 

Teesside, today fairly mixed, awoke to sunshine which comes and goes as heavy cloud drifts over. Very warm and no rain as yet, I wonder what it would take to keep the Queen here on a permanent basis, we had a summer here whilst she was on Teesside yesterday.
Us peasnats never got near it was all ticket and locked down but all the school children got in, I did try but they said my knobbly knees gave me away, I knew those shorts were a mistake?


"Hm" I think that should say Peasants although peas-nats does sound more like it.


Shrinking Violet

A truly lovely summer's day here - breezy (which gets the washing dry in no time) but warm and sunny - about 20 C.  Sorry to hear that it's wet further up the coast at Bristol - for once, we seem to have got the better deal in West Somerset.  Must be because, at lunchtime, the weather girl didn't stand in front of our bit of the map like she usually does - obscuring the view of what weather we are likely to have.

Frank - I hope the peasnats aren't revolting

Yet another grey miserable day in "sunny" Worthing. hoping for better weather over weekend so i can get to the allotment. Strange how we gardeners are always hoeful. Will really try not to fall over this time.

Shrinking Violet wrote (see


Frank - I hope the peasnats aren't revolting

The Peasants or peas-nats around here are very revolting even though we change our woad and rabbit skin skirts every ten years,  It might be a good idea to kill the rabbits before we wear them. At least Posh we do have a midden (most will not know what that is) no wonder we get big leeks. "Err" or is that have big leeks Leaks? that Newcastle Brown Ale addles your brain.



It was raining first thing today, but was dry by late morning, so washing went out.

Have just got back from about 10miles West of me where I was fruit picking- dry, pleasant, but a lot of dark clouds around.

Driving back it got darker, but road still dry. About 500yds from home it was wet! Washing not too bad, just put on airer. Going brighter here now, about 15C. J.



Raining but managed to fill my barrow between the showers with weeds and cutting back damaged plants my poor lupins have had a real bashing and poppies over for a few weeks they will come back by end of August


believe this or not,,,, in Tenby Wales we had a full hour of cloudy but warm and dry today hows that for a summer i lifted some three week old cardboard about 2 mts square and collected 156 assorted slugs  and they dont like sea water and cant swim   cheers all (revenge is was mine today and im getting sad maybe)


Yesterday was cloudy but very warm 20.1c in the garden,  the sun did manage to get through the clouds for about half hour,  today is cloudy but 16.5c in the garden with a chilly breeze,  can't win at the moment,  had torrential rain Wednesday from 11pm till 6am Thursday so needless to say the garden is flooded again,  come on jet stream get yourself moved so I can have some sunshine and heat.


Poor you again Rain.

Today is just about dry- a wee bit of on/off drizzle sometimes. Backgarden is 14+C at the mo.

Am now cooling off after doing more jam making, the kitchen ends up like a sauna even with door/window both open. Oh & I even defrosted the freezer this morning before the fruit session. J.