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Jean -one of my 40p pitcher plants had shrivelled up and the roots are brown -the other 2 still seem ok though-I think that might be my punishment

Jean Genie

Oh no ! What a shame - at least you've got the other two. Mine seem ok up to now - do you mist them with rainwater ? Look what mine caught for lunch -

 Hope you can see it ok - it's the rather large fly on the left .


I haven't misted them-but they look healthy enough -they are sitting on moist peat-why this one succumbed I don't know-I can see the fly -there is a fly buzzing around because the windows are open-I shall point him in the right direction

Do not like assassin plants, if I see a fly even daring to look in my windows a nice stroke with the fly swat sends it to the outfield for six, keeps my batting eye in.
Woke up to a sea fret on Teesside, a cooler night and heavy cloud, as I came back across the Tees from shopping had the car lights on and wipers going, it is not heavy just annoying as the lawns need a cut.


Alina W

Bright but lightly overcast here in North Yorks. Quite dry at the moment, but warming up, with showers predicted tonight.



Nice here in the Highlands 20c last nice day for a few days I think

Shrinking Violet

Miss Bateman (you're not my old - umm I mean ex - schoolteacher from waybackwhen are you?) I just love that local form of weather forecasting! 

We have a saying here as we overlook the Bristol Channel - if you can see Wales it's going to rain, and if you can't see Wales - it's raining.  Like all folklore - an element of truth!

It has been hot again here - up to 27 C again, but it's now clouded over a bit.  It should be a bit cooler tonight - so should be easier for sleeping.

Btw - remember the icecream maker I said I had bought?  Bad move.  Very bad move.  No-one wants "that shop-bought rubbish" any more - so I've been consigned to icecream maker in chief throughout the hot weather at least.  Vanilla (with real pods and seeds) = delicious.  Lemon & lime sorbet = soft mix but gorgeous.  (Sorry - nothing to do with weather directly.  Perhaps we need a "recipe" section to share ideas about using gluts of stuff.  Courgette icecream anyone?).


Yesterday cherry ice cream and peanut butter ice cream- there is blueberry to come

Will pass on courgette ice cream

Shrinking Violet

No.1 Son would love peanut butter icecream but I think I'll pass.  Cherry or bluebuerry sounds delicious! 

Lisa  Appleby

Blueberry Ice Cream yes please!!!!  Had a great few days uphere in Glenlivet Scotland glad its not been as hot as you guys have had its been just right up here shames it all changes at the weekend but just how typical is that!  Enjoy the weather whilst it last.


Shrinking Violet

Lisa - Glenlivet:  am I right in thinking this is the home of one of the best single malts? 


Yes, one of the best indeed - dim day to start with but glorious now - think a drop  ( or two) of Glenlivet at bathtime is called for!!


Not as hot nor sunny as yesterday here in Manchester. Still 25C nice enough. J.

Good luck with making your own. Wallings apple crumble ice cream is to die for and the factory shop is just down the road They have a nursery too, so you can look at the plants whilst chomping on an ice cream, heaven...providing it's not raining. 

We had rain again here.    

So hot here in South Devon can't face food. The scent from the sweet peas is enough...


They do tell me that Haggis ice cream with a single malt pouring sauce is quite edible "err" or was that in-edible cannot remember as I have just had my night cap single malt and water.
I buy ice cream made in Devon from only milk cream fruit and sweetener, nothing else or I should say not with the 14 additives some of the top brands add to it.
We do have a local ice cream parlour been there for years who serve home made apple pie with home made ice cream to die for, I cannot resist it when in town.
Well our Teesside weather did not improve we had a layer of cloud over us all day and the lawns did not get cut.


Mmmmmmm ice cream and single malt whisky sounds wonderful but not good for my diet. Which has gone completely up the creek at the moment. Another sunny day here in worthing although they have forcast rain. Today my tumble dryer is being delivered and i hope not to use it for quite a while. in fact its just arrived


Glad your dryer has arrived Maud, unlike my furniture .

Anyway, here in Manchester it's sun & cloud. Definitely cooler, but pleasant. Already have watered in greenhouse & may, may not, empty a compost bin later on...... J.

Shrinking Violet

It was cloudy at dawn - but bright sunshine now.  A bit cooler, too - only (!) 24 C in the shade.  Cooler weather on the way, apparently.  Sea breeze may pick up a bit, but at least it's still Summer.

Blue skies smiling at me
nothing but blue sky can I see.

Sunshine and warmth, the tomato's were choking for a drink when I opened up, the garden had a smile on its face just like me, after yesterday anything was an improvement here on Teesside.