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Shrinking Violet

It was cloudy at dawn - but bright sunshine now.  A bit cooler, too - only (!) 24 C in the shade.  Cooler weather on the way, apparently.  Sea breeze may pick up a bit, but at least it's still Summer.

Blue skies smiling at me
nothing but blue sky can I see.

Sunshine and warmth, the tomato's were choking for a drink when I opened up, the garden had a smile on its face just like me, after yesterday anything was an improvement here on Teesside.


Lisa  Appleby

Hi Shrinking Violet yes you are dead right I live literally a hop skip and a jump away Not a big fan of the stuff myself but plenty of visitors around at the moment nipping in for their tour and a free dram at the end. We was only 5 degrees less than you today and the suns still shinning rain due in over night we will see what tomorrow brings.


its pretty sunny here in fife although there is a slight wind meant to be pretty nice over the weekend whats everyones plans?

Judging by the roof tops it's rained here today but the sun has been out and it's looking good for the weekend.

Just waiting for the opening ceremony to start.   


Lisa  Appleby

Thought about heading to gairloch for the weekend but the weather on west does not look favourable so stay at home hope for good weather and enjoy the garden. What are you upto chellie




The hot weather has gonejust a ordinary Summer's day-bit of cloud, bit of sun,the garden has really benefited from the last few days

Teesside cannot make its mind up. Blue sky and sun at seven this morning then cloudy and dull later, now the sun popping in and out with clouds flitting about like the dancers on the Olympic opening last night. What a show.

Lisa  Appleby

Glenlivet is hot and sunny one minute then come the down pours you cant beat a british summer. Olympic opening very british doubt any other country would have got it but wasnt it great.


Down pours with us at the moment cold too 14c

Shrinking Violet

A dose of British reality today:  rain overnight/early morning, then sunshine and clouds with a stiffish north-west breeze. 

Enjoy the rains, Lisa - I think it's the percolated peaty water that makes Glenlivet so renowned. 

Olympic opening:  some of it must have had overseas viewers scratching their heads, wondering what it was all about.  But - what a stroke of genious to create the "cauldron" for the flame as they did - and not give the lighting of it to just one - but to seven young people.  I was in total awe - and so proud you'd think I designed it myself

No change here,it rained again. Hope it stay's dry long enough tomorrow to plant up xmas spuds.

OIympic Opening; Thought the queen arriving by parachute with Mr Bond and Mr Bean playing the keyboard were classics. Raising the five rings from the steel works, portraying the industrial revolution, was done well. I also liked the part portraying British music.  

After so many people have been trying  to get tickets, the empty seats seen on the news tonight, I don''t think will fall on stony ground


Evening All,

We've had a lovely 28degrees all week and I've been down with a heavy cold & chest infection mixed with a little Hay-fever just for good measure since Monday! Due to the congestion I haven't enjoyed the nice weather despite having prayed for it for so long!.....

Today I feel much better, but now it is absolutely chucking it down here in North Somerset again!!! LOL .....

Good for the garden I suppose



Today it's raining again in Manchester. It keeps trying to brighten up, but not lasting. Due to improve later on? I do hope so as at the mo a partially assembled huge coldframe is sitting on our lounge floor! OH plans to exit it via the patio doors, with help I may add, & site it for me.

Luckily yesterday in Wigan then Cheshire for a wedding & reception it stayed dry, after several hefty showers early on. J.


Don't you just get sick,  I've just had a HAIL storm and they were huge it's turned to rain now so the Summer for me was the last 3 days I guess,  never mind it's August on Wednesday so maybe Summer will come back please please.



12c and heavy rain in the Highlands

Jean Genie

Great day here in Lancs - bit of rain this morning but cloud coming in now . Just checking weather for next few days and it doesn' t look good . Jet-stream back.

Shrinking Violet

Chucked it down with rain for most of the morning.  I think we must have sent this weather across country, since I saw it pelting down at some of the Olympic events!  Lea Valley canoeing seemed to catch quite a downpour.  I was interested to see the area - it's near to where I used to live - and I used to go there to pick wild blackberries and rosehips, as well as bicycle around the flat areas, especially the towpaths.  It looks a bit different now!

Afternoon was lovely sunshine, although noticeably cooler.

Warm and sunny all day in this part of the NW, no rain, so I was out in the garden. Gave it a general tidy and planted out xmas spuds, this will be 3rd time lucky, very hopeful this time as it's the earliest they've gone out and there's heaps of time before the first frost.  

The beetroot crop is looking a tab bit miserable, with leaves full of holes, me thinks I might invest in netting with frame for next year.

For some unknown reason I was locked out of the forum and not for the first time, usually on a Sunday, have just managed to get it to sign me in after quite a few tries,
not happy.

Yesterday was a bit of everything on Teesside, sitting down to lunch with the sun shining a massive crash of thunder then a deluge and back to sunshine, my Daughter was over "Rain's" side of the Tees and said all the traffic was coming to a halt as the rain was so heavy wipers would not clear it.
Today sunshine with the odd shower although very warm, we seem to be getting it from the west, well we do not want it so keep it over your side Joe4 and Zoomer.