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The sky was a mix of white and dark clouds this morning with blue sky and sun trying to get through.

Decided to go ahead with a bar-be-cue as the forcast was good and it was for 3hrs,sunny blue skies with rumbling thunder in the background! Started raining about 7pm and hasn't stopped since.


We have had a mixture today, lovely warm sunny morning, then a heavy down pour this afternoon with thunder and lightning. We needed it, all the water butts were empty and we have 6. I never thought we would be pleased  to see rain again, but it can stop now for a few days..

Shrinking Violet

Sun and very heavy showers - producing spectacular rainbows.  I didn't do too much outside - I have to admit to having the TV on following the Olympics.  And what a day!  I feel exhausted just watching it.  Will my nerves be in tact tomorrow as I watch Andy Murray from behind the sofa?

Shrinking Violet

Oops!  Just realised the time - so I mean later today rather than tomorrow!



Same as you Violet, what a fantastic day for team GB. I hope Murray and co were watching, they'll get the same amazing reception as the other medalists if they do well in their events tomorrow.

I'm really quite proud of our little island tonight.


Not to worry David, there is enough red white and blue flying to last a Century, a golden day indeed.
We also had a golden day well most of it, a couple of heavy showers in the evening that only lasted minutes but I was glued to the TV so it mattered not.
At around the time Mo won the ten thousand metres there was one heck of an explosion, running to the window to see what it was the sky was lit up with fireworks from Stockton's Festival, me being on a hill and Stockton riverside being in a valley three miles away it was a free show.
Posh, if the tennis is all that is showing I will be on the sofa asleep, tennis does for me what sheep do for others.

PS "Oh I forgot" another sunny morning on Teesside up to now.


This morning it is predicted that Summer returns this Thursday-back to mid to high 20's again-

Shrinking Violet

Cloudy and coolish by dry.  I know that I ought to get out there and do some weeding etc but - I really do want to see the tennis.  I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, Frank, but I've always enjoyed it - though definitely not the female grunters, groaners and screamers!  So - feet up (after the ironing ) and try to steady the nerves to see if Andy can get the coveted gold.  He's in two finals, so it would be nice if he won at least one.  I'm still (emotionally) shattered after all the excitement of yesterday.  As one who remembers Lyn Davies in black and white, yesterday was technicolour!


Have hung out washing in the sun and light breeze. Settling down with cup of tea to cheer Andy  & Ben on.


Ben got his gold and Andy's looking good so far!

Expecting rain I went out to the GC this morning. Picked up a couple of dahli's for  50p each and a tray of geraniums for £1. It stayed fine all day. Warm and sunny this afternoon so I did some potting up and kept popping inside to watch the tennis.

Pennine Petal
Drove up from South Wales after short holiday today to find my kitchen had been flooded after a very heavy thunder storm today. Good job my neighbour was feeding Rocky the at! Drove through really heavy downfall in Worcestershire.
Pennine Petal
Of course Thayer is Rocky the cat, not the at!
Pennine Petal
iPad is making up words, that should be Rocky the cat not the at, checked before sending this time!

well i live in the rhondda valleys in south wales and we have had only two weeks of sun all summer one in may and one in the middle of luly . my flowers have been average but my allotment has been awfull. our spuds had blight and our beans have lovely flowers but no beans 


Mainly sun today not that it mattered i spent most of the time in the Velodrome and at the Boat racing, tonight was again special even though the medals were not going our way.
My Daughter in California said she is disgusted with American TV, they are only showing American winners and medal ceremonies, I told her they never did like to see others doing a proper job of things.
Just found out they have had heavy rain and flooding around Newcastle again, the same places as last time, I feel so sorry for them.
Well Posh, your Andy got his medals without my help, I was busy pushing Clancy around the Cycle track, hard work at my time of life.
My first Olympics took part whilst I was up to my ears in sand, I knew nothing of it, the next was radio and newspapers then B&W TV but we did have one of the first colour TV's and that made the Olympics special and they have been ever since, that's is when I was home to see them.


The Doctor

It's a crisp summers morn were I work in Truro, sat at my desk in the middle of the building not facing a window, (well I can see a small section of light, throught the hatch but not enough to see if the weather changes or even if the world end) listening to Planet Rock.

Jean Genie

A bit of blue sky peeking through here in West Lancs . We had a storm last night and drove through 2 others on our way home from E. Yorkshire. Motorway horrendous- relieved to get home and then it started here. No gardening for me today - garden like a tea-bag. As we speak, the rains back again .