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Sunshine and blue sky for a while then heavy rain and back to sunshine.
Had the grandchildren playing happily in the garden until we got a clap of thunder, they sat in the conservatory watching the rain. It is all heading for the North Sea thank goodness although the Cleveland Hills looked a bit dubious.



The mother of all thunder storms is currently roaring above me is the greyest of skies. It's a good job I didn't have much planned to do outside today, tomorrow better be dry as the endless work at the allotment is planned to continue.


Gosh, havent I been lucky?

Spent a pleasant long w/end in NEDerbyshire- t'was pretty warm Saturday & pleasant yesterday. No real rain to speak of. Did some walking & garden visits!

This morning walked into town for a market shop before driving back over the tops to Manchester. Had put some washing out before I went into town & just as I got back to the house it threw it down- washing now sat in basket by back door. OH says he may be able to reput it out for a bit this evening as fine there again now.

Drove back through sun & rain. My bit of Manchester is dry at the mo & more washing flapping on line. Neighbour said the hailstone layer was unbelieveable at w/end & now I wish had organised a clean out of our guttering this spring- oops- bit messsy beneath. J.

Shrinking Violet

Dry with bits and pieces of sunshine here in Somerset.  Not particularly warm.  Not particularly cold, either.  All in all - a bit of a nothing sort of day.  Not very inspiring.

Unlike Andy's gold yesterday, Frank.  Or the gold for the show jumping.  Nick Skelton has been jumping for longer than I've been watching the sport on TV.  At last he's been rewarded.  But all these Olympics are doing nothing for my garden, the weeds and the dead-heading!


We had a thunder storm in the night, seed trays were over flowing this morning. Came home to a sludgy wet garden,droopy flower heads and discovered caterpillars eating the gladioli



Unlike Andy's gold yesterday, Frank.  Or the gold for the show jumping.  Nick Skelton has been jumping for longer than I've been watching the sport on TV.  At last he's been rewarded.  But all these Olympics are doing nothing for my garden, the weeds and the dead-heading!

Posh Having a daughter in law as a show jumper got you into some rare company as we followed the local and some national shows, we never missed the Great Yorkshire Show renowned for the jumping. Ted Edgar Harvey Smith and many more.
Nick Skelton was one of Edgar's young riders and certainly a bit of a lad in his time. I was glad to see him come back and win his Olympic medal, that took guts.
More medals today although TV was out until tea time as the grandchildren were here, we had a good thunder storm which they watched and then sunshine right up to sunset, came in a bit cool though, the clouds coming from the west were belting out to sea at a rate of knots so clear skies tomorrow then???


Night before last it poured with rain it sounded lovely but when it stopped the gutter on my neighbours house started dripping. Talk about torture. Its quite grey out today not sure if its decided what to do. I have to stay in as i have a whole in the ceiling and the chap is taking along time to mend it. Had a leak under the shower that we didnt know about until the ceiling fell. Such fun

Jean Genie

Heavy rain (again) - hope this nice weather we are promised for Wednesday arrives.

Grass looking good but everything else looks a bit sad.


Tenby west Wales,,  wet and warmish today then hot and sunny towards the weekend and thats great cus were moving into our new house on Friday ,final move from Falmouth Cornwall some nice pubs and caf,s and an allotment, cant be all bad can it good luck all,

Had some nice holidays in Tenby, good luck with the move.
Teesside today is blue sky above and to the north, the odd errant white puff ball cloud to the south and a bit darker stuff heading out to sea.
"Rains" Hills ten miles away are bright with sun so she will not be standing outside like King Canute trying to turn back the tide of water.
Not too much to do so may call up the road to our local nursery and peruse the plants (why does perusing mean you come away with empty pockets).



Wet, but beginning to dry up? in Manchester at the mo.

Surprisingly was wetter to the West of us, when me & daughter nipped to GC for coffee & cake & seeds etc. It wasnt wet at all when we left. We're nearer to the Pennines & so get the rain before it goes over the tops, & usually drier when go that way, but not today. No  waterproofs & 1 brolly between us!

Looking forward to it bucking up, I hope. J.

Shrinking Violet

Rain all day - and still drizzly.  Good for the crunchies and the slimies - bad for the plants when their leaves are munched.  Supposed to turn warmer, sunnier and drier tomorrow and Thursday.  Fingers crossed!

Here on Teesside I watched the biggest blackest cloud slowly wander overhead and vanish out to sea, that would have been some storm had it happened. It is now sunny and warm with some white cloud. The hills are looking bright and sunny after what appeared to be a real purple patch last night, well it looked very purple from my viewpoint ten miles away, I was saying to myself poor "Rain" she is getting it again.
Just had a bowl full of home made soup, roasted squash and veg,.


Phew it's been hot over here. My thermometer, in the shade, said 22C max, but felt a lot more than that when outside.

Very sunny first thing then lots of clouds arrived, some looking a bit ominous, but no rain. Finally by early afternoon the sun reappeared & stayed. Got the lawn cut, after being out all morning with various tasks, it was still a wee bit damp after the deluge they had had here at w/end.

I then sat out with a good book & had my meal outside too. J.


Warm and sunny today, can't remember a day when it hasn't rained. The GH plants have just been given a good soak along with the pots out in the garden. 

There's lots of veg seedlings coming up - carrots, swede, spinach, radish and beetroot. The foxglove, parsley and viola's planted in a nursery bed are also doing well under cover, slugs haven't spotted them yet.   

Shrinking Violet

The clouds were so low this morning they were only just above the height of the telegraph poles;  it looked more like November than August - although warmer.  The air was full of drizzle, and it was thoroughly unpleasant.  Gradually it cleared, and late afternoon, the sun actually made an appearance!  And it may be there tomorrow, as well!

Dusted off my passport and crossed the Tees this morning, that was when I went well out of my way to dodge road works in Stockton only to find the A66 had road works on both side, well a lot of cones no sign of work??
It was stiflingly hot even though the sky looked like a curdled cake mix, should have used more flour. Daughter had to buy me a coffee in S&M, drinking hot coffee on a hot day seemed like S&M to me. Back home via the country lanes with the windows down, lovely views and cooling breeze what more could you wish for.


The Doctor

The sun is coming out and the thermometer is rising....

Summers back!


Not been too bad here either. More cloud around than yesterday, until I decided to do some cuttings using the greenhouse staging as a workbench! Ended up standing outside as cooler & leaning over to reach!

Got to about 22-23C I think & tomorrow should be similar. J.