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It's been sunny and warm here, hope it stays the same over the weekend,. It was nice just to sit on the patio this evening.  


Been an absolute cracker of a day,  not a cloud in sight at 7am but by 9 the clouds were rolling in but boy it was hot 23.1c in the garden,  by lunch time out came the sun again few wispy clouds so tackled the back garden,  got loads done so well pleased and still had time to sit in the garden and start my tan off again,  should it be nice again tomorrow I can just sit in the garden and enjoy my efforts.

Dull and dank although warm here on Teesside with some luck it will improve.
Wasted my morning writing family history for Daughter in California her writings have it all mixed up, lucky for her she has someone who remembers.


Beautiful with glorious sunshine in South West Scotland!  Been out in the garden all morning but now far too warm to be working!!!


Ugh, the ants are flying outside today. Have come back inside as my seat appeared to be beneath where they all seemed to land! Loathe them!

A lot more cloud around in Manchester today but hot. 25cish at the mo & sticky.

Sensibly did my seed sowing in the shaded greenhouse this morning, planning to relax this afternoon! J.



No where near as nice as yesterday,  the sun didn't get out till 2ish nice and sunny now though but not quite as warm as yesterday at 21.2c and there's that cooling breeze again why does it have to spoil the nice warmth,  better make the most of it as there's low pressure coming back  so no doubt that means wind and rain.

Beautiful today so thought i would spend the day in the garden. Have now cut my foot and got 2 massive grazes on my shin. My daughter has told me its best if i just sit down in that tone of voice that they use. Tomorrow looking good so see what danage i can do to myself at the allotment. Sunday i should be going to a garden show at Parham House West Sussex. Thats if im not in A and E by then

Teesside did have weather over the weekend but we also had the Olympics, writing up the weather was not a priority.
Today is sunny and warm although hazy, I cannot see the hills across the valley but they do not look sullen.
After listening to all those old rockers who should retire gracefully I need some fresh air, hello garden good by Olympics.



Too true Frank, total distraction this last couple of weeks.

W/end weather was whatever it was- busy Saturday & yesterday too. We went down to Styal & had a good walk around the rediscovered garden & then through the fields surrounding the mill & river. Wasnt too hot & just as arrived back in the mill yard, down came the rain! Luckily we'd had our picnic earlier on!

Today t'was bright & breezy, but going ominously dark now. The odd spit & spot of the rain we are due anytime now. So washing just back inside. About 19-20C at the mo. J.


Yesterday was a complete scorcher in Norfolk - a day for picnicking in the shade!

Today started bright but now we've got a covering of cloud - but it's still warm.

It was gardening weather here yesterday, I was out all day. 

Had a rethink for the veg plot a couple of weeks ago, each evening I've been digging up what wasn't doing well, sowing veg and flower seeds, planted out a nursey bed of flowers for next year to fill the gaps and made some space in the GH for those plants doing well. What a pick me up, even picked a vase full of flowers to find the lilles had opened this morning.

It was sitting out weather at breakfast and this evening when I got home. Didn't feel much like watering the garden today but true to form there's just been torrential rain.  .    


Nr. Lincoln.  We have had a drop of rain overnight, not enough to do any good, grey and dull at the moment, but warm, as my Dad used to say "good growing weather". Hope to be able to cut down the Shasta daisies, as the flowers are past their best, and do a tidy up later when things dry out.

Jean Genie

Same as yesterday - cloudy and humid . Perfect horsefly weather

I live on the side of the moors in WestYorkshire - I have forgotten what the sun looks like  .  Everything planted at the end of the garden other than conifers perishes in days

Teesside, today we have weather? Looking out it defies analysis, all kinds of cloud, the sun breaking through then vanishing N-S-E-W all looks the same.
Will it rain? will the sun finally make it? for once I cannot see the way things are going where as normally you can see what is coming at you around here.
"oh well" pot luck day just like tea will be tonight.




24.2c in the garden not much in the way of sunshine at all yet but I'm hopeful,  stifling hot and heavy but there's a nice cooling breeze but far to hot to garden,  some suspicious grey clouds over your side of The Styx Frank lets hope the breeze will blow them away

Rainjustlearning wrote (see)

24.2c in the garden not much in the way of sunshine at all yet but I'm hopeful,  stifling hot and heavy but there's a nice cooling breeze but far to hot to garden,  some suspicious grey clouds over your side of The Styx Frank lets hope the breeze will blow them away

You got your wish Rain, the clouds blew over and we got blue sky and sunshine.
I was sitting on Norton Green eating my steaming hot bacon sandwich from the butcher on the corner of the green, enjoying the light breeze ruffling the leaves on the old Oak next to me from which I knocked down conkers so many years ago.
So noisy then with us kids so quiet now, no children just the sound of cars on the High Street, still it was peaceful until a woman sat down on the same bench and then ensued a lengthy conversation on her phone loud enough for you to hear 10 miles away, I got up and walked to the next bench and wondered if she got the message?


Sunny and hot here, and not before time. Blue skies this evening, the garden got a good water and feed. Picked my first yellow tomatoes today.

Pennine Petal
Hiya Biff, I cross the moors every day from Lancashire to Kirklees, it was beautiful driving home from work today.
hollie hock

Unexpected sunny warm day. Did loads of gardening