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Got loads done outside yesterday & even sat out in the sun- sorting out plant labels. Now I know what half the plants are, but lots of labels chucked away of 'lost' specimens. List, plus labels, of 'want to try again' though. 3 goes in this garden then fini!

Today it's sunny & warm already. Washing out & Tesco been, but expect t'will go downhill later when am free to go outside. Have to wait in for OHs' parcel.

We have rain forecast for later. J.

Not to worry Joe, I will shoot anyone I see doing a rain dance!
Our weather in Stockton according to this site (see headings at top of page for yours) says light rain, well since seven this morning it has been wall to wall sunshine and I am now heading out into it to top up the tan, "oh" and probably work, maybe, we will see.
I would defy any forecaster including us old hands to forecast our local micro climate weather, there are too many variables in our rather unique position on the map, we can have rain one side of the Tees and a heat wave the other, all in a couple of miles. That of course when the North Sea behaves itself.



Lincoln  --   Wind has got up, does that mean we will get the promised rain? so far today it is lovely sunshine. I was out at the crack of dawn, well 8.30, to do some dead heading to beat the rain, I thought. What ever the weather, have nice day.


heavey rain.. very muggy and no wind as yet.. the rain other night was torrential the guttering couldnt cope with it all.

Wonderful weekend weather wise got plenty done including cutting my foot and colliding with a lump of concrete so now have large graze on my leg. Of course its raining today, went into town as we have a market on wednesdays. The fruit and veg is really good, so everything i cant grow i get there. Think its supposed to brighton up this afternoon so maybe i will get some gardening done later.


Shrinking Violet

"Heavy showers" they said.  Joined up showers = heavy rain .  I think I've almost forgotten what summer is like - but even when it's overcast it's  warm, so we have to take comfort where we can!


Rain & wind have arrived.

Washing was almost dry, so on airer & if lucky wont need to be ironed!

With the early arrival of both Tesco & TNT, I was in the greenhouse pricking out seedlings when the wind really got up. Loud bang as dead branch fell from overhanging, non-maintained, council owned, tree onto greenhouse roof! Because of previous vandalism problems, that side of roof has polycarbonate panels. Phew- branch bounced off structure & didnt come crashing through onto me! J.



Lincoln area---You had a lucky escape Jo. It still hasn't rained here to mean anything, just spotting about enough to be annoying but not to do any good.


And I thought that was bad! We've just had an almighty storm. Never seen rain like it coming from that direction- opposite to usual. Windows got shut, now to cook as very warm in here. Realised that the guttering to an extension just isnt coping, or more likely needs clearing out.

At least the greenhouse polycarbonate panels stayed put. They're not proper g/house panels, just single sheets we had cut to size & fitted ourselves. I freak everytime the wind is strong in the autumn & winter as they can flip out, but when have tomato plants growing in there it would be awful.

Rain is now stopping, phew. J.

Jo, that was lucky if it had been glass it would probably have shattered.
We had sun all day up to four then it came in dark and we got a few spots of rain, must have been the edge of someone elses deluge, it is dry out there now.



Too right Frank. Would love a new greenhouse, but not on the cards. So shall continue to spend every windy day/night wondering if the roof panels are still around- at least when they do flip out they dont shatter nor do any real damage.

Over the winter any plants stored in there are well covered with fleece & cloches & so far so good. One of the panels has actually slipped down so a permanent small gap at the top ridge. That will need to be pushed back up before the colder weather. OH will have to do that for me, with much muttering no doubt.

Think you've been very lucky with the weather. Rain stopped here now & have reopened various house windows so cooling down. J.

hollie hock

That would have been the deluge that was here Frank.

I agree lucky escape J, don't fancy loads of shattered glass falling down on top of anyone


It's been wall to wall cloud my side of The Styx Frank,   terrible heat though,  might have been better if the sun was out,  just had a blistering thunder storm and torrential rain,  solar lights came on in the garden it got that dark and the wind is really wild,  but at least the garden's had a good soak and hopefully the water butts are full again.

Joe- we got the storm at about 3.30ish, it went very dark and boy was it heavy. Got home at tea time to find all the seedling trays over flowing with water. Fortunatley alot of stuff recently planted out is covered so it hasn't gone sailing out of the garden.

It's been windy too, traffic was down to 40mph on the M6 near Skem. 

I'm in your part of the country on Friday Frank, hope the A66 is open, it's due to close for road works.      


Lincoln area.  

We had a torrential downpour at about 4.30, it was as dark a night, filled all the water butts, and gave the garden a good soak, battered down my Verbena B, but everything else is OK, - I hope. My OH didn't report any damage when he came back from the greenhouse, getting ready to take some cutting for next year..



Shrinking Violet

Seems like we sent our joined-up showers up country, since by the afternoon, the sun was out her in the SW, though everything was soggy.  Had to remember to get out and water pots and troughs - so easy to forget that they don't benefit from the rain, since the foliage prevents the water getting where it's needed!

Hollie and Rain, it got darker by the minute and around fiveish down it came, we got the deluge promised earlier, around half an hour of solid rain then eased off to a steady downpour.
Hope it emptied the sky as I am over your side of the Styx tomoorow Rain.


Teesside today is again sunshine and muggy, the lawns are cut (sorry Bob Flowerdew I am keeping mine), been over the Tees it was fine and warm, sandwich time now before a sit in the sun.

Zoomeer went down the Darlington back lane onto the A66 and on into Teasdale, the cones are all along the verge not in place yet. I had to go that way as most of the roads in Stockton are disrupted with road works and even I could hardly find my way around.



The forecast is showing a heat wave in the Eastern half of the country around 28/30 perhaps higher in some places from Friday onwards

We are having a heat wave
A tropical heat wave

Well it ain't got here yet and knowing the forecasters that could be a monsoon.