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Palaisglide wrote (see)

Geof, knew about the edit and tried it ended up as gobbledygook so I left it.

I was going to suggest a say it in verse thread for those who get poetic about their gardens, classic, Romantic, Idyllic or doggerel it matters not, the double spacings would make that none viable so give up.


If you press
Shift + Enter

Well I don't know what happened there!  I was trying to press the shift key as well as the enter key.  It is used when typing to get to a new line without starting a new paragraph.   It worked 3 times then it send the message.  I'll posst this one and then try again.

Or even post!

The sun has got his hat on,
Hip hip hip hooray!
The sun has got his hat on,
And we're coming out to play......not!

It worked that time, so Frank you can have your poetry thread after all.

hollie hock

It's been wet today & it looks like it going to be wet for most of the week.

Good for the beech that have been moved- late I know but they are looking ok. Like to live life dangerously

Even planted out some snap dragon stragglers ( I was too keen to get going in Jan) Definatley sowed to thickly, I have loads. Is it only me but I can't bear to destroy those  healthy seedlings that have survived neglect?

Here we only had 3 frosts all Winter so some I can spare

OK Tattiebogle
yes it works which means
we could write
directly onto the post
in poetry


Shrinking Violet I remember everything that we used to do vecause it was fun with friends who would have a go. I started a poetry day last year and got some screams of anguish "I cannot do that" an hour later we were getting posts thick and fast, some of them very good indeed.
I do not include myself in that statement as I was once told in a very posh voice I was quite good at doggerel, "oh well" you cannot win them all.
Writing the verse into word first and thinking it would be easy to cut and paste it on here was a disaster so it will have to be straight onto the post then. We will give it a try tomorrow.
The weather did pick up on Teesside later, we got some sun but then all the lawn mowers came out to disturb things.

Alina W

Still weather for ducks here in North Yorks, with more predicted throughout the week.

Ah, well - the rivers are enjoying it.

Deluge in Devon. Off to post office to pick up 3x Rip City dahlia tubers. Pondering on whether to pot them up in a deep tray to start them off, or straight into individual pots. Any thoughts on the matter TDC?
Or anyone else for that matter!

Straight into individual pots is my pearl of wisdom-no charge


East Midlands hasn't changed, still wet and miserable.

Alina, sitting in bright sun in the conservatory a while back I was watching the biggest blackest storm cloud to my West and Heading South in your direction.
Teesside today started fine then a shower and back to sunshine. I can look across the valley and see features in the Cleveland Hills so it must be fair over "Rain" at the moment. What we should not forget is April showers bring the flowers that bloom in May?

Shrinking Violet

Rain non-stop in Somerset.  Unremittingly wet and miserable.


Sunshine and jolly cold showers reign supreme as they have for last few weeks really - since the hose pipe bans went on in some areas (not here though).  Still very chilly at night, 2 - 3 d.C., still got overwintering plants in the greenhouse as it seems a shame to lose them having nurtured them since October - but need elastic sides to greenhouse now as seedlings and seed trays battling for position - tis ever so at this time. 


Rain finally eased off so will take PennyDog out for a stroll downtown. Pricked out some basil seedlings, 3-4 per pot. Planted up 3 Ripcity dahlia tubers from Sarah Raven, they were huge! Might try to take some cuttings when they start sprouting.
Alina W

Frank, do you think you could keep your showers up there? I got drenched coming home at lunchtime.

And now, of course, the sun is shining...


Southampton-still wet -hasn't stopped for 9 hours-please send ark.

Shrinking Violet


Somerset - continuous rain since 6am.  "Not waving but drowning"