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Shrinking Violet

Hmmmm - reckon the heatwave is likely to pass us by.  Cool and rainy today - and when it's not actually raining, then it's drizzling!  We may get something better for the weekend - but then again, we probably won't.  Seems we're on the boundary of the weather front.  I won't lay a bet as to which side we end up!


Actually turned out rather nice today.

We had a short shower early on then it's been bright & breezy for the rest of the day. Think it reached about 19-20C & in the sun certainly felt good. J.

It was a nice day here, well, at least it was this morning. It was fine at tea time too, just enough time to water the GH before a down pour.

Frank-checked for road works on the A66, looks like it's open with some delays so  shall take my chances 


It was dry very early on this morning, but it has started raining. Not too heavy so far, but wasnt planning anything outside today should it get worse. J.

Oh dear what is that pattering "oh"
Its cats and dogs rain on the patio
Yesterday the sun was burning me brown
And now it is pouring it down.

Welcome to town Zoomer.
Teesside dull grey and wet, the chap over the road had got his lawn mower out, I hope he pulled the plug before scooting back inside, mine were done in lovely sunshine before nine yesterday.



Shrinking Violet

It blew a real gale last night - rain spattering the windows and the wind howling - made it difficult to sleep, especially as it is warm, but opening windows with all the rain and wind was not an option.  Still raining this morning, though with far less intensity. 

Suitably dressed in waterproofs, I inspected the garden for damage - and there was surprisingly little.  The bubble wrap stored behind the summer house had been ripped from its shelf and had blown to the other end of the garden!  Must have been quite a sight to see it flapping over the lawn.

Lovely day in the Chilterns - very warm,sunny but a lovely cooling breeze. Had the hose out at the allotment as everything starting to look very dry again. If the forecast for the next few days, sunny and 30degrees, is right, then the the hose is going to be well used! This weekend hope to start picking sweet corn, so a bit of hot sun will be very welcome. Hope this lovely weather spreads to you all.

Went for a picnic yesterday near Bignor. Absolutely lovely away from traffic. Today im helping out at the allotment show. Im probably on the cake stall which is not a good move as im on a diet. The sun is shining and there is a gentle breeze and all is well in my world

Teesside today? well an optimist would say "Sunny with cloud" a pessimist "cloud with some sun" as a gardener I am of course the optimist.
Driving out over the river Tees flyover yesterday, I was looking at a panorama of the Cleveland Hills from Eston Nab to Roseberry topping, it looked like a painting as the sun lit up the dells and woods, I was quite mesmerized and nearly missed my turn off for the A66. I suppose the woman driving past me at speed with a phone glued to her ear missed it.



Lincoln area.  -- Scorchio this morning 28c, now turned quite a bit cooler, but still pleasant, just right to sit out and have a drink, which I intend to do right now.


Shrinking Violet

SW has had the worst of it:  rain all morning.  Warm and humid - low cloud/mist hanging around in the combe until mid-afternoon.  A bit brighter by about 4pm - but it didn't last.  Cloudy again.  And the outlook is - depressing.  Enjoy (!) the heat in the east while you can.  Summer has gone into hiding for us (again). 


Another beautiful day here in Lovely Lincolnshire, sun has just come out, was up early this morning to get some jobs done before the heat gets going.   Now time for breakfast me thinks.

Enjoy your day.


very hot here already.. 21 in shady patio area.. just off myself to do some pottin up and deadheading and watering.. as yesterday was not as hot at this time..and htat was bad enough for me..

The Doctor

It hasn't stopped raining for 6 hours.....

It was warm and sunny yesterday and the forcast is good for today, so on the strength of that I was up early.

There's a couple of morning glory plants near the back door which are in bloom, one plant flowering in the morning and the other late afternoon!  


Teesside weather light rain and cooler??? that is the official forecast, the forecaster has obviously Not looked out of the window where they would see "Bright sunshine, a blue sky with some light white cloud".
It does look a bit bleak over "Rains" side of the valley ten miles away, elsewhere is a golden glow and very warm. Picked some more tomato's whilst out back messing about, have a lunch to cook now, the Grandchildren are back from Fort William !


Pottie Pam

Rain in Cornwall, again!!

Frank I stayed with a schoolfriend in your area many moons ago and we climbed Roseberry Topping, lovely area. Her dad used to enter flower shows and we went to a show near there. One event was hound trailing and we could see the hounds following a scent over the hills and then being called in by their owners back to the showground. Wonderfull sight.

Pam, that could have been either Great Ayton or Stokesley shows, the latter being the big one. Hound coursing has always been a local sport and as a a lad we would be rounded up given long ropes with lures on them and told to start running. We would get a start on the Whippets although they would be on the lure before we reached the end of the field, a clip on the ear and being told to run faster was the reward, well maybe a Woodbine shoved in your hand, I never smoked and smoking Woodbine's would never make you run faster.
Climbing Roseberry Topping and then lunch in Newton under Roseberry was also a local pastime, I had a Beagle and she got so excited running up and down between us as we climbed she collapsed, I wrapped her round my neck like a muffler and carried her all the way back down, at the bottom she stood then ran around as normal, I am sure she was having me on for a carry.
A truly lovely area to live in with all the assets, long coasts, Moors and Dales with wooded areas. At ICI we would have to drag Southern Engineers up here kicking and screaming, no bright lights they said, wrong on all points and they had to be dragged back South not wanting to leave, many came back.
Still sunny and warm, wonder if the forecaster has looked out of his window yet.


Went out for provisions for the garden this morning with the intention of spending the afternoon pottering about, it started raining at about 11.30 and hasn't stopped since, so much for the weather forcast 

On a more positive note I picked up some free boxes to make a wormery, seem to recall there being an article in a mag telling you how to make one. Could have been GW mag but I can't find July's edition can anyone help... not in finding the mag but was there a piece in there about wormery's, if not will go through the other mag I get.

Pennine Petal
Page 76 of July, but if you search at the top of the page, there are lots of articles on wormery