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Thank you, Penninepetal - wil try to find July's edition now I know it's in there, the pictures and explantion were so simple to follow and will check out the search facility. 

Another scorching hot day, so I'm off th hose down the allotment ( and myself) and hopefully cool off. Plants are wilting as I watch them! Still, must make the most of the fine weather, as no doubt will soon change back to wet and cool.
Shrinking Violet

Rain.  All morning.  Rain most of the afternoon.  Stopped about 4pm - and finally the low cloud that had hidden Exmoor lifted.  Cloudy but dry now - hoping for something more summery this coming week.  But I'm not holding my breath!

What a strange country we live in! SV, and my sister who lives on the edge of Dartmoor, have had a wet day, and I have spent most of the day watering garden and allotment, and now sitting outside on the patio trying to get cool - helped by a glass of cold beer. As a Cornishman let me wish everyone in the West Country a much nicer day tomorrow!
Shrinking Violet

Thanks for those good wishes dmball - I hope (fingers crossed) that it will be better tomorrow.  It has been galling to see pictures of (and hear from friends on the eastern side of the country) heatwaves, wall-to-wall sunshine etc etc.  On the plus side, I haven't had to water the garden (apart from pots) and I live in hope of better weather to come.  I've just seen the forecast for the region, and it looks as if things may just be looking up. 


Pennine Petal
An excess of water here,I am in work tomorrow, so it will probably be sunny.

Posh, you are not alone we finally got those light showers around four tonight.
It went dark next minute I thought someone was throwing gravel at the window, you could not see out for the deluge which turned to heavy rain and it still is, so much for light showers then.
It has become much colder tonight as well. Weather forecasters aside we have tomorrows mysteries to look forward to.


Shrinking Violet

Well, Frank it would be so boring if our weather was predictable.  Whatever would we find to talk about?  And as for the weather forecasters - I sometimes think they must rely on the odd bits of seaweed outside the back door!  Certainly cheaper than the multi-million poundsworth of computers, anyway - and just about as accurate!

Hi Frank!  Whenever I hear a weather forecast, I'm reminded of my ex (and now late) OH's versions of what we might expect .  As an airline pilot (ex R.A.F.) he used to say that the Met Office bods boasted that their forecasts were 40% accurate. .....................

I realise that that a simple 180 deg. version of that is too simple a formula  (in which case they'd be 60% accurate!)  but sometimes I think that I'd be better relying on a fircone/bunch of seaweed/achey bunion etc etc.................  Cheers!    Ma.


Shrinking Violet - that's the price you pay for living in such a beautiful corner of our island, I still think the moors are more beautiful when the mist is rolling across. I'm sure I'd change my mind pretty quickly if I had a garden down there though...

Posh, we would find something to discuss, we appear to have similar backgrounds when it comes to farming experience and animals, then there could be zinc buckets compost and manure, over a nice Devon or in your Case a Somerset scone piled high with cream and jam.
I smiled at Dmball, what a strange country we live in?, it is not a strange country just a strange situation. A Large open Ocean to the west subject to winds and currents, a large frozen Ocean to the North, the North sea higher at one end than the other and open to the Siberian icy winds, plus a large heated area to the South, it is a wonder we are still here.
I think Posh we have enough to keep the discussion going until our tongues wear out. Or should that be fingers?


Shrinking Violet

Ah, yes - we must be grateful, Leggi.  The countryside here is beautiful, and the price we pay for our bit of a "green and pleasant land" is the copious amount of rainfall.  At least the moor (when the cloud lifts) is just about at its best right now - purple with heather, with golden gorse, making it look like a sumptuous patchwork.  And on the plus side, when it comes to gardening, I can grow all sorts of things that would be considered tender in other parts of the country.  (I even left - well, forgot about to be honest - a succulent houseplant out last winter - can't think of its proper name, but we call it the money plant) and it survived and thrived!

And Frank - a Somerset cream tea adds inches to the waist just thinking about it!  (I think the difference between Somerset and Devon is the order in which you put the clotted cream and jam on the scone.  Makes no odds to me - it all tastes divine!).


Nr Lincoln. A cloudy overcast sky this morning but warm. We have been promised sunshine later in the day. We had a thunderstorm yesterday evening, lots of much needed rain, filled all the water butts. We have quite a lot of different type of country side in Lincolnshire. Not all of it is flat. Fens to the south, arable farmland, and of course the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds. A completely unspoiled area of the country. You can drive for miles on the back roads and never see another car.

We certainly have very diverse weather, as for cream teas my OH just can't resist. but it has to be clotted cream for him, (you some times get whipped double cream), with strawberry jam..

Hope the weather improves for you all in the south west.

Have a nice day

Woke up still dark started to turn over but looked at clock, put the light on had a double check and yes it was seven o clock? with the light on what is happening out there?? Got up put living room light on checked clock, it was seven so on went the bathroom light and shower, first time in months I have had to do that.
Dark and dour looking cloud above although the Coastal front directly along the coast and bending back over the Cleveland Hills appears to be slowly coming more inland, hope for us yet. Not a drop of breeze and warm, the windows are open,
When in that area once with my wife the waitress more in jest I think asked Devon style or Somerset, Joan asked what is the difference, I said right, cut the scone in half, pile jam and cream on that put the top half on and pile jam and cream on that where upon Joan gave me a left hook, I still ate it.
Memories Posh though bitter cold nights on Exmoor need not be among them.



So sad to see the mornings and evenings getting darker I agree. Yesterday evening with cloud and thick muggy heat it was darkish before 8pm., when a few short weeks ago I was out there doing things.  Still, it brings us on to the next growing season, which will of course be totally wonderful, with warmth, rain and sun in exactly the right proportions throughout the whole country and we will have nothing to grumble about at all!!!  



Have had a good w/end in NEast Derbyshire. Weather was far better than forecast- the odd spit & spot of rain on Saturday morning, then a good afternoon & evening. I ended up watching a cricket match in a nearby park whilst OH was trying out his new camera.

Yesterday was warm & sunny & the rain didnt arrive! We went to see Well Dressings at a nearby village in the morning & a good walk along the nearby canal in the afternoon.

Today had a pleasant drive home 'over the tops' to find that it'd rained heavily here yesterday & the lawn was still soggy, despite it being sunny today. J.

Shrinking Violet

First thing this morning th clouds were virtually at treetop height.  Dank, dark and miserable. 

But then - yippee!  It lifted.  The sun broke through.  And we have had a lovely warm day.  Made the most of it, since it is undoubtedly transitory .  Ah, well, if that rotten rain returns (wet stuff, not our poster, Rain) I can always console myself with a cream tea.  Strawberry jam, clotted cream, plain scones, Lapsang Souchong:  heaven.

"Err I pass" Posh, Scones Jam and Clotted cream with Lapsang Souchong on top no thanks. Sounds a bit like those Camel pies we once had to eat although they always tasted of Bully Beef..
We Northern woad warriors eat some wonderful concoctions often wrapped in pastry but I like my Scones with cream and jam nothing else. My daughter was here for lunch and she mentioned the scones we got at Windermere, they were indeed good but although they served a jug of clotted cream they spoilt it with one of those little pots of Hotel Jam, I was telling her the Devon-Somerset Jam always strawberry came warm and runny you spooned it on.
The weather here in Stocken did brighten to a grey sky and rain then when that passed over we got blue sky and sun, it all looks more promising for tomorrow we will see.


Teesside has sunshine blue sky with some white cloud, so no lights needed this morning.
The windows are open and it is warm, I think some of the light must be from the huge golden glow of the Crocosmia Jackanapes which this year has gone wild, most of it will need to come out after it has flowered.


Went to the allotment holders show on saturday.It was brilliant so many people attended and the refreshment stall did a roaring trade in homemade cakes and teas, i was in charge of the cakes so luckt there was any left to sell. Worthing weather today is a bit overcast at the mo but the sun is trying to come out. Will get the ironing done before it gets too hot then i will potter in the garden.