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it has been scorching today.. i got sun burnt in the garden again..  have got all 2 loads of washing dry and far too hot in greenhouse to pot up things that need it right now..

waiting for the rain.. were supposed to have had some otehr afternoon.. but nothing.. hopefully tomorrow so it can fill my water butts up again as 2 are now empty..  the lawn also needs some of it to get its green look back.. yesterday at Osbourne House.. and it was very hot there.. but did apply sun cream so didnt get burnt..

In the box at the side of the page it says Stockton on Tees light rain?
It is daylight and it is raining although if that is light rain I do not want to see a deluge.
Whatever we are getting is set in for the day as the sky looks like an old Ladies skirts hanging on a washing line.
Off to see the grand children for lunch that makes my day what ever the weather does.

PS foot swelling only half now so must be getting rid of the Uric Chrystal's.

Alina W

Glad you're getting better, Frank.

Throwing it down here this morning, but seems to have dried up for the moment. Supposed to rain again later, though - typical bank holiday...

Pottie Pam

Good morning Frank. Glad you are feeling a bit better.

Raining again in Cornwall, but had a busy day in the garden yesterday so don't feel guilty about being lazy today.

Did you watch that program on Wednesday on BBC4 about jets and bombers in the 50's and 60's.  I was lucky enough to have a ride in a Victor when I was stationed at RAF Wittering. Fantastic experience even though I disgraced myself and was sick when they did a simulated bombing run.

It is either wet and horrible or scorching hot in the South of England. It is so interchangeable. 


Thank you Alina and Pam, saw and enjoyed the programme, although Army I did get around a few RAF planes usually smelling of sick among other things.
Was with some Yank Marines at Dhekelia they flew us all over the Island in their Helicopters we had just touched down at Akrotiri when four Lightnings took off I heard on the lug pans the crew "WHAT THE H--- WAS THAT" I came back with "oh just some of our slower fighters", the Yanks were impressed.
I got it wrong, the sky looks all mixed up but the rain stopped and the sun is shining, the grandchildren have gone swimming saying they wanted to go in the outdoor pool, we breed them tough up here.



Dont thinkl it's been too bad out there today in WManchester. Snag was had to stay indoors & be busy!

Sun definitely out by lunchtime, but still tumbled the washing as knew the darker clouds around would probably gang up on me- they didnt, but never mind. The odd spit & spot now.J.


I live in South Wales, So of course its raining :P

Waiting for the rain here in the Chilterns, but everything in garden and allotment looking good at the mo, so rain will be welcome as ground is pretty dry at present. But I'm off to Cyprus in 8 days ( only a few miles down the road from Akrotiri , Frank !) so, for a few weeks I don't care! Next week will be very busy however,making sure everything is shipshape before I go.
Shrinking Violet

Glad the foot is better, Frank.  Must be the scones, jam and clotted cream!

It's been an odd day here - cloudy for much of the time, with some good doses of brightness and even sunshine.  "They" said it would rain - heavily.  We've had a quick shower or two - but nothing to speak of.  I would like to think that "they" had got it wrong for the weekend (well, Saturday and Monday, actually) but knowing our luck, it will perform to order - rain, wind, rain . . .

dmball wrote (see)
But I'm off to Cyprus in 8 days ( only a few miles down the road from Akrotiri , Frank !) so, for a few weeks I don't care! Next week will be very busy however,making sure everything is shipshape before I go.

You must mean Paphos where "Aphrodite came ashore" a beautiful island especially around Kyrenia a different place now I suppose.
Posh the foot has eased not quite there yet but I can get my shoe on, just.
It absolutely poured down here after tea, nice tomorrow they say only "they" always get it wrong.


Jean Genie

Good morning - Well not a good one in West Lancs. Grey , miserable and dare I say a tad chilly.

Frank, sorry to hear about your foot , hope by now you are feeling better.

Pottie Pam

I flew on VC10's in the RAF and we stager through Cyprus and stayed in Akrotiri. The crew hired a car once on we went up into the Trudos mountains. It was spectacular but I don't know if you can go there now.

Loved the Lightnings, Frank. I once saw one take off and as it got airborne it put on re-heat and went up vertical.


Nr Lincoln.

Quite warm here this morning, but clouds gathering ready for the next shower.

Typical bank holiday weather, OH just said there's a huge black cloud coming our way.

Had quite a few trips on VC10's Pam, got quite used to flying backwards often with a Rolls Royce car and a couple of engines up front of us. The RAF flew in all weathers so had a few dicey runs. Landed at Brize Norton once after a real battle over the Alps in one of the Prop Jets and the plane ran out of fuel as we taxied in, now that is a close call.
Lightnings always seemed to go up vertical and burn holes in the end of the runway.
Well I have had my morning laugh at the  Stockton on Tees weather forecast that Gardeners world put on for our convenience, "Light Showers"? oh no they ain't, oh yes they are, have you looked out of your window then in London or where ever you hang out? it is pouring down.
I rest my case.

PS foot just a quarter the size it was two days ago got my shoe on without screaming today.


Yet more rain, makes a change. Dont know what ive done to my brain today arrived an hour early for bowen therapy. Had to sit and wait for a whole hour whay a muppet but i did get to read the paper with no interuptions. Friend came to fix the fence that got broken in the last lot of gales we had. Hope to get to allotment tomorrow at least i dont have to be on time for that

You're correct Frank, Paphos it is, and as for Pottiepam's comment, the Troodos Mountains are very accessible, glorious views up there - and I have even visited the tomb of Archbishop Makarios, overlooking Mount Olympus. The mountains even have chairlifts for skiing in winter! But, lovely as the Island is, I wouldn't swap their gardening problems with mine..........I don't think?!

Rain and more rain today, in fact it's rained most of the week here shame it doesn't rain in the GH. Lost count of the number of times flower seedlings have been water logged in their trays.Hope there's a break in the rain tomorrow. 

All this talk of Cyprus... its a lovely island especially at this time of year.... Many years ago we went to Santorini, another nice island. Legend has it, that's where the lost city of Atlantis was. Diving around the island was excellent, remember seeing my first turtle there, in fact the only turtle I've ever seen swimming wild, fabulous creatures.       

What a miserable day, we hardly had any let up on Teesside and had to put the lights on at tea time to see what we were eating.
Zoomer all those islands are nice from the tourist short term stay but being stationed there you see the dark side as well Cyprus was a hot bed of intrigue and as usual the forces got the sticky end, the first time we saw poverty, as it was before the tourist invasion, the second time it was obvious there would be a war and that divided the island, I do not think that will be healed in our lifetime it runs too deep.
Paradise has its faults.


I did not mean to be disrespecful Frank and acknowlegde what you say, when I holidayed in Cyprus friends where statationed on the base. I drove along the green line, the cutains were still billowing in the hotel on the beach and tables and chairs were still set outside  peoples houses as though they had just left that day. The following year I visted the Turkish side and listened to what it had been like to them.

I've had some fabulous times with friends in the armed forces but equally it's difficult when they return from active service, both for family and friends, and I mean that most sincerely.