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What a miserable day, we hardly had any let up on Teesside and had to put the lights on at tea time to see what we were eating.
Zoomer all those islands are nice from the tourist short term stay but being stationed there you see the dark side as well Cyprus was a hot bed of intrigue and as usual the forces got the sticky end, the first time we saw poverty, as it was before the tourist invasion, the second time it was obvious there would be a war and that divided the island, I do not think that will be healed in our lifetime it runs too deep.
Paradise has its faults.


I did not mean to be disrespecful Frank and acknowlegde what you say, when I holidayed in Cyprus friends where statationed on the base. I drove along the green line, the cutains were still billowing in the hotel on the beach and tables and chairs were still set outside  peoples houses as though they had just left that day. The following year I visted the Turkish side and listened to what it had been like to them.

I've had some fabulous times with friends in the armed forces but equally it's difficult when they return from active service, both for family and friends, and I mean that most sincerely.   

Zoomer I never take offence, what we say on these boards is what we believe, I see the people on here as virtual friends and friends will discuss things a little more deeply than strangers would. Being in Cyprus twice, the first time after being in the desert it was a paradise after the utter poverty seen in some places, then we saw the underbelly as troops often do and also saw the things that would drive the people apart, it just took a little longer than we had guessed at.
The second time there we saw the huge changes although only for part of the populace, others were still where they had been and it was headding for trouble, it happened, it all proves talking is better than fighting any time.

I love that weather box that comes up on here Stockton on Tees Cloudy? "err no" that should read sunny with a lot of blue sky, windows are open, beds changed, chicken coming up to room temperature before going in oven, squash and veg sliced ready to roast for tomorrows soup, it is get up and dance weather "ouch my bl##### foot" weather as well it would seem.
There are some days you want to sing this is one although I would not want to frighten the older neighbours who remember the air raid sirens.



Nr Lincoln.

After a night of heavy rain we have a sunny morning with a light breeze, it says cloudy in the weather box, so that covers all eventualities. Last night it said and I quote "Thudery showers" and it certainly was very Thudery.

Have a nice day.


The potty gardener

Here on the south coast it is a beautiful day. Wonderful blue sky so it is really time to get outside rather than be posting on here!!  Have a lovely day everyone



Shrinking Violet

Yesterday was better than predicted - a few sharp showers, but nothing to write home about.  Today?  Dry and perfect for getting in the garden.  Weeded all that stuff that has taken hold in the damp conditions .  OH mowed the lawns.  Picked courgettes ( some of which have turned into small marrows!) and peas - perfect with lamb rump served perfectly pink!  Son away for the weekend, so shall do the weekly family roast tomorrow - and the forecast is for wall-to-wall rain.  One step forward, two steps back!

Oh - and I sorted out the herb garden today.  Sage has gone mad.  It had over-run the thyme causing die-back.  And who said that slugs and snails don't like the fragrant herbs?  I found countless crunchies and slimies lurking - all dealt with by secateurs and crunching underfoot.  Yuk!

Pennine Petal
Let's just be thankful we don't have a hurricane on the way!
Shrinking Violet

Famous last words, Penninepetal, as said by the (in)famous Michael Fish!


had a dry morning followed by heavy rain and then dry after 3pm in east lancs but as turned chilly and a few thing are looking tired including me slugs and snails love it here i even found a slug in a lily flower urgh


Nr Lincoln.

Good morning all.

Another bright, but cooler morning, only going to reach 17c today, at the moment dry. hope it last, as we have got lots of jobs to do,

David, love your little drawing/ cartoon, don't know quite what to call it.



Had the best of three falls with this board today, it would only give me the first ten pages no matter what I did. Signed in again after a tussle with the password and still having trouble, every holiday weekend I have the same problems.

The box at the side says Stockton on Tees light rain, "err no" full blown storm after a sunny morning, I had to lash granddaughters sunflower to a bigger stake as it was getting blasted. I took photo's for her to take to school although if she is here tomorrow will take one showing the flower is a lot taller than her, that should impress the Teacher.


Pennine Petal
I just stay signed in Frank, it saves time and effort. Probably not what you're supposed to do, but hey ho!
Jean Genie

Bxxxxxy awful.  The cake is being consumed.

Miss Becks

I do that as well Glyn. I just close the browser.


well we were promised rain for hre for last two days.. yesteray some rain in the afternoon.. nothin major appeared adn today no rain at all.. just few spit spots at times.. ver hot and muggy again this weekend..


hollie hock

Weather very poor here- rained all day. Cars had their sidelights on at 5.30

I always stay signed in here, means I come to the site without having to do the user name & password thing

Shrinking Violet

Rain - nearly all day, apart from a brief period of non-rain this morning.  Still raining.  Still miserable - yet another Bank Holiday washout.  (And I also keep signed in rather than logging in each time.  Seems to work - apart from the times that the adverts over-write the top of the page!)

Two days of rain and it has been relentless today with the wind picking up late afternoon.

It was a friends birthday so went to a bar-be-cue yesterday, half expected it to be cancelled...I should be so lucky, the rain didn't put to much of a dampener on things, I lent them a gazebo so at least the food was cooked outdoors and a good time was had by all despite everyone getting a tad bit wet.