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i also stayed signed in .. makes it easier to get here faster.. thou i also found at times it doesnt take me to first unread page... the top advert bothers me at times.. as i hover over my section under my name it alwasy brings up the damn thing..


oh sorry.. weather today.. sunner blue skies and nice breeze.


Posh M'dear, never ever been one of life's unfortunates and today when I switched on pressed favourites and straight to latest mail, IT'S THEM.
WE have blue sky fluffy cloud it is warm and this morning when I opened the East facing curtains I was blinded by the sun, that was 06:45am. The windows are open and Conservatory doors, if this is summers last fling then enjoy it I say. By the way the box at the side Saying the weather in Stockton on Tees has it right???
The road is empty of cars so the unfortunates are at work Posh, I can relax as Daughter brought the new steamer yesterday and vanished into the bathroom, Kitchen, Conservatory and every other room with a hard floor or tiles in a cloud of steam. I keep the place clean but it certainly put a shine on things, something that works.



Good morning all.

Lovely day here in Lincolnshire, blue skies coolish breeze, but hope temperature will improve as day goes on. Must have had overnight rain as things are soggy.

Have a nice day.


Rained on the washing yesterday. Weather is beautiful today, have been into town and sat on the pier eating my marks and spencers prawn sandwiches. The smell of the seaweed didnt put me off. Keep smiling.


We had a nice day here, no rain and the garden furniture was dry when I got home so sat outside reading the paper whilst tea was cooking. Looks like food is going up due to the drought in America and poor harevest here in the UK.   

I looked round the garden, picked tomorrows tea and considered applying for a half section of an allotment.

They have not looked out of the window again, the box says Stockton on Tees light rain? It is hissing down and has been since early morning.
Zoomer food is already going up, I cook most of my own but standing near two ladies discussing ready meals in Tospots yesterday they were not happy.
My Daughter in California said they are already feeling the hike in prices and Gas (petrol) will soon be $5 a gallon, less than half of what we pay, they do not know they are living.



Stair rods at the moment. On the right of the screen it says light rain for East Dorset. We are promised better for the Bournemouth air festival. I hope so.


Nr Lincoln.

Cool and wet at the moment, glad we got a lot done in the garden yesterday, not much happening today

We set crops for winter in the veg garden but poor germination and growing has left us with not a lot, just leeks, a few cabbages, and purple flowering broccoli. Will be freezing every available runner bean that we get. I usually give a lot away..

Gary Hobson

Chucking it down, all morning, in Warks.

Switched on the telly and saw some news reporter in New Orleans.... hmm... well made me thankful that our weather is merely 'chucking it down'.

It's absolutely hammering down here in Birmingham. They said on the weather forecast yesterday 'rain followed by showers'. can someone tell me the difference?

I blame the government, we didn't have weather like this when Harold wilso was in power!


this morning was gorgeous hot sun and blue skies with stiff breeze.. since lunch itme it has been heavy rain and strong winds.. still managed to get in greenhouse and sow some seeds and plant up some plugs.. so not all lost.

michael7 wrote (see)

It's absolutely hammering down here in Birmingham. They said on the weather forecast yesterday 'rain followed by showers'. can someone tell me the difference?

yes we only get showers in April hence the song;-

When April showers should come my way
It brings the flowers that bloom in may
And when its raining have no regrets
Because it is'nt raining rain you know
Its raining Violets

We only get the rain the rest of the year;-

Raindrops are falling on my head
And today it felt like a Blacksmiths anvil.


Shrinking Violet

Rain all morning.  Wet cats, of course, came in and wound themselves round my legs demanding to be fed! 

Afternoon was better - sunshine and drying breeze.  Then it all had to be spoiled with - more rain this evening

I took advantage of the dismal weather to get into the GH and have a tidy up (long overdue).  Also potted on some Brussels and winter cabbage plants I bought as plugs from the GC yesterday.  A dozen of each - far too many, really, but I'll find unsuspecting friends (if I've got any left - of the unsupecting variety, that is ) to give the surplus plants.

Beans are barely at the top of the supports - and I grew Moonlight this year.  OK - so they're setting, but nothing to write home about with regard to taste.  Better than nothing, I suppose. We have to make the best of a pretty bad year in the garden!  And I, too, will freeze all that I can as a buffer against the predicted price rises to come.


 We had lots more rain followed by hail today. I cleared some space in the GH over the BH,potted up loads of Belis and Sweet William.

My Christmas spuds seem to like all the rain and the summer harvest should last till they're ready. I actually haven't bought any spuds since June. Beans are doing really well. Runners the best and the french are tasty picked small. I've a yellow variety which is growing like curly fries but they taste ok.

The box says "Stockton on Tees today, Light Rain"
I have a pond in my garden I did not have yesterday and I am top of the hill, as I put the bin out water was running off the drive onto the road and the road looked like a river. My mature trees on the front are bent double, the Golden privet is tapping on the front window, it must be using a stick to do it and the lawn is not getting cut today.
Methinks they have it wrong yet again.


I still want to know the official difference between rain and showers and it's got nothing to do with the song 'April Showers'.   It is now the end of August and yesterday the weatherman forecast 'rain followed by showers'. When I go outside and I'm getting wet do I say "This is only a shower" or do I say "This is only rain". Is rain wetter than a shower or vice versa?




Nr Lincoln.  Same here Frank.  just been absolutely belting down, light rain in the forecast box,

We were trapped in the car, had to sit there for 10min while it eased. Cool too, only 15c but better forecast for the weekend