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Pottie Pam

Glad you are feeling a bit better Maud and Frank also.

Lovely here in Cornwall. You've got sewage in the sea , Maud. We've got warnings about Portugese Man of War. Yikes.


Please I live well inland just get the "country smells"

Chris Maud Pam glad someone worries about me, thanks for that.
While the drops are doing their work they look at your feet so imagine me sitting on the couch wriggling like a big girls blouse with my eye's shut whilst the Nurse tickled my feet. I got top marks for circulation and touch and she told me many much younger people did not have either.
Warm and sunny today on Teesside the box has it right, not bad one out of seven, who would be a forecaster.
Sewage in the sea is a thing of the past up here although muck spreading can overpower the roses at times, it is late this years as the harvest is not in yet.


Pennine Petal
Overcast on our bit of the Pennines. Over the hill from us is compost factory, smelly when the wind is our direction, which fortunately is not very often. The vehicles going over to it can be very smelly, if you get stuck behind one! There's a house quite close to it.must be awful for them. wrong location for it really, who said anything about brown envelopes!!!!
Shrinking Violet

Frank - glad your eyes are OK.  Those drops are the very devil, and when I had a similar test, I couldn't drive for a few hours because the pupils were so dilated.

Gorgeous weather here in SW.  Maud, I'm pleased you're feeling better, and I hope you enjoy Wisley tomorrow as much as I did Rosemoor today.  The setting was just perfect, and the "hot" garden was a sight to behold. 

Felt obliged to spend some time in the plant shop, having already indulged in the craft tent.  All in all, a lovely day.  Fingers crossed for more for the weekend at least.


Posh My daughter took me, you are advised not to drive that day after the test and it did take a while. Worth it though to know there is no change so must be doing something right.
My Lodger Alfy this time a white and tan terrier who is sitting on my feet making sure I go nowhere without him, he shared my lamb steak tonight. They have all gone up to Northumberland for a charity run tomorrow so I have him two days.
It was very hot and humid sitting haveing a sandwich in Daughters garden today, they are off to Cyprus tomorrow and we get Alfy back for a month when the others go of to America next week. It will seem like being on my holidays not having them fussing.


Woke up today it was so light was thinking I had slept in, it was seven o clock now at nine it is brilliant, The box? well not quite right, "Partly cloudy" do not know which part they mean we ain't got any.
Alfy has had a walk, is galloping around like a two year old, he is twelve which makes him 84 in our years but he is one happy lad and once he went to his bed I never heard him until this morning, he has just galloped through with his ball.
Have a good day everyone whatever you are doing.



Hi everyone.

A bit late with the report today as I have been visiting Sister and Brother-in-Law. They have just returned from France, so we had to go round and make sure the wine was ok.

Spent a few sunny hours in their garden soaking up the sun amongst other things..

Beautiful weather today, hot 25c slight breeze.

Frank I'm sure you and Alfy have a wonderful time together, he's obviously right at home.

Enjoy the rest of your day folks.


Shrinking Violet

So the box on the right for us says Sunny/clear.  I reckon they got us mixed up, Frank, since it has been partly cloudy all day.  The sky is getting whiter as high cloud moves in (a bit earlier than predicted, I suspect).  So expecting rain tomorrow at some stage.  Oh, well, it was too good to last!

Made the most of the warmth and hazy sun, and read my book again  - goodness knows who-dunnit, but only a few more chapters to go


Another beautiful day here, and the blue box says the same for tomorrow. I sorted out a bed at the allotment for winter onions to be planted in tomorrow, and moved our compost bin which had been 'illegally' placed outside our plot, oops.

It got out really hot here yesterday. Today it's forcast rain about 6pm, clear blue skies at present so up early, not like me on a Sunday but after sorting out some pots yesterday to plant spring bulbs I'm off to the local GC to get some new stock.

Bought some yesterday in Wilkinsons, cheap and cheerful but not a huge selection, don't think the GC opens till 10am though.   

I'd offer to walk the dog Frank but it's a tab bit far to travel.    


woke up to sea fog/mist this morning..chilly.. but now all gone adn blue skies with sunshine.. not a breath of air. temperature meant to get upto 24 or so today.. so out in teh garden pricking out seedlings before it gets to that temp.

have a good day what ever you are doing to you all.


Same as you Gardenfanatic, a sea mist early on now clear blue sky and sunshine, it is heating up already.
The beef is warming up to room temperature before going in the oven and Alfy is belting round with his ball full of life.
Zoomer thanks for the offer but Alfy may find it hard to keep up as you flash along the A66 with the lead out of the window, saying that, the way he is running round he could over take you.


Pennine Petal
Morning all, blue sky and sunshine, looks like it might be hotter than yesterday's 23, , but there is a nice breeze. My holidays are over as of today, so I am going to spend it in the garden. Need to get the plants that I have bought this week in the ground, it's a it warm, but is going to rain tomorrow. At least I will be in work!

Have a lovely day everyone. Roast beef, Frank, lovely!

Have just joined this gardeners club, you all sound like you're just down the  road, well some of you might be.

Sun is shinning here in Kent. Dog is looking forlawn,most take her out. Then i am going to tackle my shadey spring boarder.Got piles of manure to put on it . It's been a bit negleated theses last few years. 


Glyn, another mouth will not be noticed, open house on Sunday here, I am sorry to say you would need to wade through Roasties, Mash, Veg Various including leeks and braised Celery plus Cauliflower Cheese, as well as Yorkshire puddings. Sorry I do not do sweet.
Grandson thinks Granddads food mega which is why I kill myself doing it all, I get out of washing up then can never find anything after they go.
Brilliant sunshine and kitchen doors windows and anything else I can open.

Pennine Petal
Welcome Denise, hope you are enjoying it so far. Frank and I are both up north, but Frank is more north than me.

Frank, I could whiz up the motorway and be with you by lunch time. I don't mind washing up! I rarely do a roast any more, unless the family is coming round. The first question they all ask when they come through the door, is what's to eat? What's the trick for a good roast beef?

Glyn I think it is instinct, the 20 mins a pound plus 20 is always about right for medium it depends on the cut. The oven goes right up to hot then five minutes in  very hot turned down to 170, five minutes from finish check it again then rest whilst puddings cook.
My way is to add a stock to the roasting dish with some roots and onion and turn the beef a couple of times during cooking, I also have a meat thermometer so you can tell the internal heat, just off pink is the way they like it, red is a no no, they do not want it straight from the abattoir.
Better get on with the rest.



 Nr Lincoln.

Good morning everyone, beautiful day here again, sunny and getting very warm.

That beef sounds good to me Frank, just as I like it. No Sunday lunch for us today, had a late "fry up" as we are out to afternoon tea for Mums 99th birthday.. Will catch up with you all the week after next as we are going on holiday tomorrow.

Take care of yourselves in the meantime, don't do anything I wouldn't


Pennine Petal
99 Chris fantastic! Enjoy you hols - you probably won't read this though!