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Shrinking Violet

Blue box still says sunny & clear.  Our sky says cloudy with occasional brightness.  Blue box says cloudy tomorrow.  Weatherman on telly says rain.  You pays yer money and you takes yer choice!

Roast beef sounds lovely, Frank.  Lucky us having real butchers to provide real, well-hung beef, rather than the wet, bright red stuff in supermarkets.

Free-range chicken for us this evening with sausagemeat stuffing with herbs and onion.  Ymm - Sunday roast is the easiest meal of the week!

Spent the day in the garden clearing and tidying stuff - including the summerhouse.  How do we acquire so much stuff?  And why are there so many huuuuuuge spiders lurking in every corner?  Oh, well, it's done now and all set for the (whisper) winter!

The party's over, the weather too it seems, the box says Stockton on Tees "light Rain" well it is light and it is raining, Alfy got wet but enjoys being toweled down. Still warm though.
I watched the games and my attitude changed, I would expect the athletes to hold the door for me and help me on the bus in future? The Brits came good as more than one said on camera.
Yes posh we have one real butcher left who hangs his meat and has his own fowl, the taste is wonderful and I love the long slow cooked belly pork. I am a sage and onion stuffing man although dried sage seems to work better than fresh, easy to dry and the onions need to be cooked, three changes of water as Mother used to do it.


PS What do we do now it is over?? "Oh yes" strictly coming up.

It said cloudy here today which translates into 'torrential rain'.

I agree, you can't beat a good butchers, we have one nearby, it's very popular, you often have to queue at weekends, his prices are reasonable too.   

Shrinking Violet

Cloudy all day - and, yes, it has rained intermittently. 

The Games have held us all mesmerised - but Strictly will doubtless occupy our minds and our time for a while.  I just hope that it doesn't creak along with silly non jokes and fake arguments between the judges.  It was good when it was fresh and new - but rather disappointing last season.  But two of our Olympians are taking part, so we'll see how it pans out. 

It runs until Christmas - and I can't get my head round that one!  I am still hoping for an Indian summer so I can get into the garden a bit more!

Almost fighting fit but off to the Drs to make sure. Had a fantastic day at Wisley there was a flower show on so ended up buying a few more bulbs and dare i say it christmas presents.I also bought a enviromentally friendly slug pellets. They are made from sheeps wool and so far so goog hostas are already looking better. Have been told we can go back in the sea as the powers that be have said its now safe dont think i will be doing it or eating any fish caught off the coast. Another sunny day and not quite so hot so working in the garden is easier. Think rain is expected this evening so no watering .


Glad you are feeling better Maud.
Slug pellets made of wool? what do they do wear them?
Our fish trade died a long time ago, we can get some on Redcar Beach if there when the few boats come in.
The box says Partly cloudy in Stockton today, apart from the rain this morning we do have the odd patch of blue up there, yesterdays light rain turned into a storm so we see what the day brings.



Hi all. Back from sunny, mostly, Austria. It was getting rather unseasonally hot as we left. We did awake one morning after rain in the village overnight to see the surrounding mountain tops covered with the first snow of the season. That day it was a cold walk around the lake- before breakfast as usual! Then you dont feel too guilty eating sooooo much!

Manchester started wet this morning, but has brightened & dried up this afternoon allowing some more of the 2 weeks washing to flap on the line. Couple of sharp showers just now & colder nights expected. J.


hi all.. today was warm sunny and windy.. a slight chill.. still waiting on that rain,.. thought we would get osme last night to fill butts up.. but it missed us again.. lawn is near on all brown now.. and hosed hte garden again this evening as plants starting to suffer thirst.. i cant believe i am praying for some wet stuff.. tommorrow is meant to be cloudy but no rain.. until possible weekend if i am lucky.. it is geting silly again now.

My Mum in East Cowes, other side of island.. got loads rain last night.. it is not fair.


Sunshine and showers here in north Cumbria, with persistent rain last night, so plenty of soggy soil. It's been really quite chilly out today, think we may just light the fire tonight.

Little box at the side of the page
How is it you get me in such a rage
Cloud you say when skies are blue
A good job we do not rely on you

Today Stockton has light rain
Sorry you got it wrong again
Outside you see all is bright
Lit by a golden sunny light

I look at you and it makes me smile
Your forecast out by a country mile
Maybe you should listen to local folk
Then your forecast would not seem a joke.



Pottie Pam

You're a man of many talents, Frank. I must admit the forcasts here are right most of the time and being surrounded by sea it must be more difficult to get it right. Our forcast today says rain by 12.00 and it is just starting now so a little bit early.


Today is rain interspersed with heavy downpours in east Lancs! No chance of any gardening today so will have to iron  yuck!!

Pottiepam, we have just had a monsoon and yet the box still says light rain, the sun is back out again now so it is wrong on all aspects.
If you look at a map of our bit of coast Teesside is shaped like a cup and we can have three weather systems all at once in the river delta. We are three miles from the river uphill towards Durham and get fair weather, "our Rain" is ten miles South under the Cleveland hills and can get some atrocious weather, I can leave home in sunshine run into Town alongside the river and it is pouring down.
We are shaped by the North Sea weather which has a mind of its own, even the locals say "not to worry it will change in a minute" we dress for the worst you can take layers off when needed.


Pottie Pam

I take back what I said about our forcast. It rained for a couple of minutes but has been beautiful since. I remember from geography lessons at school that the clouds rise over the hills and that causes the rain. Can you get a digger and move the hills, Frank?

More pills from the Dr but the old tum is feeling a lot better thankyou. My hostas have little woolly coats around them and are already looking better. No rain yet but it is definately cooler as my feet are cold. Time to get the socks out i think. Swimming at the hydro pool tomorrow and off to Brighton on friday. My daughter starts at uni on 24th and the equipment list is a mile long. Luckily the college is local so no accomodation to be found. Roll on the debt!!!!!!!!!


Cannot move the Hills Pam our poster "Rain" would have to change her name to Dry.
They are ten miles away across the valley and usually in full view, one of Teessides treasures.
It is Zoomer and Penninepetal sending the rain over the Dales to us although a lot of it drops on them first. I have been where there is no rain and much prefer this green and pleasant land rain and all.



still no rain.. promised it last night and not a drop.. gettin desperate now.. used te hose again today.. after told rain this afternoon... and all we had was sun and wind.


Well it's rained almost all day here in WManchester. Finally dried off about teatime, too late to be really useful.

Have actually closed up the greenhouse & big coldframe this evening as a colder night expected. Backing onto open ground means that we are usually colder than you would think. Have put the houseplants that are outside into the coldframes to dry off,prior to bringing them back into the porch. J.


Very much a sense of autumn in the air today, some of the leaves on trees are just starting to change too. The sky looked threatening at times but it didn't manage to rain.

I bought a Kilner Jar today as the last of the tomatoes are no way near to being red. I've given them a stay of execution for a week, but if they refuse to ripen they will soon be green tomato chutney.

Hi, all, nice to have you back Jo.

More rain coming your way Frank. It was raining heavily here this morning at about 7.45 and rained all the way to work, a half hour drive. Continued to rain heavily on and off all day. Clear blue skies driving home.

It must have been sunny over the garden though as the furniture was dry when I got home, an opportunity to sit outside taking in the fresh aroma you only get after a good down pour and when the lawns been cut.

I'm off work for a few day's now. Going to Sheffield for a couple of days on a shopping trip, hoping to go to the Meadowhall Centre and Picadillly is the next stop so we may even get into Manchester. Haven't found anywhere yet which beats Liverpool 1 though.