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Very much a sense of autumn in the air today, some of the leaves on trees are just starting to change too. The sky looked threatening at times but it didn't manage to rain.

I bought a Kilner Jar today as the last of the tomatoes are no way near to being red. I've given them a stay of execution for a week, but if they refuse to ripen they will soon be green tomato chutney.

Hi, all, nice to have you back Jo.

More rain coming your way Frank. It was raining heavily here this morning at about 7.45 and rained all the way to work, a half hour drive. Continued to rain heavily on and off all day. Clear blue skies driving home.

It must have been sunny over the garden though as the furniture was dry when I got home, an opportunity to sit outside taking in the fresh aroma you only get after a good down pour and when the lawns been cut.

I'm off work for a few day's now. Going to Sheffield for a couple of days on a shopping trip, hoping to go to the Meadowhall Centre and Picadillly is the next stop so we may even get into Manchester. Haven't found anywhere yet which beats Liverpool 1 though.


Well its been a bit of a washout here in Halifax, it rained until 4.00pm, the sun came out and it was great!  Then at 5.00pm it started raining again!

Making plans for the garden for next year and planting bulbs for xmas, yes I did say that forbidden word xmas! 

The new cold frames are brilliant, thanks to my son!

Pennine Petal
A beautiful autumn morning driving to work over the hills to Huddersfield. Sunshine, 6 degrees, fog on the top of the hills. As I drove over the top a fantastic view across West Yorkshire with pockets of mist going into the distance and some lovely cloud formations.

Definitely Autumnal now. Just been outside & only4-5C at present.

Zoomer- never yet been to L/pool1. Living too close to Trafford Centre & M/C just no need. Enjoy your trip. J.


Little box on the side wall
Who is the best forecaster of them all
You should not cover yourself with hubris
Your forecasting is simply rubbish.

Yesterday light rain? we had two severe storms and when the box changed to heavy rain the clouds cleared and the sun came out.
Today Stockton light rain, the sun is burning my eyeballs out with clear sky and some light cloud, I give up.
Definitely the coldest night for some while and the garden is looking Autumnal.



Bitter cold here and very windy and I mean windy,  apparently its the tail end of a Tropical Storm have no idea where it came from it's been 7c on an evening last thing when I've taken the dog out I had to put my thermal gloves on last night but then i don't do cold hands,  it's a lot warmer tonight even now,   but my tomatoes in the Gh are so confused,  will they ever ripen  wonder.

Rain I was beginning to worry you have not posted for a while, not been a good year for the garden but we can plan for next year now.

Blue sky all round, sun lighting up the house and the box saying Stockton Cloudy "err where" it is very windy so not as warm as it looks, still it blows the stale air out of the house and the east side is warm out of the westerly winds. I am off to see what new bulbs are in the GC
Alfy will be back for a month today, his lot are off to see my Daughter in California among other things.


Stockton sunny and clear says the box having just arrived back home I know that for once the box got it right. Blue sky on all sides though cooler and also noticed the leaves changing colour, an early Autumn??


The potty gardener

On south coast it has been dry all week. Some really beautiful sunny days. Today beautiful blue sky. So why have I woken up with a rotten head cold?

Pennine Petal
Currently in Huddersfiel where our campus is showing itself off at its sunny bests or Open Day.

Blue sky, sunshine and a cool but gentle breeze.  Wonderful!

My wallflower plugs have arrived so I have spent a lovely afternoon potting them on. 

Thought I would take some cuttings too.

The sky was blue in Sheffield this morning but grey skies appeared passing Manchester which stayed all the way home.

Jo - Manchester has got to be one of my favourites places to shop. Chester is good too and Leeds. York-The Shambles has got to be seen.  Aberdeen is the furthest North I've been, fabulous city, excellent restaurants. There's a place in Kent too but can't remember the name possible 'Blue Water ', that's the furthest South I've ventured to shop.

I'd wanted to link this trip with the Harrogate flower show but it's hard to persuade people who don't have the same interest in gardening to pay the admission, so, still to go to my first but I live in hope. 


What a difference a day makes,  been glorious today wall to wall sunshine a tropical 19.5c in the garden so needless to say the decorating got put on hold as I needed to move the Buddleia and 2 roses to a different border so I filled the 2 green bags that were emptied yesterday still need to cut the back grass so I'm hoping for another nice day tomorrow I can live in hope can't I



Not been too bad here in Manchester today. Bright & just a slight breeze- much better than yesterdays' wind & rain. Did a bit of deadheading, but not much else garden related.

Our tomatoes are ripening quite well, thank goodness. We got back to loads after our holiday & I have no intention of doing green tomato chutney this year! Any that dont ripen on the plants will get put onto a sunny sill & eventually they do ok, providing we get some sun.....

Pennine Petal
Put a banana with them Jo, that seems to ripen other fruits quickly, perhaps it will work with tomatoes. Or into a brown paper bag.
Shrinking Violet

Hello from cloudy/sunny/occasionally rainy Somerset.

The Board-Meisters seem to have locked me out from this thread for the past few days - well, unless I wanted to scroll manually through the hundreds of posts!  I couldn't make the "first unread post" link work at all.  Seems to be working OK now - but if you don't hear from me, you'll know I've been sent to some norty corner in the sky  (that's what it feels like, anyway!)

Quite a nice day today:  sunny spells with a warmish breeze.  Finally got round to planting forced hyacinths which may be ready for C.  We'll see - last year's were ready on time - but a totally different colour from the pack.  This year I've gone back to basic blue - so fingers crossed!


Given up on forced Hyacinths just put stacks of bulbs in and find they usually cover quite a period of time in bloom, some in pots to bring in the house, I love the scent.

The box says cloudy for Stockton and it is, rolling cloud of many colours although the sun is finding its way through. Alfy was laid on my feet but found a patch of sunlight  much better and moved.
It is the Great North Run on at the moment and they could get rain later, it is usually fair for them, the wind will be behind them as they run up that hill to South Shields and the finish.


Shrinking Violet

Hello Frank - seems I'm unlocked from the virtual "norty corner"

It's Sunday - and we have no news of your Roast of the Day.  Shame on you - we look forward to salivating as you describe your culinary arts.  (MasterChef eat your hearts out, that's wot I say!)

It's been fine and dry here - a bit cloudy at times, but perfect for starting to clear some of the borders.  We are still hoping to move - but no takers at the moment   Seems like the market has ground to a halt.  So I'm trying to keep things looking good, without spending too much!  Cheapskate or what?

It's amazing how "old" seed performs (very well this year!) and I'm keeping things tidy and presentable.  I've also bought some cheap bulbs from Poundland (10 bulbs that cost - guess how much?)  Anyway - I'll put them in, and if we're still here, we'll enjoy them.  If not, then someone else will get the benefit, but without too much expenditure on my part.  (Last year I planted some tulips - and they weren't cheap - that were meant to be a deep, burnt-orange.  They were peach  Looked OK by not the colour combo I was aiming for).