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Hello Posh, one lot landed in America yesterday that is why I have Alfy, t'other lot landed in Canada Friday and Pam is in Cyprus for another week yet so I consider myself on my holidays. No rushing around, please myself and relax.
I did a small piece of ham with a honey and brown sugar glaze and the usual veg and Yorkshires but later and a lot less of it.
Had a nice lattice apple pie a couple of hours ago then watched Gently, the one man and his dog were taken off because of golf.
The weather turned nasty though the box still says cloudy I do not know why they bother.
I was locked out on this board earlier and had to sign in again twice, as I never log out I ask why. It is every Sunday I have trouble either locked out or having to sign in each time I want to post.
Love tulips although some are getting old now and I need to renew those and some Daf's


Shrinking Violet

Put your feet up and relax then Frank.  Honey and sugar-glazed ham is lovely - and lots of cold cuts (well, there are in this house when I do it!)

Funny old world, this virtual message board lark.  Getting locked out for no reason is frustrating.  Could be worse - we both of us remember the worst of the Beeb boards, which rather coloured perception of all that was good!

That said, I have to say this is a friendly board - and we don't see lots of modded posts, often for little or no reason!  (I just hope I haven't put the hex on it by saying that!)

Tulips:  the older I get, the more I relish a real blast of colour in the spring.  I can admire Monty's restrained colour palette, but don't want to replicate it.  I want lots of vibrant colours (white, cream and lemon yellow just don't do it for me), and tulips are perfect for providing a real statement.  I'm already looking forward to next year, since I shall plant some in pots that can, if necessary, move with us, as well as the bedding varieties that may be left behind.

True posh, we do not have the vicious attacks at times suffered on some boards, the SCD was one of the worst, 30 odd posts disappeared one night including some of ours, they did re-appear but were then out of context. Not so good old days.
I do have trouble trying to follow some of the threads on here, they lose me in the one liners so I just stop looking.
My colour taste was shaped by the years in the Desert, I went on to Cyprus and the tropical plants and colours were a bit like being in heaven, the eye's had ached for colour, it has been with me since so no colour rings or themes, bung em in and let them bloom, guess we are all our own people in the end.


Sunshine in Stockton, not what the box says but who cares, it is warm and the windows are open to let the fresh air through. Busy with the clean up in case Daughter pops over from Cyprus to see what I am up to, she probably has hidden camera's in the rooms to make sure I do not laze about.
I had a job getting onto this board this morning so gave up, had too much else to-do, at times it is very slow, I have stopped bothering on a Sunday night it is usually a no show, last night late I managed though.


Muvs Dashwood

Another day of sunshine here, we've had very little rain since the start of the Paralympics, just weeks and weeks of sun.



Well the promised rain today hasnt arrived - yet!! Washing drying nicely. Windy now & pretty bright.

T'was rather nippy though first thing this morning with a keen wind. Had to go into central Manchester by bus & was glad had left a pair of wooly gloves in coat pocket after our Austrian holiday! J.

Shrinking Violet

Bright but cloudy at times, with a cool breeze.  Perfect for getting into the garden.  Neighbour wanted to know how to take cuttings, since I had picked the perfect penstemmons for her that she bought at Rosemoor ie there were plenty of side shoots and cuttings material.  Gave a "master class"  on the art of cuttings, and was then inspired to take some more in my own garden.  Just hope they take: the clematis cuttings I took a few weeks back have rooted nicely.  Plants for free - love 'em! 

And talking of free - I bought five Primula Candelabra a couple of years ago.  Split them today - and found 20!  Quite a good return - they're not cheap to buy.  And I'm still hopeful that the seed I sowed will germinate a la Klein.

Back from Cyprus to find the allotment is a dustbowl ! Have had to dig out the hose which had been packed away for the winter, and spent this morning giving it all a good soaking. Took the opportunity to dig up the last of the Desiree potatoes, which have been absolutely brilliant this year - in fact most of the veg this year have been very good, despite the odd weather. Hope your daughter brings a cardy Frank - it was a touch warm in Cyprus when I left!

Cloudy, wet and windy here. Spent the afternoon yesterday cooking and freezing. I've a glut of toms and picking nearly a colander full a day, can't eat them quick enough.

I was thinking of trying to root cuttings this year on the basis I sowed flower seeds for next year, which were a first and am really pleased with the results.

Dmball, She told me at the weekend it was hot, they were chilling in the shade, I got instructions to go down and put the Central heating on two days before they come back Sunday.
We had sunshine rain it got cold then warmed up but the garden is now cleaned up and in green bags ready for the collection Thursday.


Stockton sunny and clear says the box
Nearly, a long white cloud like a silver fox
Reclining lazily in the sky so blue
Box what you say is nearly true.

Well it must get it right sometimes I suppose. A breakfast of porridge and fruit, tea and pills and ready for off, Alfy is laid on my feet so it looks as if he comes with me, he can pay in Tospots then.



Nr Lincoln.

Good morning everyone.

Good to be back from hols, enjoyable as it was.

Weather is somewhat cooler here today, but bright and breezy, just right for getting all the washing dry.

Garden in need of some serious TLC, things have gone over whilst we have been away. We have a lovely neighbour who waters for us, but they just don't know your garden like you do. Not that I'm complaining, if it wasn't for her kindness we wouldn't get away at all!.

Have a good day.




Bright then blustery showers out there today, in Manchester. Have opened up both the greenhouse & one coldframe a wee bit but must close both later on.

Managed a supermarket shop & unloaded the car without getting soaked, but plans to walk up to local shops now abandoned.

Actually put the heating back on yesterday & will be swopping to a slightly thicker duvet soon! J.

Only just recovered from my day in Brighton last friday, must be getting old. Sunshine and wind today, few clouds around but no rain. Have sorted out compost heaps on allotment this morning a very grubby job and then i got caught up in neighbours brambles. One very scratched arm later the bramble is no more. Into town tomorrow so hoping it doesnt rain.

Shrinking Violet

Cool but clear and bright and breezy.  Perfect for getting a couple of loads of washing dried.  When it's been blown on the line, it smells so fresh - no amount of softener with exotic-sounding smells can beat it!  And it's all ironed and in the airing cupboard - job done!

Carried on clearing bits of the borders - and finding any number of rogue weeds that were hiding beneath the foliage of border plants.  Several bags for the re-cycling.

Tonight the sky is crystal clear - not for nothing do we have the accolade of "dark skies" on Exmoor.  Temperature is dropping - a sure sign of colder days to come


Lucky you posh, I hung the washing out under clear blue sky jumped in the car down the back lane and crash, wipers on fast as down it came, too late to go back.
Back to perfect weather and clothes sodden, back in the spin and out again but now in airing cupboard still damp. Any one looking into my car would wonder why it was full of blue air?
Got rid of the Crocosmia that had run rampant yesterday and found plants I did not know I had, the bushes, that is the none winter flowering ones got a hair cut and the lawns will get one tomorrow or Thursday.
The green house is now clear as the few tomato's left would not ripen on the vine but will still be used. Time for those bulbs to go in and now plenty of room for them.


Shrinking Violet

I never quite know when to clear the GH, Frank.  Tomatoes , peppers, chillies and aubergines are all still doing well.  Outside tomatoes are cropping at a great rate still, so I'll leave them for a couple of weeks, I think, unless we really do get a cold blast.  Fortunately, being near the coast, we are a bit warmer than inland, so I guess it's all down to keeping a weather eye out, and reacting if necessary!



In one of my books it tells me your area is four weeks ahead of us for planting most things so it will go for the let down too. We do seem to be running into Autumn much quicker this year, I can usually only grow small bush Tomato's outside in a very sheltered and sunny spot, they were over before the end of August and not much of a crop. The green house Tomato's were about half the normal yield at least I had no disease. Peppers were shrivelled and other things slow so as we gardeners do I got what I could and made plans for next year.
Tonight the weather forecast says some frost possible, being near the coast that will probably not be us but again it is early.


Frank's mention of frost reminds me that I must get the fleece out and cover my Zucchini plant. It has taken over my compost bin at the allotment completely and measures about 10 ft by 12 ft, covered in fruits of various sizes and dozens of still appearing white flowers! Given to me by a fellow allotment holder, who tells me it was Italian seed - everyone is waiting to see how much more it will grow/produce before Jack Frost gets his icy hands on it! Therein lies the fun of gardening - you never quite know what's going to happen with what you put in.

Dmball, the compost heap will be up to ten degrees warmer at the surface than the surrounding air, try a melon on it next year, we had success doing that.
The person manning the box got on their feet and looked out of the window, sunny and clear it says sunny and clear it is. A slightly cool breeze coming in the window although no sign of the frost forecast this morning.
Alfy laid out after his walk and breakfast but will be up and ready as soon as I get the car keys, he thinks he is King of the Road.