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Shrinking Violet

Glorious sunshine today, but the breeze was still rather chilly.  Forecasters are having difficulty with the next few days - the remains of a hurricane aka low pressure may wander this far south and cause rain.  Or not. 

My GH toms this year are Italian plum variety - they didn't grow very tall, and only set a couple of trusses per plant.  Given the lack of Italian-like sunshine, I have to take that as a result!  Outdoor ever-faithful Gardeners' Delight cropping well.  As are the beefsteak Country Taste.  Already made lots of spicy chutney using homegrown chillies, and have dried and then frozen the plum tomatoes for sauce for pasta later on.  Waste not, want not!

Cold, cloudy and wet here this evening although the box says sunny/clear 

Picked another bowlful of toms though from plants in the GH and 3 good sized aubergines. Peppers not looking good but there are at least two chilli plants ladened with mostly red fruit and one with lots of curly green chillies on  



Alfy was tapping on my bedroom door at seven wanting his breakfast then to go out, he ran up the garden sniffed around realised it was a sea fret, wet and cold, so rushed back in, well head first into a towel to dry off, he thinks that one big game.
He watched from the kitchen as I put out all the green waste bags and the bins, one wetting was enough for him.
The box says heavy rain for Stockton but this is North Sea weather, grey cloud although high and the sea fret that can wet you through although seemingly light, so the lawns did not get cut.



Yet another wet day here in Manchester, although it's getting a wee bit brighter now..... No chance to do final lawn cut in the forseeable future either. My little strip of 'wildness' does actually look quite good with grasses waving in the wind. Shall continue it next year & see what happens.

Zoomer- you can always, if got space, bring the pepper plants inside to a sill or conservatory. I've never bothered to try & keep over a winter, but it is possible.     My tomatoes, on 2 plants & the tumblers, are ripening nicely this year, despite our lack of sun. 1 variety however is stubornly staying green, so shall investigate green tomato recipes soon. Dont need any more chutney! J.


Nr Lincoln.

Raining here this morning, not that I'm complaining. The garden is bone dry, we have light soil so it doesn't hold on to any moisture.

Pleased I got all the holiday washing dry yesterday, now just the ironing to finish.

We have had the best crop from peppers, yellow and red for years, and the chilli has  a branch broken off under the weight of the fruit. I think I will have to dry some or freeze them, they are so hot you only need a little to give some flavour/ heat.

Jo4eyes - We had some green tomato jam  with a cream tea when we were away on holiday. It was different but nice. I thought I might have a go at making a small amount, recipes on internet.

How's the foot Frank, I hope it is better, you'll need to be on top form to walk Alfy.

Have a good day everyone.



Hello Chris, foot has been OK for a while and even the knee is bearing up, I would think all those years of being very active are the main cause, self inflicted wounds as we called them in the army. Many top athletes end up with some form of arthritis as with all things you go with it.
Started the big clean up Pam will be back from Cyprus late Saturday night and you bet she will be round here on her broomstick to check on me. She may want lunch Sunday and I have not been to my local butchers yet. Tonight is chicken casserole and my trick is to add chorizo when frying it off, it adds that spicy touch to the leeks and celery.
Weather still a constant drizzle no heavy rain as predicted, the green waste have collected all my bags, not much left of the Autumn clean up apart from the lawns.



Hi Frank.

That chicken casserole sounds good, you seem to know your way around the kitchen. My hubby has both his knees replaced due to arthritis, so I know from his experience how painful it can be. It's stopped raining here and the sun is trying to put in an appearance, but we could do with a good day of rain.



Quite heavy rain this morning then eased off about 12ish,  still wall to wall cloud and 15.8c in the garden,  so glad I managed to get the grass cut yesterday need to do the front but to wet now,  have had 2 Robbins in the garden the last few days,  do they know something we don'd,  saying that the Swifts and Swallows are still flitting around here but guess they will be going in the next week or so 

Hello Rain, I watch the swifts as the midges rise off the fields they feed well around here.
We had sea fret which cleared early then the sun dried everything up so two lawns got cut, too late for the green waste though.
I have my feet up now, the casserole is in the oven with potato's on top a one dish meal ready in an hour or so so a laze after a busy day.



Hi Frank,  it's great where I take the dog for a walk as I disturb the midges from around the trees then all off a sudden the swifts and Swallows swoop down and almost plough into me it's great fun watching them diving and darting about will miss them when they go,  haven't heard or seen any Canada Geese coming back yet as I seem to be in their flight path,  ho hum it's raining again,  never mind at least it's still 15.1c in the garden ,  there were a few patches of blue earlier on,  not enough to make a sailor a pair of trousers though.

The box was right today,heavy rain and very much on the chilly side.

Think I might do as you advise Jo and bring in a chilli plant and one of the pepper plants. The peppers  look to be developing to the right size but are stubbornly green.

Birds have been suprisingly absent here, there were lots in the spring and early summer but numbers have been dwindling since about mid August.



Stockton heavy rain "err"  not quite. Sea fret would be the word and getting brighter from the South that's "Rains" side of the Tees, much darker to the North but travelling slowly towards the coast.
Well Rain Alfy likes the fields and woods around here, he chases the Ravens who each day take down a young bird and the Magpies strut across the fields like platoons of soldiers, it is interesting watching them.
We see the Canada Geese come and go each year usually alerted by the racket they make as they fly, a wonderful sight, lots of them land on the lake at Sedgefield Hardwick Hall, plenty of room for them there.
As I passed Norton Duck Pond yesterday it was full of ducks, they all leave the pond at dusk and wander into the Church Yard for the night, last one in shut the gate.



Nr Lincoln.

Good morning all.

Damp and overcast at the moment but not cold. Our weather thing says light rain, that will do for me, we could do with it, very dry down here in Lincolnshire.

I haven't seem any House Martins or Swallows for a couple of days, I think they have finally gone.

I love to see the geese and hear them as they fly over, as you say Frank a wonderful sight.

Have a good day.


Big change in the weather cloudy, grey and no sun and its cold. Where did the summer go? Rain is forecast but no idea when it will arrive. A big thankyou to my neighbours who lit a bonfire whilst my eashing was still out as if i need more washing. Couldnt hang it out yesterday because the fire was still smoking.

Truly Awful at the moment; raining hard. Dashed out to gather in some cherry tomatores and dashed in again. Loads to do in the garden; hoping for a dryer Saturday.



No prizes for guessing the weather in Manchester this morning!

I too have nipped down to the greenhouse to pick some tomatoes & do some watering. The butt off the shed roof is overflowing! Oh well soon be time to empty it for the winter.

Refilled the bird feeder & checked, yes the lawn is 'squishy', so tha'll need a good couple of dry days before it gets its' final cut.

On a positive note- not too cold at night yet & my pricked out seedlings in the coldframe are looking very happy. J.

My daughter is spending her 30th birthday at Alton Towers -oh to be young !  I hope the weather is better there.

I agree with jo4eyes it is not too cold at night yet, my peas are producing nicely in a tub just outside the back door.

Enjoy the weekend everyone. P

Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

Not too bad in Cornwall. No rain for the last week so watering baskets and tubs to keep them going as long as possible. Autumn equinox tomorrow.

There are still a few swallows around. This years babies. They have shorter tail feathers. Their parents leave before them. how do the young ones know the way.

Frank you should write a book. You have such a way with words and an interesting life.

Pam life is what you make of it, you can sit and watch it pass you or climb aboard and ride the wild ride, I was lucky in that Joan was exactly the same, get off the tourist route and explore, that is what makes life interesting.
Morning in Tospots, a call down into the village for a fresh chicken, sort Pam's mail and put the heating on, now eating my bully beef sandwich with Alfy licking his lips, he will get the last bite though the mustard may throw him.
Sunshine all the way now some dark patches of cloud but also blue sky, the box still says heavy rain.



Quite a nice day here albeit on the chilly side, sun trying it's hardest to get through the clouds but won't hold my breath,  when I took the dog out last thing last night there was a poor little Hedgehog in the gutter that had been run over so this morning I went out armed with shovel and brush and a couple of carriers and removed it not nice for me but even worse for the school children that had to pass it on the way to school,  poor little thing it looked like a youngster as well.