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Shrinking Violet

It was a lovely day here - lots of sunshine, although the clouds really are now gathering to the south - big and black and threatening. 

I was able to do a lot in the garden - the weeds have grown apace, and I was able to re-pot some heucheras, which had, I discovered, vine weevil grubs.  (good for the birds, though). 


I'm very pleased to say that for the last 2 days there has been NO RAIN so after the last 8 days of the blasted stuff I'm a happy bunny,  but it seems as if it will all change tomorrow so bye bye sunshine and hello gales and rain possibly thunder as well .


6.30am -the wind is windy,the rain is wet,going back to bed

Michael Fish,BBC Southampton


VERY windy during the night (sweeping down from the UK I think), but calm now. A bit grey and still cool. Showers forecast for the next few days.

Rumbles of thunder and squalls in South Devon.



Very grey and dismal in the East Midlands this morning. Just started to drizzle. Yesterday was beautiful all day. I potted up 15 rogue sunflower seedlings that the birds must have missed. 

Dry at the moment but it did rain most of the night.


Just turned cold and wet here in Lincolnshire. Forecast to get very heavy rain later in the day. Got my lawn done yesterday - may have been the last chance for a while. 


Wettest April on records  because some numpty mentioned a drought.

South-East Inland: wet, windy, windy and wet.

Alina W

Need I tell you?

OK, let me give you a hint.

Drip, drip, drip...

Alina W

Good God, not in my garden - where's the weekkiller?


weekkiller-freudian slip??

An update-the heavy rain has passed through,still windy and lots of dark cloud.

Alina W

Could be,Geoff


Wet and windy in East Dorset - on its way to So'ton next I expect!



It's pouring again, has been all morning, at least no hail thank goodness, soft hosta leaves did not respond well to that! Everything is green - including me - the robin has developed gills,  the grass is as high as an elephants eye, and there is not way to get out there to cut it.  On the other hand, the reservoir is filling, we never had a hose ban and surely won't now - now it is getting windy.  I can't swim, and hate water -  please let the sun come out. 


I love water but not with my wellies on! I've had to put the plastic covers back on my seedlings or they will drown before they harden off.

Autumn building project will definitely be a coldframe with lid!

Miss Bateman

Outer Hebrides: Grey, dreek and blowin' a hoolie!

Miss B x