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04/10/2012 at 12:20

Stockton today sunny and clear, true little box, I drove along route 66 into Ironopolis as was, now shopalolacis with very poor parking so we all go to Teasdale instead.
Azure sky and lovely sunshine, crazy drivers, shoppers belting round beating you up with their trolleys why do I bother, probably because there is a need to eat?!!
Coming back it was so clear to the west you could make out Scar-gill High Moor across the Dales but also a bank of cloud heading South, probably on its way to Halifax?
Well it did stop me planting bulbs yesterday so some one elses turn, I should get a clear run at it after a light lunch.


04/10/2012 at 12:39

Afternoon Frank. Not been totally dry here in Manchester . Several short sharp showers, yes with good sunny spells in between.

Shall have to tumble the washing- again- but it did mean that I went into the greenhouse to pick the final tomatoes & remove the plants. That means I have a clear space under cover to do my bulb pots!

Not going to overwinter anything in there this year, so the clean out can be as & when & no need to do the insulation either! 1 less job! J.

04/10/2012 at 12:50

Hello Jo, the green house was cleaned a couple of weeks past, the tomato's were done, a very poor crop this year but no disease.
Have not used bubble wrap for a long time now as it very rarely drops below freezing, the brick wall at the back takes in the heat and gives it back at night, it is surprising how warm it gets even when we cannot see the sun, one of the gains with a lean-to.
When we get warning I do put a fan with frost guard just in case and pop some fleece over things but then I am there to take it off every morning, the workers will not have time.


04/10/2012 at 13:03

Hi Frank, I usually dispose of the toms by end of Sept, but thought would see how they went for a week or so. They were late getting going, not much sun at all up here this year, but surprisingly ok after all.

My greenhouse gets 'b' freezing at times. Faces East/South, but shaded by tall trees on adjacent land. Ok no leaves on those in winter, but the wind whistles down from Dwarfbeans area of the Pennines. At the mo too, one of the roof panels (single polycarbonate on that side) has slipped. Dont think am tall enough to sort out so will need OH to do at some point.

What I have got this year though, is a rather nice wooden sided big coldframe, with a tempered glass roof, into which shall put my wrapped pots of Agapanthus to overwinter. That plus some extra fleece will keep them very snug. I always wonder how they will do when in the greenhouse, despite several layers of fleece!

Right, back out. J.

04/10/2012 at 17:07

Am feeling smug as managed to push back up all the slipped panels. Ok the greenhouse will still be cold, but at least drier now. J.

04/10/2012 at 17:15

The plants I keep in the green house Jo are sunk in grit which seems to stop any frosting of the pot and it is that does the damage. The fleece cover is best if held of the leaves with a couple of sticks, a couple of pots upside down will do as well, the main problem is people over water in winter, the plants need be hardly damp.
Well done with the panels, is OH cooking the meal then?


04/10/2012 at 17:25

Hi everyone.

Nr Lincoln.

Been a glorious autumn day here, sunny and reasonably warm.

Green house cleaning finished and I assisted OH to insulate it this afternoon, when I say assist, I had to get in all the awkward places he can't reach but at least it's done. Now to get everything back, minus the accumulated rubbish.


04/10/2012 at 18:41

It's been glorious here my side of The Styx Frank,  wall to wall sun from the get go 13.7c and no wind so all in all a nice day,  managed to get the front grass cut and edged,  borders turned over was just going to do the back when it started to rain so put the mower away and came in and had some soup and out it came again so got the mower out and did the back grass, it was very wet and have made a bit of a mess with the worm caste's but it will bounce back,  dropping off now at 9.6c and some very ominous clouds rolling in.

05/10/2012 at 11:57

Partly cloud say the box of Stockton on the Tees, well my part is blue sky although the cloudy bit seems to be Curling along the coast and in over our poster Rain, I keep telling her to move.
Nice and warm with it and up to now no night frost to kill anything off so still plenty of flowers on the late summer plants.
Are we having a late Indian summer I ask?


05/10/2012 at 12:07

Warmish but very blowy.  Loads of rain again in the night so the fields are sodden and there's more to come. 

Worryingly, the first of the winter egret migrants landed in the paddock across the road and that's very early.  I hope it's not a bad sign for the winter to come.

05/10/2012 at 12:12

Nr Lincoln.

Good afternoon everyone.(only just)

Not a bad Autumn day here. Bit of blue sky but a bit on the chilly side. As you say Frank, still lots of colour left in the garden, and the trees are just starting to turn, so hopefully a good"back end"

Have a good day all.


05/10/2012 at 14:44

Wet initially, now brighter & breezy in Manchester. Yes a bit chilly out too. Have just been out & closed up both coldframes, as due to be a lot chillier next couple of nights & am away.

Frank, no I cooked last nights' meal. OH lives away during the week. Rents a house near to his work & this w/end it's my turn to go there. He's a very untidy, but good cook. Have just found the jar of stem ginger he wants for some cake. Copying me as am going to make my damp gingerbread this afternoon, only mine uses ground ginger. Half gets frozen & the rest doesnt last long, often ending up as a pud plus custard! J.

05/10/2012 at 15:07

happens a lot Jo, too much cake left so butter a dish jam the bottom put the cake on top in lumps, damp with milk and press down, make a custard and wait until warm.
I sometimes thinly slice apples into the bottom. No waste and the kids eat it but would not do it themselves, they sling it.
Strange afternoon, blue sky above but a ring of dark to black cloud around in a circle, I was in sunshine someone was getting rain.


05/10/2012 at 20:18

It was lovely my side of The Styx this morning Frank wall to wall sunshine but I think it clouded in later in the day,  I went to Yarm for a pensioners do from when I worked at Wimpey's so missed if it changed,  not very warm here don't think it got any higher than 13c.

05/10/2012 at 23:00

A rainbow week!  Lots of showers, lots of sunny interludes which created lovely rainbows at times. 

Tonight it is chucking it down.  Been across the moor to Lynton cinema (Anna Karenina - brilliant) and it was a white-knuckle drive back with rain in sheets, localised flooding and nothing but cats' eyes to guide me!  Should be better tomorrow though!

06/10/2012 at 17:56

It's been a glorious day in Essex today. Cut the grass - well, picked up more leaves than grass.. and then did the edges.Took in about 6" from the grass to make the flower beds a bit bigger and definitely planning to take even more from around my conifers where the grass won't grow - then I'll have to buy some more plants/bulbs! 

06/10/2012 at 20:06

Glorious here in the SW, too.  And what a difference a few hours make!  Went across the moor again to Barnstaple - the most wonderful views across to Wales, with blue sea as calm as a millpond.  Getting cooler tonight, but hopefully it'll be almost as good again tomorrow.

06/10/2012 at 20:11

Warm and sunny here, went over the border to Yorkshire for the day where it was even warmer. White cloud interspersed with blue skies.

Managed to get into the garden for an hour or so. Planted some garlic, sowed sweetpea and potted some bulbs. It has been fairly warm in the GH, and today I picked another bowl of toms.

06/10/2012 at 20:13

A beautiful warm sunny day here in South Wales.

Shrinking Violet - went down to Swansea Beach and had lovely views across to you too!

06/10/2012 at 22:32

Caroline - you must have seen me waving!  It was gorgeous looking across the Bristol channel which, you must admit, can look rather murky at times!  Beautiful clear blue today, though.