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Pennine Petal
Lovely day, managed to get up to 10, quite nice in the sunshine. I was expecting rain today, so it was a nice surprise.
Shrinking Violet

It rained yesterday.  Disturbed night's sleep because of the noise of heavy rain accompanied by intense thunderstorms.  Lashed it down this morning .  Thought it had set in for another day - but by the afternoon, the sun had come out - and they're predicting a good day tomorrow

Driving out today, there was ample evidence of localised flooding - fortunately subsided by the time I was there ulike Frank's experience!

It rained during the night but has been bright and sunny most of the day, just one shower in the afternoon. No gardening done today, I've been out all day and only just got back. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny with no rain. I might clean the GH, a chore I don't always relish and put some of my terracotta pots to bed for the winter, in the shed.  

I am fuming, last night just at the start of Montalbano the lights went out, pitch black torch in the back past an obstacle course so had to sit until eye's adjusted. Half my neighbours were out on the front so went out to see what was going on. Now this is a quiet middle class sanctuary but they had turned into a lynch mob if any green or wind farm lover had come by they would now be hanging from the lamp posts. Quite a few of us are engineers and one worked on power so the discussion was about what is going to happen and sooner than most think if they do not get their act together after all China fires up one new coal power station every month so why are we pussyfooting around (to put it mildly, it was more explicit last night).
Rant over.  Stockton Cloudy?? then why is the sun burning my eyeballs? it is fine though cool and my meat a nice Ham is getting up to room temperature before going in the oven. Surround with veg, cover lightly with foil then remove foil and veg for last half hour, that is for the cooks among you.
The garden is now all cut back and quite tidy, the bulbs in, the lawn cut for the last time and things put away for the winter, greenhouse cleaning is a doddle Zoomer if you have a pressure washer, I can guarantee though you will get wet.
Got the message Posh will get back.



Hi everyone.

Frank - I'll be round at about 1pm if that's ok with you, lunch sounds delicious.

Now for the weather, frosty start, but bright sunshine skies, in fact A1 for October.

I'm with you on the power issue Frank. Will the government stand up to the EU in 2015 and tell them what to do regarding our power supplies, I hope so, or they will have even more discontent. Can remember the 3 day week back in the 70's, not a happy time.

Have a good day everyone, make the most of the lovely weather.



Pennine Petal
Morning all, a beautify day in Rossendale, although a few clouds coming over now.

Frank, ham is my favourite, I cook it in apple juice, probably told you that before though.
ChrIs, the 3 day week! I studied for exams by candle light and had to get up early on a Sunday morning as it was easier than studying at night. Nightmare for a teenager!

Rain yesterdal came to 7mm in my rain gauge. Overnight temp in greenhouse was 1.5. Still very cold and becoming hazy. Sunny though. Going out so no gardening. Hope my cneorum willsurvive haven't fleeced it

Shrinking Violet

After a truly miserably week, today has been perfect autumnal sunshine.  Got a lot done in the GH - re-potted loads of cuttings that have rooted well. Also potted up perlargoniums to overwinter, ditto fuchsias and cannas.  

Bit of a touch and go frost last night - by the time I looked out, it was a very heavy dew, but OH says that there was a bit of a white glaze at something silly o'clock.  Most unusual for us here - usually first frost is late November  - but it did concentrate the mind wonderfully on getting the tender bits under cover!

Evening meal is roast pork today - Gloucester Old Spot from the local butcher.  (Pig raised by the local college students studying agriculture.)  Delicious with apple sauce (may even be as good as Frank's ham ). 


The forcast was right, a lovely sunny day here,   too hot to do the GH, Frank. I usually give it a good soapy wash then it's in with the pessure washer, two sunny days though and my peppers are beginning to turn red, GH cleaning will have to wait till another day. Suprising the amount of garden clutter which gathers under the staging.

I did wash some pots though and all my gladioli are now hanging in the shed drying off.


It was actually foggy down here in Manchester first thing this morning Zoomer. Cold too, only about 2C on my shed in back garden. Daughter said all the cars around here were iced over, but she'd been fine further North.

Anyway me & OH went down to NCheshire- NTrust Styal- for a car picnic & to see the Litchfield photograph exibition. Sun down there, but I was wobbly today so we didnt do much walking as had planned. Walked a bit in the garden there- spotted a lovely red/orange coloured schizostylis, of which OH now has a photo.

Back home & although brighter than this morning, we'd definitely had the better weather in Cheshire. J.

The potty gardener

Beautiful here in the south today. I went out in nightie and dressing gown but had to take dressing gown off as I was too hot. Got all the perlargoniums up like you shrinking violet. Also the non hardy fuchsia. I was going to take out bergonia but they were still too nice. Keeping my fingers crossed that we don't ger an early frost.


The potty gardener

Oh wanted to ask. I have put the pelargoniums in as small pots as possible but they are still very bushy and tall, should I cut them back at all. Also how little water should I give them? Do I also do the same with the fuchsias?

Bev, Pergoniums should have one third of the top growth cut back to over winter although I also remove any old stems and leaves.
Fuchsia should be left until March when a light trim is all they need but clean out any loose or broken stems and leaves.
Keep in the light in the greenhouse and they need to be just damp but not dry, overwatering will kill them.
You may have flowers on both at Christmas I often do.



Sun & rain all day here in WManchester. Not particularly cold, but was out for lunch with friend so no gardening today.

Come rain or shine shall get outside, or in greenhouse probably, tomorrow after shopping delivery. J.

Lovely warm sunny morning in Brixham, then in afternoon was up on Dartmoor, near the prison, and the clouds rolled in, and the drizzle started, it got colder - it must be me...every time I go on the Moor the weather changes for the worst!


It's been dry and very cold, but grey skies in Suffolk.

Started off dry but got wetter as the day wore on. Lovely picture Bev, my garden isn't looking as lush as it did last month and not much in flower. 

Stockton started sunny with blue sky although it was cloudy to the south.
We then got rain more sun and ended up with clear sky and it looked very bright over Rain's Hills.



Unless the wind dies down a bit I shant go down to greenhouse today! The polycarbonate roof panels can flip out & I dont want to be underneath that! Sowing sweetpeas can wait a couple of days!

Very wet & windy here in WManchester this morning. Daughter flying over to IOM about now- not my idea of fun in this wind. They are/were delayed a bit apprently.

This time last year the gales were sooo bad that my flight over was cancelled! That isnt what they said was the cause, but must've been. So the plane I did go on was bigger, full & so didnt bounce around as much- phew! J.

A while back the box said light rain, watching the teeming water run down the road I would not like any heavy rain. Now it says Stockton cloudy so with the sun blasting through the window I look out and sure enough it is cloudy apart from the blue patch overhead. It looks very murky your side of the Styx Rain. Must go out but will stay well clear of yon yorkshire bit.