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this photo taken this morning. View has been like this since Sunday. 2nd photo taken 20 mins ago - What we should be seeing - Mlavern Hills



 Sorry about dog pic. he gets everywhere and didn't want to risk deleting him!

Shrinking Violet

Lookes like that cooler, clearer weather is gradually moving down the country then Bjay.  Hooray - perhaps it'll reach W. somerset before too long.  My faith in the breeze was misplaced - all that has happened is that the low cloud is now being blown down off the moor - drizzly grey.  Hmmph!

(Love the pic of the dog btw.  And, when you can  see it, what a lovely view from your garden).

Stockton, light rain, "err no" it came in black,all the lights went on in the house and down it came.
Heard a racket outside and on looking there was the drain cleaning wagon sucking all the drains out, it was raining so hard it would have washed them out.
Clearing a bit now from the North and I have to go out, lunch with Daughter and collect my meat for Sunday.



Nr Lincoln.

Not a bad morning here.Brighter with a slight breeze, cooler, but at least it's dry.



Shrinking Violet

Rain is easing up - but still drizzly and wretched.  On the plus side, the sky is lighter and the moor isn't clothed in low cloud, so perhaps it really is going to clear in time for the weekend. 


Alina W

Cold and overcast here in N Yorks - and predicted to sleet/snow tonight My fuchsias will have to come in - goodness knows where I'll put them, they're still in full bloom....


I can see some blue sky, although much cooler. Even some shadow??

The Hills (Malvern) are in sharp relief today - good sign for no rain!!

Hope you get some of this soon shrinking violet

Grey grey grey again today. To cheer ourselves up going to the pub for lunch.


Windy, quite bright & cool out there today in WManchester. About 7-8C at the mo.

Was down to 3C at the back this morning. Couple  of degrees higher in front- quite normal for us.Everything that needed it was wrapped, brought under cover, covered up yesterday- phew.

Hoping that the end of next week is going to be slightly warmer as having central heating boiler replaced! J.


Eeek! Was just out feeding birds, again!, when heard 'pattering'. Hail! ouch. Washing grabbed & now back inside watching it turn darker & darker.... J.

Pennine Petal
3 degrees on the way home and hailstones falling.

It's gone very cold here in the NW down to 3 degrees this evening and dropping.

I've not had chance to get in the garden this week, sadly the Christmas spuds have been neglected and the foilage has all but died  will see what's in the bags at the weekend.

A sprinkling of snow in Ripon

Malvern Hills. Cold and frosty morning with bright sun. Wonderful crisp gardening sort of day.  Just broken ice on my tin bath water feature. Come in to put warmer coat on! 


We have Light rain in Stockton so says the box, wrong again.
Heavy frost overnight then it came in black and hammered down now we have blue sky and sunshine with a bitter wind. The garden can keep today, the work is mostly done, a bit more cutting back now the frost has struck and maybe sow some beans in pots as Monty did last night, I do that most years but have to net the top of the pots against mice. I hang the bird seed from the garage rafters and they still get at it.



First frost here last night. -1C out the back at 8am today, +3C at the front!

Turned out a real sunny, breezy autumn day.

Have been potting on things using the greenhouse staging as a bench. Nice & warm in there this afternoon. Must clean it out sometime, but not using it at all to store any plants this year so no rush. J.


Nr Lincoln.

Hard frost last night, but soon cleared this morning. It's been a bright cold day, and have seen several cars with snow on them.


Clear skies and sun here in this part of the NW. A frosty morning though and a tad bit chilly all day but no rain.



Went out this morning very tentatively just in case there was black ice on the ground as I don't want a repeat of last year but it was OK,  it had been hailing about 30 minuets before hand then this afternoon it got out lovely and sunny but bitter cold,  even now it's only 2.6c  where as last night at this time it was 0.3c so very very chilly  it is supposed to warm up quite a bit tomorrow but will wait and see.