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I was just wondering what everyone's favourite gardening books were?

I'm thinking off adding to my small collection, ideally something that is informative but includes pictures for a bit of reading on an evening.

At the moment I have a few of the 'Expert' series, RHS Encyclopedia of Gardening, Monty's Gardening at Longmeadow' Alan Titchmarsh 'Secret Garden' and a couple of others full of ideas for container gardening.

It'd be lovely to hear what everyone else is reading or enjoys having a look through more than once.


How does your garden grow, by Chris Beardshaw...and actually it is time I read it again! Tells us very clearly and simply how plants work and how to propagate them.

Books by Christopher Lloyd ...the well tempered garden, for example.  Relaxing, informing and inspiring.  


Love that one Artjak - also anything by Christopher Lloyd - if pictures are a most then Colour for adventurous gardeners - if you can cope without pictures then the well tempered gardener.

For general garden related ramblings i love the Morville books by Katherine Swift, or Anna Pavord the gentle gardener

I tend to prefer them with pictures as I find it easier to learn if I can see the way something is done and plus you can see what something is meant to look like, if that makes any sense

Busy Bee2

Favourite for being most useful is 'The Grower's Guide' from Caxton - given to me by my father.  Well thumbed, coffee stained, a bit mildewy, but full of good advice and photos of chaps who wear a tie and a knitted tank top to dig in the garden.  (Much as I remember my dad doing.)


If its container gardening books your'e looking for I like Christine Walkden's no-nonsense container gardening, its crammed full of pictures and information and covers everything from flowers, vegetables and fruit with a section on unusual plants as well, and as it says it is full of no-nonsense information. It goes well with feet up on the sofa with a cup of tea and a piece of home made cake. 


Thanks Ecobaby however I bought that book already a few weeks ago lol I've ordered the Chris Beardshaw one mentioned above and I am enjoying looking up the rest currently

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