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Brummie Ben, found it's name, it's Sutter's Gold small climber, can also be a hybrid tea. It doesn't show on the photo, but it's buds are flushed red and the young flowers have a reddish tinge on the outside of the petals.

The potty gardener

Dove great photo.

Yes it would be lovely if there was a like button like on facebook. But then I would be pressing like for just about every photo that is posted

I love my Jacob's ladder at the moment and it smells wonderful.

(Also as a newcomer I have been reading all the old posts and can't remember who posted about the book ' The Bee-Kind Garden' but I did go and buy it. What a dear treasure of a book, thanks for the recommendation).


BL- I'm not a huge fan of roses but that dark pink 'Tess' is beautiful.

Hi reb - love Jacob's Ladder -the white one though! There's a variegated one called 'Brise d'Anjou' which I used to have. If you like J's L - it's a very nice plant.



Welcome reb,

My flower of the moment would have to be the flowers on my wisteria,they are hanging like bunches of grapes from my h and are such a glorious colour.



hiya fairygirl  brise d'Anjour is nice but try Stairway to Heaven.  similar but better I think

got to add my Illumination Pink foxgloves...looking very good


It would have to be my lavender border alongside the house, smothered in bees, great to look at and great for wildlife so thumbs up from me.


Fairygirl sorry can't help you with your iris' name but hey ho its beautiful. I'm sad I don't have one foxglove blooming this year  I didn't have much time for the garden last year it was like a building site! but I have put in some Milk Chocolate Foxgloves (kew collection seeds) hope these germinate, they've been in two weeks now and not a sign . I never even new Jacobs ladder was perfumed have to sniff it when it flowers.

Must admit I never used to like roses either but now I'm hooked on the old fashioned musky scented varietys, I have William Lobb, Ispahan and Alan Titmarch three gorgeous scents. I also have a white rose that climbs I think it maybe Iceberg and although I can't smell it the husband says its scented.

I love looking up and then normally getting the new varieties so thank you very much for the suggestions. 

Thanks Bev, it really is a lovely book.



It has to be my Peony. My mum planted this a long time ago so it is very special to me. Does anyone know if you can take cuttings from them?  


hollie hock

Great picture of the foxgloves, not got as many as I thought I would have but some are starting to flower Think my sweet rockets are soon to be replaced with Lupins. The heavy rain has finally tipped them over, knew I should have staked them really

No delphs anywhere, a few promising buds though


Rodgy -no probs  re that new Iris of mine - I think I might have to investigate a bit to get it's name, but I'm not too bothered.  It's so beautiful I don't care what it's called! I only like the old roses that are all velvety and crumpled like paeonies, but I've never really had any. Might try a few though- climbers possibly.

Don't recall Jacob's L being scented either! Verd - I'd only have the white one now if I bought it- don't like blue flowers...what am I like!


I'm loving little Viola 'Mollie Sanderson' just now- so black with a little yellow eye

you no likee blue flowers fairgirl? I love em.  garden is peppered with them...must have 30 varieties or more of blue flowered plants

hollie hock

Molly looks really sweet, a tiny pin prick of yellow


I have just braved the pouring rain to make sure I not madder than I thought I was! After burying my nose into my JL, I have decided that yes I am happy to announce it does have a very pleasant, although I will admit light, fragrance! 

Also the lupin loves the rain, it is starting to flower.

muddy mare

wisteria at the moment for me so stunning this year


I'm a bit disapointed with my wisteria flowers I must admit, on the label when I bought it it showed lovely blue mauve flowers, it didn't flower for about 3 yrs now I get quite long tails of pale lilac and whiteish flowers that are quite spaced

It could be my soil type as to why its not as blue I suspect.



I've just had a strole up the garden and I'm delighted that another of my iris have flowered its so exciting....



Rodgy-dodge, several times I've bought plants that aren't the colour it says on the label. I suspect tht customers take out the labels to read them and put them back in the wrong pot. Though nowadays the labels are more attached than they used to be. Here is another rose that I love, the Pilgrim, may have shown it before, can't remember.