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BL your roses are lovely, Dove I just wish I had some shade to grow something like that. The irises are smashing too, my current fav is my unknown rose that has heavy scent

DSCF1737 by BrummieBen, on Flickr

feel free to browse my pics, it's easier to upload everything to one place.


BB,That looks a bit like Gertrude Jekyll.


you are the second to say that, and reading and looking again I think it is. Same scent, same bush habit, same type of thorns too. I think what threw me was the colour, most pics show a very dark pink rose, whereas my first few pics it's light pink. It is southfacing for most of the day so chances are the colour bleached to a very pale pink on my first photos, these ones today are markedly deeper pink, so I'm very happy that mystery has been answered. The big problem now is in doing the research, I've seen about 20 other types I need, lol!

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