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Gosh, Discodave, you've got a lot of digging there. Don't do your back in. Good luck!


I might have to use explosives, lol


We have decided to concentrate on growing the old favourite vegetables Potatoes, beans carrots etc and salad crops. In the past we have tried various veg, pak choi white onion etc and had limited success. We haven't a very big veg garden so have decided against growing onions this year as we have found we can buy the amount we need cheaply. In the flower garden and borders, we will do as usual and grow a few annuals in amongst the perennials and bushes. I'm trying orlaya grandiflora and flax this year along with the old favourite nicotiana Lime Green. Just need to get spring here so we can get on with things.


i have decided to make the garden pond bigger this year but it will have to wait untill untill all the tadpoles have grown and moved into the garden, intend to plant more cottage garden plants for the bees etc, although i have a lot one can never have too many.i would like to put up bat boxes and more nest boxes although the birds that visit ususally make their nests naturally in the bushes and clematis and dont go near the nest boxes?.



I've also decided on a new strawberry patch. Bought four new varieties at the weekend and have one already in the garden whch grows runners, along with two apline varieties. You can never have enough strawberries

I'm also thinking of more pots of flowers and I might even dig up more of the lawn to make another flower bed, haven't yet decided.


Woodgreen wonderboy

We are having a garden open day in our village this summer, so there's not much choice but to knuckle to and , well, you know, make it as perfect as possible. i would do this for me anyway, but this year i will have an audience! Scary.

I also have 2 new raised beds in my vegetable patch, and a new greenhouse so these are new ventures as well. There is an alpine section in the greenhouse, and I am learning about growing these little beauties. I hope to grow a few more edibles too.

I would like to have a pond but am still at the thinking/planning stage.


I wrote on page 4 that I was going to make a new strawberry bed. Well, it's finished and has 38 young plants of several varieties in it.

There have been lots of plants on special offers in GCs and supermarkets, so I have sinned and bought more than will fit into existing garden, and I have lots of plug plants coming this week so I will have to make a new bed. Wasn't going to, have too much to do already, but looking forward to it! Still haven't finished clearing up the existing beds!

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