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I'm also close to Ash and Mytchett - we are just a bit south of Farnham.  Our garden is a clearing in a wood (sounds a bit like Busy-Lizzie) - and we, too, are plagued by deer.  We have fenced a few areas off (my children call them the flower cages - "Where's Mum?" - "She's in her cage again!").  The rest of the garden just has to be planted with things they don't like eating.

One of the biggest challenges is getting the garden to blend in with the woodland surroundings - its quite formal near the house, but gets wilder towards the boundaries.

I love flowers - and because I am stocking new borders I am trying to grow as much as possible from cuttings and seeds.  Getting quite good at seeds, but cuttings success rate is dismal !  Will persevere ....


I live in Clogher head a small fishing village nth, of Drogheda,I used to live on the nth side of Dublin but moved here in 2001 to get away from the city My family and I have no regrets from the movec

Clogher, thornbirds springs to mind.
Fig and chica, it's much nicer down your way, very rough and rugged up here. 960 ft above S, L Whenever I dig a border out, I have enough stones to biuld a stone wall, which is what we are doing now, well, it's somewhere to put them!

I love Yarm Bunny like all old fashioned towns,  lovely market square and nice and near Preston Park,  well for me it's on  a bus route as I don't drive.


I'm a country girl who lived in the city of Norwich for 20 years and pined for a proper garden, then 18 months ago we moved here to a village on the edge of the city -the garden had been neglected for a long while, so really we've started from scratch, but there have been some treasures lurking in the undergrowth.  We're near a river and a nature reserve and there's an SSSI about 100 yards from our house.  We have birds, frogs and hedghogs visiting our garden and we're happy as larks 



Ha Lyn, I know just what you mean about stones! Bloke's just built me a log store with them, and various little walls over the years, and there's still a heap. And I've just found out I'm 279' above sea level, so quite a difference.

South of King's Lynn, West of Downham Market; in the middle of the flat Fens. Huge skies and a rather exposed garden. I have been trying for 8 years to grow things over a metal arch that my builder made for me, but half of it is above the fence so any plant is at the mercy of winds from the North East; the rose 'Mermaid' didn't like it and now have 2 Clematis struggling there. Love growing veg, in about 23 sq. metres, also fruit, also have a small flower bed crammed with alliums, roses, self seeded Californian Poppies, Delphiniums geraniums etc. Have loads of biggish pots with spring and summer flowering stuff. My new toy is a proper lean to greenhouse this is my first full year with it. There is a shaded 'woodland' area at the end where it is fun to try out shade loving plants.


Artjak - we'll be coming past this afternoon - through Downham Market, heading for Upwell and Outwell on our way to MIL in the Stamford area - we'll look out for a metal arch with struggling clematis and a big veg patch, leanto greenhouse and some woodland - we'll wave if we see you 

Steve the Gardening Vet

For anyone I confused with my initial posting back on page 1 of this thread.

'Shocking close to the OP in Ash!'

Was meant to be an answer to the original question, I live about 5 miles away from the original poster (OP) in a village called Ash which is close to Mytchett. So basically Surrey/Hampshire border and my lawn too suffers from a daft dog peeing and cavorting on it!


Dove, I'll be a bit North of you, isn't Upwell lovely? If I lived there I would go kayaking on the canal; used to do that on the Thames in London.


It is gorgeous - we choose that route rather than the quicker route via Kings Lynn, just because of the scenery   My son thinks I'm bonkers 


Hiya again. Thought I would say more about my garden. we moved here 3 years ago for our retirement - no regrets(Malvern) in the shadow of the hills you see as you go up and down the M5.

The garden was so neglected all we had were untamed trees and brambles. we cleared it completely, gained quite few feet when we eventually found the boundaries

The garden is a wedge over 100ft at the back boundary, 60ft on one side, 80ft by the house and the other one is about 80ft There is a conctrete path to one side so it has had to stay, On the one side also it seemed at some time to be terraced slightly (putting greens we think by the number of golf balls) in one aea I have put my veg beds, the higher one I am making a shrubbery - half done, In the main part of the garden I have dug a fairy dell - not planted, with pergola(new clematis and roses) and a seating area I hope will not be seen from the house as the shrubs grow.

The soil is clay and really hard as I guess it has had nearly 50 years of compression.

This year I am finally getting my head around what plants to put in.


Caz W

The land of rugby

Glad to see such a great response! I know u can put where ur from on a profile, but it's not the same as having an actual discussion (which is the reason we're all here!) Its interesting finding out about how much each garden is affected by the area as well as individual factors.

Our garden is medium sized, south-facing (though we get a lot of afternoon & evening shade from a selfish neighbours tree) with fantastic soil, thanks to the close we live down being built on what was once a nursery. My main challenge's for this year are to carry on renovating the garden (we bought the house last year with a really overgrown garden) and growing as many chilli plants as possible!

As for avatars, I'll change mine now!



yes figrat,hubby works there actually in the gardens at the moment they are experimenting on potatoes one lot growing in sand,and one lot in coconut matting both are doing well,the other thing is spinich without soil for birds eye again in coi matting from seed to plant in four weeks,as i live right near the zoo i wake up to the gibbons calling every morning,what a racket they make.

Highland Jeannie

Well you'll never guess where I live!!

We're about 15 miles west of Inverness & near the Moray Firth, about 130' above sea level & being near the coast our weather is far better than inland at such a latitude.

Our house is 2 1/2 years old, developed from a field which was 150+ years ago a massive cattle holding & sale area so perhaps that explains why things grow so well...... 

The plot is about 50' wide, I'm still trying to work out what to do with the front, I currently have a very small planted patch courtesy of the builders, the rest is grass. At the front we have neighbours & streetlights; at the back we look over a golf course towards a mountain a few miles away.  The back garden is about 50' long, & we have a selection of raised (flower) beds, paths, an arch & obelisk - as yet not in position. The back is north-facing, so currently only half sees any sun. The soil is acid & seems to hold moisture, is not a heavy clay, but is exceedingly stony/bouldery.  It's not easy to "just push in a few canes"

A single track road runs between us & the golf course so we are very exposed. At the end of the garden is a dyke - drystone wall, only 3' high so it's a bit like a goldfish bowl at times. I'd like to plant a few spikey thinks along the dyke but it has scalpings as foundations just below the grass & don't think anything would grow there.

I spent most of my life in Teddington, Middx on light sandy soil in a narrow SW facing back garden - a real sun trap.  Bit different now!!

The Manic Slughunter

I'm in Findon Village, a couple of miles west of Worthing, South Coast....seems to rain all the time:/ but can't grumble as we're nestled in the South Downs I have front, side and back garden but we've had to turn the front garden into a drive due to so many cars parking outside our house and then going up to London (we're alongside the A24). The side garden is now the vegetable beds and lawn, (evening sun spot for hubby supping his cider while I tend the veg beds during the Summer and the back is flower beds, containers and patios ...I love it


I'm from Yorkshire, but have lived for the last 7 years in a small village, up a mountain in Piedmont, Northern Italy.  Today it is snowing  and I am really missing good old Yorkshire weather.  Do hope spring arrives soon..


nearly burnt the roast spuds reading all these posts!

I lived near Ash (Canterbury), now live near Notts in small village called Cotgrave

Did live in 3 bedded house (small garden) but fell in love with a bigger garden that happened to come  with a small bungalow....who needs rooms anyway! 

3 years in my lovely garden and still planning, still planting, still loving have an allotment too!