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Was definitely born under a Wandrin' Star, but putting down some roots now in a biggish village South Anston, south of Sheffield but not far from Worksop.  Husband has lived here all his life, apart from 4 years at University doing a degree.  We move later this year to his Dad's old house, just across the road from us, bigger house, MUCH bigger back garden.  OH has also promised I can have chickens when we get there.  Still trying to reclaim most of it from Brambles, weather is a big problem.

Will be good to post some 'before' and 'after' photos, I think the back garden will take a bit of a back seat, the whole house needs rewiring, new kitchen, new bathroom (turquoise bathroom suite anyone?!),  redecorating throughout, not been done since the 60's / 70's, so patterned carpets throughout, orange/brown/dark green wallpaper (yes, in SAME wallpaper).  Needs gutting but money very tight, having to do a room at a time, after clearing all stuff in there - OH's Dad was a War Baby, so never chucked anything out because 'it might be useful'.

Garden is much easier, as OH has no idea what he's doing, so much easier to get out there and attack brambles.  Very cathartic, but can't do much at a time cos I've got ME/CFS, and can't overdo it or I pay for it later!


Good Luck mm Paws; my cottage had brown shag pile when I bought it. Sorry to hear about the ME.

Im not far from you manic slughunter, down in Tarring village. Have been here 11 years and before that in west worthing near the goring road. Do you remember when the gardens in Findon were open once a year. Mum and i used to go and see them, loved them. Have you ever been to see the gardens in Ambrose Place? planning to go again this year, very inreresting. Wish it would stop raining

The Manic Slughunter

Hi Maud, we are close I do remember the gardens being open...seems a long time ago now..the village sadly is changing I haven't been to see the gardens in Ambrose Place, but i used to 'do' for a lady called Bubbles who lived there..can't remember her garden though:/ its been lovely here today; I was in the greenhouse having a good old sort out and tidy before I tackled the back flower beds...oh how my back aches tonight! I haven't used my nematodes yet and have to say I didn't unearth any slugs in the flower beds.......maybe I scared them all off after my tirade on them last week lol....

One way to get rid of them i guess, any ideas on mice? Im off to Steyning today for a lunch in the Cobblestone tearoom. Just ordered some more potting compost so i can get started with the seeds at the weekend. Not sure if i will get to the allotment, everything is so wet down there so i cant do much. I have a pond in the garden which is full of frogspawn so im hoping for some huge frogs to eat all the slugs. Have a good day all


I live in Jersey but originally from Manchester. I have been here almost 30 years. Just had the worst snow in 30 years right on my 65th birthday so I did not get any birthday cards as no post for 3 days. All clear now at the moment bright sunshine but how long will it last !!!


Hi all, it seems we like to read these posts to get more insight to people posting on forums.  I live in West Wales near the sea which can be windy but mostly milder than the rest of the UK.  As my garden borders a main road I have planted lots of New Zealand Flax interspersed with small green conifers.  They were planted some 6 years ago when in 2ltr pots and they are now approx 5-6ft tall and provide a good barrier from traffic.  I have reduced the size of the lawn and increased the borders with shrubs and perennials to reduce mowing and save electricity.  I still like the lawn bit it does dry out if we get a hot summer as on a bit of a slope.  Last summer the grass remained lush as loads of rain through the whole season.  I hope we all get a good summer this year after one of the coldest winters on record.  

Susan Bradley

I'm from the Central Valley of California where the daffodils are already drying up and needing dead heading and tomato plants are in the nurseries.  I subscribe to Gardening World and GardenNews and the delay in mailing means that I get them about two to three weeks behind.  Every day I'm running to the mailbox wondering if the latest magazine has arrived.  I find it fascinating that I'll see in my local nursery many of the same plants shown in the magazine.  The UK hands down has the best gardening information.

Bunny ...
Susan Bradley ..where abouts are you, my parents see to live in the San Joaquin Valley.
Bunny ...
My parents lived in Visalia
Susan Bradley

Hey, nearly neighbors just south down Highway 99

Bunny ...
That's right ...been there many times ...and flown SF to Fresno On those tiny planes . Used to fly into LA then out of SF
Bunny ...
Oh god Amtrak , forgot that , could hear it forever going through... And used to wait so long for them to pass. The blossom trail, peach trees my mum had , I used to pick them in a morning . The orange groves . I will tell her all this tomorrow she will be delighted , she misses the weather having been back in uk since 98 , it was hot , but better than here. re-kindled memories


Bunny ...
Right off to bed 11.30 pm here nice speaking
Anthony Turner, I'm also on the edge of the Marlborough Downs....small world eh?
Susan Bradley

Nice speaking to you Bunny!  It shows we're a small world.  We're definitely hot during the summer, and my sweet peas are just coming into flower now.

Bunny ...
I've messaged you Susan .


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