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Thought I would start to a new thread on just finding out where everybody is from.

I'm from Mytchett in Surrey. A nice little village that feels like it's on the edge of the world (due to the numerous towns all attached to each-other on one side, and woodland and heathland on the other side). Interesting micro-climate too

I'm from nere

Huntertony, if people put it on their profiles then all you need do is click on their names and you can see where they are from. Anyone from Tower Hamlets lives abroad, but if those people write a bit about themselves, as I have, then you can see where they are too.

....ok, not funny! Sorry.
I'm in Cornwall. Short walk to sand dunes and half mile from the beach. Light sandy soil that has been improved....ranging from very good soil in veg patch to generally good to quite poor in places. Sycamore trees at bottom of garden protect from any salt winds. Mild to very mild....this winter, for example, has not been too cold.
I have a 80 x 80 foot front garden with lawn and jam packed with some nice plants....been told its eye catching.
Back garden is of same size featuring veg patch, small pool, hexagonal greenhouse, fruit bushes and espalier and cordon top fruit and lawn. Both front and back gardens are "walled"
I grow lots of tender perennials, hellebores, and reflects my"plantsman's" obsession for new or desirable plants. Like my grasses too and coloured/variegated shrubs and perennials. It's tidy and maintained but not obsessively dog keeps to paths and lawns.
Oops! Did I get this thread right? I thought it was asking what our gardens and local environment was like.
Anyway, I would like to hear where and how the rest of you garden and what you,
Iike/dislike, what plants you grow, intend to grow and how locally you deal,with weather, soil and environment where you are.
Also how important your garden is to you?


south wales and raining cats and dogs so much for a weekend of fertilizing our soil


It was lovely to read about your garden Verdun, and I enjoyed the photos you sent before. It was beautiful.

I'm trying to grow an English country garden in Dordogne, but the winters are cold and the summers are very hot. Sometimes there is a lot of rain and other times there's a drought, so it's not always easy! It all needs watering in summer and then there are water restrictions!

I grow perennials, with annuals in the gaps and in pots, with a background of roses and shrubs. Had a lot of bother with deer eating everything a couple of years ago and OH fenced the main flower garden. I grow veg too, OH had to fence that as well. It's about 23m x 10m, but some is fallow as it's too big for two of us now.

My house and garden are in a clearing in a forest.


It would be nice if people added more to their profiles-it is a permanant record after all-and had a nice avatar picture instead of pasty face-have said this before..........................

But Geoff, that is my picture. I'm pasty-faced. Not heard of Cornish pasties?

I change my avatar evry month - hope it makes me more interesting

On my profile are details about my garden and where I live.I think that's enough. 

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You cold use pic of your garden Verdun
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Can't type ...could not cold

I am from Devon, close  to Darmoor National park. 



Who is shockingly close to OP in Ash, Steve?

Cant be me, I am not close to anyone, 1.5 miles from nearest neighbour.


I was born in Ash-went to school there -and in Guildford

I'm interested in knowing gardens you like to make or tend, the environment that influences it and keenness levels of everyone
Verdun wrote (see)
But Geoff, that is my picture. I'm pasty-faced. Not heard of Cornish pasties?

Touche Geoffroi mon vieux   


This is what I put on my profile: Garden, in East Dorset, has been sadly neglected in the last few years. Very green and wildlife-friendly, though. Currently re-planning now that chickens have trashed the top half.

I'm a bit of a haphazard worker and take ages to get anything finished. Age is taking its toll and I can't lug paving stones around with gay abandon as I did 20+ years ago when I re paved a terrrace, dug out veg beds, made gravel paths, built a big pond (with help) and a small pond and bog garden (without) dug out numerous old shrubs and small trees ...
Do you know, looking at that lot I realise how much I have done in this garden and even though it looks very sad at the moment I'm chuffed with all that I have achieved. It's going to be a big task to re-design but I'll get there somehow!

Huntertony, thank you for asking because I don't know if I'd ever have listed my achievements, just kept seeing the daunting task ahead