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Hi , I need some advice please on where to get good qaulity Topsoil, in West Yorkshire? I have built a raised bed now on my Allotment & need to fill it up, it is about 8ft long by 4ft accross.  I have had such useful feedback on here regarding my first Allotment Witer so, thought it the best place to come back and ask about soil? look forward to replies, connie 

I would ask at local nursery gardens rather than garden centres where they will undoubtedly try to sell you topsoil in small bags.  That will end up costing a fortune.

Never really been keen on bringing in topsoil for reasons already suggested, viz., I cannot be sure what obnoxious weeds,,etc., will come with it.  But, if you need to......


i would go and see  what  you  are buying . 

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